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Chapter 772

Sima You Yue saw that old woman’s momentum increased and her anger exploded such that even her skirt flew up .

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She finally noticed that the old woman’s skirt was actually lace!

Black lace…

She felt a little nauseated .

The old woman’s momentum fell short of pressuring Xu Jin . Xu Jin did not take it lying down . He waved his hand and the old woman was sent back .

“When did your strength rise to this high?!” The old woman was pushed back two steps and stared at Xu Jin in horror .

“It doesn’t concern you when it goes up . ” Xu Jin snorted .

“Everyone, time is tight . Everyone please make haste to go . ” Blue Blade master urged . It was indirect mediation . In the passing, it gave the whole woman a way of stepping off .

“Yes, yes, yes, let’s go . Otherwise, those of the ghost clan would leave . ” Someone agreed .

“Then we’ll pass through now . ” Xiao Yi said . “Half of people go to the Red Cloud Peak, while the other half go to the Rhinoceros Valley . I’ll entrust today’s matter to everyone . ”

Sima You Yue turned to the still-stunned Qiu family brothers and sisters . “Go back first . When the matter is completely resolved, we will gladly notify you . ”

It was best to not let follow in the later part . They possessed low strength, and if they followed, she was afraid that the aftereffect of the battle would destroy them .

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Qiu Ruo and Qiu Rui also understood the current situation . “Then we’ll go back first . ”

“Come one, let’s go to the Rhinoceros Valley . ” Xu Jin spoke .

“Master, I want to go to Red Cloud Peak . ” Sima You Yue said .

Red Cloud Peak was not a territory, but the name of a mountain range . Although there was one word difference between it and Red Mountain Peak . They were vastly different .

“Why?” Xu Jin looked at Sima You Yue inexplicably . Didn’t this little guy hear that he said he would not go with those people just now?

“Master, my attribute is compatible with the ghosts . If I go to the Red Cloud Peak, I could be more useful . ” Sima You Yue blinked at Xu Jin .

She wouldn’t admit publicly she wanted to snatched the Hundred Ghost Banner!

When Xu Jin saw her like this, he knew she had a personal motive . His expression was conflicted . After a few seconds of silence, he relented, “Then be careful . ”

“Teacher Xu, is it alright to let her go there alone?” A teacher disagreed .

The old guy from the other party had already been infuriated by Xu Jin . Now his student was going to the other side alone . It was hard to guarantee that this old guy wouldn’t hurt her .

“What are you afraid of!” Xu Jin brushed off . “With just that ability of that ugly old woman cannot hurt You Yue . Alright, go . ”

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He waved at Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue had wanted to ask Xu Jin why he was so against the old woman so much . But it seemed she could only ask him later .

“Then this student will take my leave . ” Sima You Yue saluted the sect’s members and walked to the other side .

That old woman watched Sima You Yue come over with killing intent .

The kid dared to come over alone, hmph, then don’t blame her!

Sima You Yue sensed the killing intent from the old woman . She turned her back against her .

“Since Xu Jin came, why didn’t he bring another student?” Someone around her said the others .

“You mean the student who triggered the lightning tribulation and killed hundreds of experts?”

“That’s right . That student’s lightning tribulation was so powerful . If she was brought along and used lightning tribulation to deal with these people . Everything would be easier .

“I don’t think Xu Jin dares to bring that student out? Many forces have made it clear that if they saw the student, they would kill her! Although Heavenly Sect states that it would protect the student, oversights still happened outside . It was better to stay in the sect . ”

“Those people deserve it . They wanted to snatch the auspicious beast of the sect . In the end, they were killed but still blame it on a little doll . ”

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“Okay, who told them to be so petty! In my opinion, if they snatched the auspicious beast, they wouldn’t spare it and the kid’s life . ”

“Sigh, it’s a pity that kid can’t come . Otherwise, with the heavenly lightning, this ghost clan won’t be able to escape!”

Sima You Yue raised an eyebrow . It seemed that not everyone was like those people . There were still just people .

At this moment, the teams were divided . Those with decent strength were divided evenly among the two teams, while those with high strength directly broke through the void and headed to the destination .

“You Yue, come with us . That guy won’t dare to harm you . ” Chou Xiao Tian came beside Sima You Yue and smiled .

Zhengyang Sect was also heading to Red Cloud Peak . They could go together .

Sima You Yue noticed that Chou Xiao Tian was not surprised about the matter between Xu Jin and that old woman . She asked, “Do you why my master is so against her?”

Chou Xiao Tian glanced at her in surprise . “You didn’t know?”

Sima You Yue shook her head . “Is it because my master had once pursued her and was hurt by her?”

“Yes and no . I didn’t expect that you as his disciple didn’t know . But this is a major event in your master’s life . ” Chou Xiao Tian answered .

“What do you mean yes and no . quickly tell me . ” Sima You Yue poked him on the arm .

“It is true someone was hurt by that person, but it was not your master, but a good friend of your master . Later, that person died . Allegedly it was related to her . Your master went to her sect to find her, but it’s a pity her sect protected her . However, it was a huge disturbance at that time, so everyone knew about it . ” Chou Xiao Tian said .

Only then did Sima You Yue understand why these people were not surprised seeing Xu Jin was so against that woman .

“Let’s go . ” Wang Xi told Chou Xiao Tian and them .

Sima You Yue glanced up and found that everyone was gone . Only Zhengyang Sect was still here, and Wang Xi was looking at them .

It seemed that Wang Xi was waiting for them two to finish talking .

The thought of a sect master was waiting for her made Sima You Yue smile embarrassedly . She didn’t know how many times her good impression of him increased .

Wang Xi opened a space tunnel and led the Zhengyang sect members in . Sima You Yue and Chou Xiao Tian were the last to enter . When Yan Ling was going in, she glanced back at her in dissatisfaction .

“Don’t be offended . Little junior sister just hates people of the ghost clan and wants to go there sooner . ” Chou Xiao Tian said .

“I understand . ” Sima You Yue nodded . There was nothing to take offense at a hateful little girl .

It was said that Yan Ling liked Chou Xiao Tian, which brought him quite a lot of trouble . These senior sisters and junior sisters stayed away from him, and these senior brothers found trouble with him . But presently, she was in men’s clothing . She would not be partition among the imaginary love rivals .

When they exited the space tunnel, the first thing they saw was unexpectedly not the evil ghosts, but piles of bones in the valley, which almost filled the whole valley . The foul smell was at new heights .

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