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Chapter 775: 775

If the time wasn’t urgent, those people would like to grab Sima You Yue and ask her how she did it in a blink of an eye, how she controlled the fluctuations in space so that Bian Shui Ping didn’t notice .

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“Ahh——— Sima You Yue, you actually killed my master!” A female rushed at Sima You Yue .

Unfortunately, her strength was about the same as Sima You Yue, her combat effectiveness was far worse than hers, and her brain was even farther worse .

Sima You Yue didn’t need to make a move on her . When she sent another round of spirit power next to her, more evil ghosts appeared .

“Ahh——-” That female was surrounded by evil ghosts . Believing that they would pass through her body, she screamed in fright . She waved her sword around, condensing spirit power and shooting at random .

“You have guts! You dare to kill people of Cloud Cave! When we go back, we will surely let sect masters punish you!” A female shouted at Sima You Yue .

“What, are you reminding me not let you all go today?” Sima You Yue raised an eyebrow and looked at them with sarcasm .

A bunch of guys that could only rely on their sect for backup . They left a bad impression . Should she kill them here?

“Little friend, which flame did you target just then?” The juniors were facing difficulties . If this were to continue, they were afraid that many people would get hurt by these endless evil ghosts .

SIma You Yue was not courteous this time . “I also don’t know how I found that flame just then .

“Little friend, please help . ” Another person pleaded while killing off evil ghosts .

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“I’m afraid I will get attacked from behind again . ” Sima You Yue replied . “I almost died just now . If I get ambushed again, who knows if I can escape . ”

“Little friend, rest assured . I will ensure your safety . ”

“Little friend, I know you’re not someone who would watch someone die . Everyone’s life is in your hands! In the future, we’ll certainly remember your life-saving grace . ” Xiao Yi said sincerely .

Sima You Yue glanced at Xiao Yi . This guy could really talk . He fell for it! That was what she wanted to say, but it was too inappropriate for her to mention directly .

“City lord Xiao is right . We will remember our little friend’s kindness . ” Wang Xi affirmed .

Since he had already promised, she should not put up a front . People wanted to save themselves . It wouldn’t be good if she continued to put up a front .

“I’ll try and see if I can still find it . But I can’t guarantee I will . ” She explained .

“Little friend, by all means do . ” Xiao Yi said .

Sima You Yue flew around the valley again with Little Roar . It took courage to move about so many dead people . Not because the corpses were scary, but the smell was really unbearable . Especially after being burned by the flames, the smell was strange .

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She wasn’t sure how Little Roar’s nose, which was more sensitive than a dog’s, could endured such an environment . He once again snuffed it out and found the flame that had changed position .

When Sima You Yue condensed her fire attribute spirit power in preparation to attack it, one of the ghost clan’s members suddenly started, “If she uses lightning attribute attack, she can directly disintegrate them . ”

Little Spirit checked and after confirming he was not lying, he told Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue hesitated before dissipating the fire attribute spirit power . She condensed lightning attribute spirit power to attack the flame . In order to enhance the effect, she slightly doped the top grade purple lightning .

When the lightning fell on the flame, it passed down to the corpses and circulated through the corpses .

After the lightning finished its circulation, the flames gradually reduced and eventually extinguished . Those evil ghosts vanished along with the flames .

Some people were still fighting the evil ghosts . As a result when they unleashed their spirit attack and the targets were gone, they almost hurt the person opposite of them .

Sima You Yue surveyed the scorched valley and sighed in her heart .

“There!” Someone suddenly cried out . Everyone followed his gaze, and a bunch of ghost clan members were standing on a distant cliff .

Sima You Yue looked over and saw Di Zhe in the midst . Their eyes met, and a strange sensation rose in their hearts .

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Behind him, she saw a person who came to kill her holding a Hundred Ghost banner . That meant that the Hundred Ghost Banner was on them!

Sima You Yue wanted to fly over to kill those people, and then snatched the Hundred Ghost Banner . But before she moved, the figures of these people suddenly faded .

At this moment, the ghost master beside Di Zhe suddenly spat out . Wang Xi and them condensed their spirit powers to attack it, but the aura unknowingly passed through their spirit powers, heading straight at Sima You Yue . At that moment, it entered her body .

Sima You Yue felt her body had fallen into an ice cellar for thousands of years . That aura quickly spread throughout her body, freezing her body . She felt her body became stiff and could not use her spirit power . Her body dropped from midair .

“You Yue!” Chou Xiao Tian was shocked and flew over to catch her . “You Yue, how are you?”

Sima You Yue blinked at him, then closed her eyes and blacked out .

Seeing her faint, the ghost master was surprised . He wanted to do something but because he had stepped foot on a return journey, he disappeared from the top of the mountain .

“You Yue, wake up!” Chou Xiao Tian hugged Sima You Yue as he descended down the cliff, anxiously calling her name .

“Let me take a look . ” Wang Xi came over and grabbed her hand to check her condition . He found that her spirit power could not circulate in her body and was blocked by a force from outside .

“You take her back first . We’ll go to Rhinoceros Valley to see the situation over there . If it’s good, I’ll bring her master back . ” Wang Xi ordered .

“Yes, sect leader . ”

Wang Xi opened a space tunnel, and Chou Xiao Tian carrying Sima You Yue entered it .

“Those juniors are exhausted after this battle . It’s better to let them go back to rest and heal . We’ll go over there to see . ” Wang Xi said to the old guys .

“Okay . ”

When those juniors heard Wang Xi wanted to go over there, their hearts were restless, and soon they were relieved when they heard they didn’t need to go . One by one, they went back through their space tunnel .

Chou Xiao Tian tooke Sima You Yue to Qiu family house . The Qiu sisters were waiting in the courtyard for everyone . When they saw Sima You Yue being carried back, they ran over . “What happened to young master Sima?”

“He has fainted, is there a room here?” Chou Xiao Tian asked .

“Yes, yes, this side . ” Qiu Rui spoke as she opened the door of a bedroom .

Chou Xiao Tian carried Sima You Yue to the bed and the bed was immediately frozen to a block of ice .

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