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Chapter 738: 738

Chapter 738: Shi Chen’s illness turns for the worse

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Sima You Yue blinked innocently, asking, “Was it? You must have seen it wrong . ”

“I saw it wrong? How is that possible?!” Fatty Qu wasn’t stupid, how could he have failed to differentiate something like this .

Sima You Yue ignored him and ate a pill, saying, “I should check up on Rainbow’s uncle . Do you want to stay here?”

“Cough cough, we’ll go with you . ” Yuan Shao Jie said .

They had never seen a spirit beast break its contract with its owner before .

The principal had put forward a request, and it wasn’t too right for Sima You Yue to refuse . “The principal and the others can come, the rest of you don’t have to . It’ll be too chaotic . ”

After speaking, she returned to the house where Lu Fri was still waiting for her downstairs .

Breaking the contract was very harmful to his body, just as she had said . If not for her chasing the calamity cloud away, he might not have been able to hold on .

When he saw Sima You Yue enter, Lu Fei hung his head down and tried his best to stand up, saying weakly, “Thank you . ”

Thank you for helping to break the contract, thank you for helping me to avoid the calamity cloud .

“I did it for Rainbow . ” Sima You Yue said . She got Halcyon to support him up before bringing him to the bed in the inner house to sleep . She had knocked a hole into the ceiling of the large hall, and was now standing there with her head raised towards the sky .

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Sima You Yue walked over and fed him a pill, saying “You should turn back to your original appearance . It will aid your healing . ”

Lu Fri nodded as a bright light flashed, leaving a dispirited little bird in place of the handsome young man .

Yuan Shao Jie and the others really believed that Sima You Yue had broken his contract when they saw him . They saw that Sima You Yue seemed as if she still had to heal his sounds, so they left .

Sima You Yue waited for them to leave before taking out some soul fluid from her spirit pagoda for him .

“Eat these pills and drink this . Rest well from ten days to half a month . Once you awaken, although you will not be completely healed, you’ll be able to do basic movements you’ll just feel a little weak, and will need to recuperate for two years . ” Sima You Yue said .

Lu Fei felt like his eyelids were growing heavier, and was getting more and more groggy . He quickly fell into a deep sleep .

Grandmother Zu came out and saw that Lu Fei had already fallen asleep, asking, “How is King doing?”

“After eating the pill that Big Brother gave him, he has already fallen asleep . Big Brother said that he will be well in ten days to half a month’s time . ” Rainbow said .

“King?” Sima You Yue heard the way that Grandmother Zu addressed Lu Fei, and looked at Rainbow in surprise .

“Uncle is the kind of the Firebird clan . Big Brother, didn’t you know that?” Rainbow asked in return .

Sima You Yue shook her head, “You never told me . I had never heard you address him that way before, either . So the king of the Firebird clan actually got contracted by a human . It was no wonder he was in so much pain . ”

Every single species had their own pride, and the king’s were even more so . Furthermore, the Firebird clans were one of the most prideful ones . As the king, it went without saying that he was prideful down to his bones . ”

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She gave Rainbow a bottle of soul fluid, saying, “You drank this before when you were young . Feed him three drops every five days . No more . ”

Rainbow took the soul fluid and nodded .

“Thank you, Big Brother . You should rest and heal well, too . You were stuck again so many times today, you’re definitely injured as well . ” Rainbow said .

“Yeah . ” Sima You Yue really didn’t feel well and she left after giving Rainbow the soul fluid .

Feng One and Feng Two were waiting for her outside . When they saw her, they asked, “Young Master, how do you feel?”

“I’m fine . I’m the least afraid of the lightning tribulations now . ” Sima You Yue said . “However, I was struck a little maliciously this time, so it does hurt a little . Sigh, I should be fine after going back to rest for a while . ”

Feng One and Two were chosen to protect her, and it was because they were usually steady, careful and strong . However, even people like them were speechless when they saw her this way .

Young Master, you’re really amazing . You’re alive and kicking after being struck by the heavens lightning tribulation . She even said that it was a little painful, and would be fine after a little rest . Who knew how many of those who died in the dark forest to the lighting tribulations would come to get their revenge on her!

The ten great evils returned with complicated feelings . She had given them too many attacks . They felt as if it was truly their great honour that she had personally come to scout them .

“Eldest Bro, perhaps, we would really have a different future if we followed a person like him . ” Shi Chen said slowly .

Feng Zhi nodded . He didn’t say anything, but he felt the same .

“I want to ask him more about arrays ” Hong Wu said .

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“I want to ask him about alchemy . ” Kong Ten said .

“He really is a weird one . ” Feng Kai said .

“So you’re saying that everyone’s in agreement?” Feng Zhi asked . When he saw everyone nod, he asked again, “However, what he meant was for us to recognise him as our Master . ”

“If we really recognised a person like him as a master, it wouldn’t be bad, I suppose . He seems to treat the people by his side well . ” Dai Yi was more optimistic .

“I think that, in the future, he will stand at a high place . A place where having a master like him will be our honor . ” Shi Chen coughed a few more times as he spoke, “Or maybe, I will not be able to live to see that day . ”

“Third Bro, don’t think about strange things . The pill he gave you will help your condition to stabilise for 3 months . He spoke with such confidence before that I believe he will definitely be able to treat you . ” Ni An Yi said .

“Yeah . ” Shi Chen coughed a few more times before he finally stopped .

“Third Bro, you haven’t been coughing recently . Why did you start again? Let me take a look . ” Kong Ten walked over and held onto his hand, examining it .

“Tenth Bro, how is Third bro?’ You Si asked .

“Third Bro’s condition has worsened . ” Kong Ten said, “The pill was supposed to last three months, but Third Bro has expended too much spirit energy during his time in the dark forest, and has worsened his illness even quicker . ”

The previous time that they were in the dark forest, they were chased by multiple people on their way to the core . Shi Chen had to involve himself quite a few times . There was once that was particularly dangerous and he had to use a relatively difficult move to rescue Ni An Yi and Kong Ten when they were surrounded .

“What do we do now?” Ni An Yi recalled how Shi Chen had reached then, and felt extremely guilty . His face fell so much it resembled a twisted doughnut .

“You’re asking me, but I don’t know either . ” Kong Ren replies, “Perhaps we have no choice but to look for him . ”

“Since we have already made the decision to follow him, we should look for him . He should cure Third Bro . ” Hong Wu said .

“We can’t look for other doctors now even though Xu Jin is there . It would already be great if he didn’t kill us on sight . There’s no way he would treat Third Bro . We have no choice but to look for him . ”

“Let us go now . ” Ni An Yi supported Shi Chen as they went to look for Sima You Yue .

“Sixth Bro, relax . ” Shi Chen pulled on him, “He has gone through the lightning tribulation today and is still recuperating . It would be useless to look for him now . I won’t die within one or two days . We should head over after a few days pass . ”

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