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Chapter 720
Chapter 720: He Can’t Die

In Lu Tian’s point of view, he was called forth because Jia Hong Guang and the rest could not handle the man-eating flower king, and Sima You Yue was the owner of the man-eating flower king . As long as she was dealt with, the other problems would be solved .

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Watching Lu Tian’s imposing manner, Sima You Yue had to admit that although Little Roc was the Roc King, they had never ordered those bird clans about while that guy easily ordered them .

Even though the flamingos were far from the battlefield, they were aware of the situation . When they heard Lu Tian’s order, the leader commanded its subordinates to attack .

Flamingos were not as large as other birds . But they were each about one to two meters long . They attack together, almost blocking the space around Sima You Yue .

Sima You Lin and the party watched the battle from a distance with no reaction . But Third Aunt Du and Little Wu were startled . When they were ready to go help, they were held back by Bei Gong Tang .

“Third Aunt, don’t worry . You Yue would be alright . ” Bei Gong Tang advised .

“So many flamingos are sieging her . How can she be alright?” Third Aunt Du said anxiously .

“You have to believe in her . Look, brother Feng hadn’t gone . ” Bei Gong Tang said .

Third Aunt Du looked in the direction of Bei Gong Tang at Ximen Feng . Though he was worried, he didn’t move .

“Third Aunt, she will be fine . ” Kong Xiang Yi chimed in .

Not far away, the ten great villains originally wanted to help Sima You Yue too . But when they saw her companions were so calm, they did not act .

Other people who were watching the bustling scene saw that Sima You Yue didn’t recall the flowers of the man-eating flower king to protect herself . They scolded her for being a fool . But the next second they didn’t, because all the Flamingos who were approaching her didn’t hurt her, but they all dropped to the ground, lying down and shaking .

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“This is the might of the Legendary Great Roc!”

“Roc King? Why did he appear here?”

“Look, it’s really the Legendary Great Roc!”

“What’s the background of that person? To have a man-eating flower king, an extinct plant beast contract, and now the Roc King . Fortunately, we backed off . This is the most accurate decision we have made over these years!”

Little Roc flew a circle around Sima You Yue, and then transformed into human form and landed beside her . He looked at the people force to the ground and coldly reproached, “You have guts to dare attack this king’s contract master . ”

“King’s contract master?!”

The flamingos on the ground were terrified . How could this person be the contract master of King? If they had known, they wouldn’t attack even if they had to die! Little Roc released his might and flamingos could not even breathe .

Even the one who was contracted by Lu Tian couldn’t resist and lowered his noble head .

“Please King, don’t be angry . I didn’t know that it was the King’s contract master . King, please don’t be angry!” The leader of the flamingos was stronger than the rest and could still speak .

“Little Roc, don’t kill them . ” Sima You Yue said . “They were listening to orders . ”

She glanced at Lu Tian and his contracted beast .

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Little Roc retracted his might and the flamingos finally could breathe again . Every one of them was like walking on the edge of death and did not dare to breathe loudly . They were afraid of making Little Roc unhappy and getting killed .

Jia Hong Guang and the rest were dumbstruck . They originally thought they could summon the flamingos for help and quickly defeat the other party . Who expected Sima You Yue to be the contract master of Roc King and the flamingos to suddenly become her helpers?

Sure enough, Little Roc was still angry even after retracting his might and coldly said, “For the moment, I will forgive you for attacking my contract master . Now go kill these people first . Anyone who dare to attack this king’s contract master is not to be let off!”

“Yes! King!”

The flamingos all got up and this time they turned their heads and attacked the other party . The backups turned into enemies .

Originally You Yue’s side was a bit stronger than the other . Now with the addition of the flamingos, those people were soon taken down .

Lu Fei watched his contract master get beaten till a single breath left . He stayed in his original position without any intention to help . He did not show any expression when Sima You Yue came in front of him .

Sima You Yue stood on the man-eating flower and looked down at Lu Fei . When this one appeared, he had already wanted to kill his partner . He looked at her calmly without killing intent or fear as if he was an outsider .

“Tell me, what would happen if I killed him?”

“Death . ” Lu Fei murmured as if this death was not his .

“Are you afraid?” Sima You Yue asked .

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“What’s there to be afraid of?” Lu Fei wasn’t afraid of dying . “Being contracted meant death, but because of a concern of the heart that I kept living . If I die now, it’s only helping me out . ”

Sima You Yue laughed . She didn’t say she would kill him, so she did not .

But Little Seven was still angry . She flew over to Lu Fei’s contract master and raised her foot and stepped on his chest .

“You dare to call people to kill Yue Yue? Hmph! Why don’t you call more people over, huh!”


The person was seriously injured, but now he was still hanging on .

Lu Fei still stood there . It seemed that the life and death of that person had nothing to do with him .

“Hmph, I’ll send you to death!” Little Seven said and she prepared the final kick .

Suddenly there was a strong burst of wind . Little Seven felt danger and retreated back . That fatal kick was only halfway close .

“Brother, have mercy!” A coquettish voice called out from afar at Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue followed the voice and saw a lady clad in a colourful dress flying towards here hurriedly followed by an old woman . The power that targeted Little Seven was from that old woman .

She never met this female before but she still recognized her . She saw that Little Seven wanted to move again, so she hurriedly called out, “Little Seven, wait a second . ”

Little Seven had lifted her foot, and when she heard Sima You Yue, her foot hung in midair . She snarled at the old woman, “Did you attack me just now?”

“Please little friend, have mercy . ” Although that old woman asked, her expression was still proud as asking was not in her wordbook .

“What if I don’t?” Little Seven had both of her hands on her side as she stepped on the person but without any force .

“Don’t!” The lady clad in a colourful dress flew beside Lu Fei and looked at Little Seven . “Please spare his life . ”

“Who are you? Are you helping this person because he’s from Sage Pavilion?” Little Seven looked at the female in colorful clothing . “If you are, then I can’t listen to you . ”

The lady clad in a colourful dress looked at Sima You Yue and begged, “Brother, please spare him . I don’t know who he is, but he cannot die!”

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