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Chapter 724: 724

Sima You Yue’s sneer interrupted those people’s deliberations . They looked at her as if looking down at a tiny ant .

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“Hmph, a tiny ant dared to talk to us like this . You have guts!” An old woman yelled .

“Although you possess the Legendary Great Roc, you are here today and your contract beast cannot do anything . Though there are quite a few bird clans in the dark forest, they are no large clan . So your Roc King is basically useless . You should obediently hand the auspicious beast over . We can leave you a life . ”

Hearing these words, Sima You Yue’s mood lightened . “You want to kill my family member, and you are still acting righteous . It seems that not only do you cultivate spirit power, you also cultivated your skin for quite some time? Otherwise, how can you be so shameless!”

“Bastard . ” The old man was stunned by Sima You Yue, and a surge of spirit power targeted Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue pulled Little Tu and Little Seven back . The spirit power landed on a black stone . A ripple rose across the lake in which it was enclosed by a spirit barrier .

This was the array left by Fan Lei . The previous failure was because Little Tu absorbed the surrounding spirit power, but it was not destroyed . The position where she stood just now was the stone that started the array . When the spirit power entered the stone, the array was automatically activated .

The spirit barrier array was the most difficult array . Itw was not something that ordinary people could do by simply activating it . With her strength, it took a while to inject spirit power into it . In order to take them by surprise, she angered those people and also for them to provide her help . She didn’t expect those old guys to be easily provoked and someone would lend a hand so soon .

Fortunately, some people had just sealed the space above the small lake . So when those people went forward, they were not to go over the small lake . No outsider was inside the spirit world .

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“Little Seven, Little Tu, pay attention to the situation outside . If someone attacks, you have to inject spirit power into it . ” She ordered .

“Yue Yue, what are you going to do?” Little Seven asked .

“I’m going to set up an array . Since those people want to kill Little Tu, I will make them suffer a lot!” Sima You Yue took out a large array stone .

It was originally exchanged at Southern Seventh Prefecture with Chou Xiao Tian . There were not a lot in total . She originally planned to wait until her array strength was a bit higher to use it . In this present situation, it was necessary .

Sima You Yue put the stone in the center of the island lake . Then she took some ordinary array stones to arrange on the island .

The people outside watched the lake covered by a layer of mist . The island in the center of the lake disappeared . They were surprised for the moment before reacting . It should be that person’s move that started the array .

“What is this array?!” Yu Cheng Bi asked in surprise .

“Yes, master . ” Nalan Lan answered, “This array was here before . We were blocked by this array for a long time . Later, I don’t know why it failed . I didn’t expect it could be used now!”

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“Hmph, it’s just a spirit barrier array . I’ll break it!” An old man that came with Yu Cheng Bi said arrogantly . At the same time, he prepared to attack the array .

“Wait!” A middle-aged man came from behind and stared at the array in excitement .

“Xie Jun, what are you doing?” Yu Cheng Bi recognized this man, who was an elder from an array sect . When he saw him like this, he asked seriously .

“Yu Cheng Bi, do you know what kind of array this is?” Xie Jun asked .

“Isn’t it an ordinary obstruction array? What’s there worthy to make a fuss about!” Yu Cheng Bi retorted .

“You are wrong . This is the spirit barrier array, it’s a spirit barrier array!” Xie Jun excitedly said .

“What is a spirit barrier array?”

“Do you remember that there was a sect that lived on arrays . They were famous across Primordial Lands . All forces bowed their heads to it . Afterwards, they suddenly disappeared?” Xie Jun asked .

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“Who doesn’t know this? Isn’t your sect established under the banner of their inheritance? What does that have to do with what’s going on?” An old woman in black came forth and asked .

Sima You Yue just happened to look out at this time and saw the symbol on the back of the old woman’s black clothes . She recognized it to be the sign of Cloud Cave .

The people of Cloud Cave had also come? After Little Realm pitted the people of Cloud Cave, it was still the first time she saw people of Cloud Cave .

When she was chatting with Wu Lingyu, he mentioned that Cloud Cave was fighting with Divine Devil Valley recently . Now that she saw the people of the Cloud Cave, she had to treat them well . But she was unsure of this person standing in Cloud Cave .

“Aunty Hei, you don’t know anything about this . ” Xie Jun saluted Aunty Hei . “This spirit barrier array is unique to that sect and only learned by the core disciples . Now it appears here . Aren’t you curious?”

“This array is arranged by the people of Heavenly Sect, not of that sect . ” Yu Cheng Bi siad . “That sect has already disappeared for nearly a thousand years, how could it be related to that sect? Alright, move away, we do not have time to discuss this array and a sect that already vanished . ”

“Right, Xie Jun . After we break this spirit barrier, if you want to study this array, just look for the residual array . Now move away . ” Aunty Hei also said .

Xie Jun saw everyone was looking at him . He did not dare to say more and stepped back . He guessed in his heart how this array reached Heavenly Sect . When this matter is over, he should go aske the sect himself .

When he thought of going to visit the sect in the future, he didn’t want to oppose the sect . Since Sima You Yue was the sect’s student, it seems he shouldn’t make things difficult for her!

Within the conflict between the array and the immortal land, he hesitated, and before he noticed, he heard a boom . Yu Cheng Bi and the others had already attacked the spirit barrier .

The first attack shook the array but did not completely break it . Little Tu and Little Seven quickly injected spirit power in the place indicated by Sima You Yue, making up for the spirit barrier .

“Yue Yue, those people attacks are powerful, we can only support it for a moment . ” Little Seven said .

As Sima You Yue pondered, she summoned Halcyon . “You think of a way to hold for five minutes . ”

She didn’t want Thousand Resonance and them to come out because she didn’t want Nalan Lan to recognize her . Moreover, their strength wasn’t strong, and it was useless for them to come out . But it seemed she needed her help .

In fact, she thought too much . When Nalan Lan was in the Nalan family, she did not receive much outside news . She had been in a closed door cultivation . Afterwards she did not hear anything about Halcyon, and when she got to Saint City, she didn’t even see Halcyon before she was taken to Primordial Lands . So she didn’t know Halcyon .

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