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Chapter 769: 769

Blue Blade and the others relied on their physical strength with spirit arts as their complementary skills, their spirit attacks were not bad and had a good grasp of their spirit attacks . They were also familiar with working together . As such, they did not fall at the first wave .

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However, when the next group of evil ghosts flew over, the pressure exerted on Blue Blade and the others increased, and they were momentarily overwhelmed .

Xian Ming Lang was the youngest and the weakest . Although Blue Blade and the others tried to match him, they were still overwhelmed and were eventually surrounded by the group of evil ghosts .

“Ming Lang!” Blue Blade cried out and wanted to go over to save him, but he was surrounded by the evil ghosts as well, and couldn’t go over although he wanted to .


A bolt of lightning struck down and turned the evil ghosts that were surrounding Xian Ming Lang to ash .

At the same time, lightning struck down in other places, and the evil ghosts that were surrounding Blue Blade and the others were cleanly taken care of as well .

Then, Little Birdie turned into a raging inferno and charged at those evil ghosts, making it so they couldn’t come near them .

Little Roar couldn’t sit still, and was in the spirit pagoda requesting to belet out . Once he was released, his tiny body was filled with pure and holy vitality as he pounced out and cleaned out those evil ghosts .

“Are you okay?” Sima You Yue asked .

“You…” Blue Blade and the others turned to Sima You Yue . They no longer knew how to express the way they felt as they finally said, “Thank you, you saved us again . ”

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“If you feel apologetic, you can remember this and repay me in the future . ” Sima You Yue said .

“We will . ” Blue Blade said .

With Little Roar and Little Birdie on the scene, even if there were many evil ghosts, they were no match for their strength and were wiped out quickly .

Sima You Yue looked around her and didn’t see that guy with the hundred ghost banner . She didn’t know how these ghosts came here .

On a cliff far away in the Bright Red Mountain Peak, a male with soft features was keeping away the hundred ghost banner, his expression solemn .

“I actually failed!” His voice was cold, giving rise to a chill in one’s heart .

“Master, you sent so many evil ghosts, but you actually failed?” A male bundled in a black chang pao asked in a hoarse voice .

“They’re just a few humans, but we were unable to kill them despite dispatching so many men . Do I have to involve myself personally? What About the others?” Di Zhe, that pretty male said as his eyes flashed with murder .

“In reply to Master, those people had sent spirit beasts as well, almost at the same time as we did . As for what the result is, we have yet to know . ” Another servant replied .

“I didn’t think that we would actually be working together with them this time . ” the lanky Di Zhe said with his fighter hooked, his thumb stroking his forefinger .

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“Lord . ” That unclear lookingi servant slowly bowed .

“Master Ghost, please speak your mind . ” Di Zhe turned around, facing Master Ghost .

“Lord, from my point of view, it would be okay to ignore that person . ” Master Ghost said .

“Those people have killed so many of my evil ghosts . Am I supposed to just let them go?” Di Zhe’s eyes flashed with unwillingness, but he did not directly reject Master Ghost’s opinion .

“Lord, our mission in coming here was to collect souls and fill the hundred ghost banner . Now that our mission has been fulfilled, it would be better to return . ” Ghost Master replied, “As for those humans, the fact that they were able to kill so many of ours despite being surrounded shows that they far surpass the others, and happen to be our nemeses . This is a sensitive time . If we were to use our energy to battle him, it would not be worth it . ”

“But if I don’t settle this grudge, I’ll feel so uncomfortable . It was so difficult to come to the human realm . If we return, who knows when we’ll be able to come here again . If we let those guys go, I don’t know if I’ll ever have the chance to…” Di Zhe spat hatefully .

“Lord, we should focus on the main mission . ” Master Ghost said meaningfully, “This is a mere kink in the plan . The main issue over there is our priority . If Lord really cannot accept this, then you can leave a brand on his soul . When he goes to the ghost realm after he dies, we can sense him . At that time, it will not be too late to dispose of him . ”

When he spoke of the main issue, Di Zhe finally calmed down, saying, “Ghost Master is right . The souls in the hundred ghost banner have already been replenished . Those people are even more vicious because they died with resentment . When we go back and refine them, we will be even stronger . ”

“It’s just a pity that the method with which we came to the human realm has too many limitations, and we can only work near the entrance . Otherwise, we would be able to get even more souls . ” Ghost Master said woefully .

“This was already the best idea we could come up with . ” Di Zhe said, “I don’t know how Sister-in-law came to the human realm the last time . ”

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“Dark Princess Yu Ke Luo…” Ghost Master said slowly, “That year, she used the only

Dark spirit pearl to leave the ghost realm . It’s such a pity that by the time we caught her, we could find no traces of the dark spirit pearl . ”

“Then, let us prepare to return to the spirit world…”

At this time, two ghost servants appeared at different places, before coming back in front of them .

“How are things?” Ghost Master asked the both of them .

“In reply to Lord, the events have been recorded here . ” One of them took out a little pearl that shone like a black coloured pearl .

With a wave of the Ghost Master’s sleeves,the black pearl landed in his hand . He inserted a bit of dark aura into it as a scene of Sima You Yue exterminating those evil ghosts appeared in front of everyone .

Wood attribute, lightning attribute, and fire attribute . The evil ghosts had not the slightest bit of resistance in front of her .

“That flame!!” Ghost Master cried out when he saw Little Birdie .

The scene disappeared at this moment, and he was so shocked that he did not react .

It was the first time that Di Zhe had ever seen Ghost Master so surprised, and he was so shocked that his eyebrows furrowed .

“Ghost Master? What’s wrong with that flame?”

Ghost Master, who had always been very respectful towards him, totally ignored him . Instead he once again inserted a wave of dark energy into the black pearl .

The scene flickered to life once again, and Ghost Master’s attention was fully on the flame . In the beginning, Little Birdie’s body was like a roaring inferno, that flame looking as if it was warping space . It was this way till the end, where Little Birdie returned to its small figure . Only then did the scene end .

Du Zhi saw that Ghost Master had looked at Little Birdie with such rapt attention as he asked again, “Ghost Master, is there anything special about that flame?”

“If my guess is not wrong, that should be the long lost Nirvana Fire . ” Ghost Master said a little doubtfully .

“Nirvana Fire? The flame isn’t on the list of the top ten flames . What kind of flame is it?”

Ghost Master sighed, “Of course you wouldn’t know . The flame has already disappeared on this earth . Nirvana Fire, it burns heaven and earth, and all living things . It’s the arch nemesis of our ghost clan…”

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