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Published at 11th of March 2020 02:40:06 PM
Chapter 737: 737

Chapter 737: Who is blackmailing whom?

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She opened the seal of the wine jug, releasing the string fragrance of the wine . The calamity cloud tried to resist until it couldn’t anymore . Unable to hold back any longer, it ran over and hugged on to the wine jug and took a deep breath, asking, “What is this?”

“Wine?” The calamity cloud cried out before tossing the wine jug out of the cloud immediately . The wine jug landed in the dark clouds, spilling some of the wine inside, releasing an even stronger fragrance . “No way, I don’t want this . Take it away!”

Sima You Yue saw how anxious it was . It was just fine earlier, so how did it end up having such a big reaction?

“Don’t you like this?” She asked with curiosity .

“I don’t, I don’t! I can’t touch this stuff!” Little Calamity Cloud exclaimed .

“Why not?”

“The last time, I had a brother who got some wine to drink from who knows where . Then, he got drunk and fell unconscious for three years . He missed out on events and was punished . Eventually, he dissipated into nothing . ” Little Calamity Cloud shook her head non stop .

Oh? Something like that actually happened?

Sima You Yue’s mouth fell open in surprise . When the Little Calamity Cloud was looking at it as if it couldn’t bear to part from it, she said, “This is fruit wine . It won’t get you drunk . If you are really afraid of getting drunk, you can eat one of these pills . Then, you’ll definitely not get drunk at all . ”

“What pill is that?” Little Calamity Cloud had seen its fair share of pills, but it had never seen any of these kinds .

“This is usually used by drinkers so that they can stay sober while drinking . If they eat this before drinking, they won’t get drunk . ” Sima You Yue explained .

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“Really?” Little Calamity Cloud didn’t believe her .

“If I lied to you, you can just strike me with lightning everyday . ” Sima You Yue said .

The pill was one that she had refined for Third Mo . This would let him drink other types of magnificent wine, but never get drunk .

Little Calamity Cloud tried her best to resist, but could resist no longer as she slowly came over .

Sima You Yue fed it a single pill . Little Calamity Cloud ate it before trying a bit of the wine . When it didn’t feel any discomfort, it happily hugged the wine jug and drank from it .

“How is it? I didn’t lie to you, right?’ Sima You Yue personally took out a jug of wine .

“Mm mm . ” Little Calamity Cloud nodded her head happily, as if its dissatisfaction towards Sima You Yue was settled with this magnificent wine .

Very quickly, it finished drinking the jug of wine . It was uncertain whether it was due to the low quantity of wine in the jug, or because it had eaten the pill, but it didn’t have a bit of reaction .

“It’s really delicious . Do you have anymore?” Little Calamity Cloud hugged the empty jug as it turned towards her .

“I do . ” Sima You Yue took out another jug, and handed it to the calamity cloud, who drank it down in a few moments .

This guy could really drink, and the more it drank, the happier it got . Once it drank four jugs, Sima You Yue did not want to give it anymore .

“Anymore? Anymore? I’m not done!” Little Calamity Cloud cried out .

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“Little Calamity Cloud, do you know? To us humans, you can’t just drink this wine whenever you want . ” Sima You Yue said solemnly .

“Then, when can you drink this?” Little Calamity Cloud asked .

“We drink this when we are making friends . ” Sima You Yue said, “You initially wanted to kill me . ”

“You big meanie! You’re using wine as a threat!” Little Calamity Cloud was like a pure and simple being, but at the same time, it wasn’t . It would react the moment Sima You Yue said anything .

“That’s right! I am threatening you!” Sima You Yue didn’t deny it, “Do you accept my threat?”

“I am a calamity cloud with backbone! I will not accept your threat!” Little Calamity Cloud turned its head to the side and refused to look at her .


“Of course!” Little Calamity Cloud said confidently .

“Alright then . ” Sima You Yue kept the wine jug that she took out before, saying, “Since you are a calamity cloud with such a backbone, you definitely won’t want to drink this . Sigh, I should just return downstairs and wait for you to finish striking me . ”

She stood up after speaking, as if she was going to leave .

“Wah, wah . You’re a meanie! A big meanie!” Little Calamity Cloud immediately hopped up and charged into Sima You Yue, sending a few lightning bolts her way at the same time .

Little Calamity Cloud snatched the wine jug as it wailed, “You’re too mean, too mean, you meanie!”

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Sima You Yue stood on top of the calamity cloud, wine jug stolen from her . She had been struck so numb from the few lightning bolts from earlier that she couldn’t move . That guy was still crying out saying that she was the bad guy, but just who was the bad guy here!

By the time Little Calamity Cloud had finished drinking the wine, the numbness finally dissipated . She moved her body, saying, “If you strike me to death, you’ll never be able to drink that wine ever again . ”

Little Calamity Cloud narrowed its eyes and thought for a moment . It did seem like it struck her a little maliciously . However, she had the purple lighting within her . It wouldn’t be able to strike her to death . At most, she would be half paralysed .

“Since you’ve given me wine and pills, I won’t strike you today! Otherwise, I would greet you with a few more huge bolts!”

Sima You Yue was incredibly amused when she heard what it said . Wasn’t she the one threatening it? How did it flip it around?

However, no matter who was threatening whom or who was accusing whom, the end result was still the same . She was giving it wine, and it wasn’t striking her .

Sima You Yue took out a few large jugs of fruit wine . Little Calamity Cloud wagged its tail and the calamity cloud kept all the jugs away .

“I’ll let you off today . Don’t call me anymore . ” Little Calamity Cloud said, “Hey, I’m not nagging you, but could not not take a break? You’re the person I’ve struck the most, and also struck the hardest . If not for the violent lightning, you would have already died countless times ago . ”

“I don’t want this either . ” Sima You Yue said .

No matter when, she never wanted to be struck . Didn’t all this happen because of some situations!

“Hmph hmph . If you let me see you again, I won’t let you off even if you give me so many jugs . ” Little Calamity Cloud turned into a Little Calamity Cloud with a backbone again .

“We’re already friends, and friends should help each other out, you know?” Sima You Yue said .

“Hmph hmph . ” Little Calamity Cloud humphed twice, choosing neither to accept nor refute .

“Alright, I’ll be heading back now . Don’t strike me anymore . I’m filled with fear whenever I see you recently . ” Sima You Yue said .

“I don’t want to see you either!” Little Calamity Cloud said, “Although we’re friendly now, I can’t let you off completely . I do have to strike you with those few bolts . However, I can hold back a little . ’

Sima You Yue felt like this wasn’t bad, so she nodded and agreed before flying down .

Once she returned to the rooftop, the calamity cloud shot down a few lightning strikes before leaving .

As for those few bolts, aside from being some snacks for her purple lightning, it didn’t cause her any harm .

“You Yue? What did you do in the calamity cloud? Don’t the strikes of the calamity cloud get increasingly fierce at the back? Why does it feel like those strikes were not even as fierce as the starting ones?” Fatty Qu asked what everyone one else was secretly wondering .

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