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Published at 21st of March 2020 05:55:11 PM
Chapter 763: 763
Chapter 763: With him around, assured!

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She pursed her lips, saying, “Why did you kill their Ghost King? Was it before you’re both kings, so you just didn’t like him?”

“I’m not that free . ”

“Then why?”

“He said that I stole his woman . Came after me in battle and refused to relent . ” Mo Sha said .

“You slept with the queen of the Ghost Realm!” Sima You Yue cried out, using shock to mask that little unpleasant feeling in her heart .

“I have no interest in women . ” Mo Sha said .

“But the Ghost King wouldn’t accuse you of stealing his woman for no rhyme or reason, right?” Sima You Yue didn’t believe him .

“The woman came running after me on her own accord . I didn’t bother her . ” Mo Sha siad, “However, the old coot kept insisting that I stole his woman, and kept coming to pick a fight with me . I didn’t do anything, so how could I let him act so unbridledly? We ended up fighting . That fight lasted for three days and nights . In the end, we were both exhausted . When he left, he had sustained a grievous injury and had a single breath left . I was the same . However, I survived and he died . ”

“A person who can cultivate should be able to keep living as long as they have a single breath of life in them, right? But he actually died?” Sima You Yue said, “Are you an idiot? That Ghost King was definitely killed by someone else . Why would you bear that black mark?!”

Mo Sha was amused by the way Sima You Yue said it, and inside the devil snare bracelet, the corner of his mouth hooked into a smile as he laughed .

That year the devil king was killed, he said that it wasn’t him, but nobody believed him . As for her, she had just simply recounted the story but she knew that he didn’t kill anyone . This kind of trust made his heart soft .

“Although I wasn’t the one who killed him, it was because he had a big battle with me that he lost the ability to defend himself . Anyway, that’s all in the past . It’s not worth mentioning . ” o sha said, “Do you still want to hear about the hundred ghost banner or not?”

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“Oh, go ahead . ” Sima you yue felt that there was no point talking about whether or not he had actually killed the Ghost King . Anyway, so many years had passed since then . Who knows how many twists and turns that story has gotten since then . It was more important to talk about the hundred ghost banner . “Are there many of them?”

“No, there’s only one . ”

“But you said earlier that the ones that appeared before were able to contain a million evil ghosts at least . This means that there are others!” Sima You Yue said .

“That’s still just one . It’s just like how your spirit pagoda has had many masters . ” Mo Sha said .

“Wasn’t one invincible by holding the hundred ghost banner? How could it still have many masters?” Sima You Yue said .

“Even dragons sleep . Who knows what time has in store!” Mo Sha said rather ruefully .

“It would be great if i could get that Hundred Ghost Fan . ” Sima You Yue rolled up her sleeves, interested completely in the hundred ghost banner . If anyone came to make trouble, I could just release that hundred ghost banner and eat them up . But this is a really good chance!”

“It’s a good chance for you to be a robber . ” Mo Sha siad, “But you have to be alive to get it . ”

“That’s a tool that I have already set my sights on . How could I lose my life in getting it!” Sima You Yue said heroically . It was a pity that her words were filled with vigour to be a bandit .

“You not only have to subdue the hundred ghost banner, you’ll also have to defeat the other party . ” Mo Sha siad, “Those people should know that the other party has the ghost banner, which is why they chased him to the human realm . No matter which side it is, it’s not easy for you . ”

“Even if it wasn’t because of the hundred ghost banner, I wouldn’t let them off . The things they’ve done in Bright Red Mountain Peak have evoked the hatred of every single human . ” Sima You Yue said hatefully .

“When were you so filled with justice? Wasn’t your goal to look for souls for me to absorb?” Mo Sha rolled his eyes .

Sima You Yue’s anger was dissipated by his single sentence . She felt like these guys really knew how to be a wet blanket .

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“I’ve always been filled with justice . ” She hugged, “Are you able to absorb those evil ghosts?”

“Those evil ghosts are just your average ghosts . They don’t have much vitality . It’s fine not to have them . ” Mo Sha rejected it .


“Yeah . ”

“Alright then, then I won’t hold back . ”

“Up to you . ” Mo Sha didn’t bother about that little bit of vitality . A few tens of thousands of them couldn’t compare to a single bottle of soul fluid, “Also, the souls in Bright Red Mountain Peak might have been absorbed by the hundred ghost banner already . Once a soul becomes an evil ghost, it no longer has any conscious thought . Once they reach the Ghost Realm, that person will no longer be able to keep on living . ”

“I got it . ” Sima You Yue said with a heavy heart .

Mo Sha wanted her to strike without holding back .

“Also, those spirit beasts, keep the high ranking ones only . Those who are low ranked, just forget it . There’s no point keeping them . ” Mo Sha added .

“I’ll have to see what Little Dream wants . I think she likes the feeling of being a big boss . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Okay . ”

“As for the counter-attack, do you have any ideas?”

“Heavenly tribulation . Crimson Flame’s fire . With these two things, it wouldn’t matter even if more evil ghosts came . ” Mo Sha siad .

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“What about those spirit beasts?”

“Little Dream’s potential is beyond what you can imagine . ”

“Alright . Then, I’ll think about how to get it done . ”

“When snatching that hundred ghost banner, it would be best not to let those people be around . ” Mo Sha added .

“I know that . ” Sima You Yue said, “Hey, are you really fine?”

“You just have to give me some more spirit fluid . ” Mo sha said .

“Alright . ”

“Mm . ”

Mo Sha hummed before falling into silence . The both of them walked in silence . After a moment, Sima You Yue said sheepishly, “Eh, thank you for before . ”

“Next time, if you do something so dangerous again, I won’t help you . ”

“I won’t . ” Sima You Yue quickly affirmed .

“Not reliable . ” Mo Sha said, “I’m going to rest . ”

After speaking, he broke their connection .

Sima You Yue could sense that he was getting weary near the end, which was why she could only purse her lips at his sudden break of their connection and didn’t say anything .

Actually, she wanted to ask what he thought about the events that day . However, if she was really to speak about it, it would be rather embarrassing . Forget it . Since he didn’t mention it, she might as well not bring it up . Who knows, maybe he didn’t’ hear anything when they were in the formless space!

Mo sha had woken up, and she had immediately felt a lot better and planned to return to the residence to discuss the counter-attack with Blue Blade .



Heaven-shaking roars tore through the sky and she raised her head towards the outside of the city in shock . More than a hundred huge birds had flown over . She flew to the sky and saw that there were even more land creatures charging over . In a few breaths of time, those huge birds had already come close to the city wall…

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