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Chapter 719
Chapter 719: Kill Her!

The Heavenly Mountain Sect elder choked and almost spat out blood .

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But what she said was true . These old fellows had not come out for so many years but to come out for this long . She did not know which clan or clan elders force this group of sect orders to a dead end without any solutions .

Sima You Yue looked at the crowd and had no plans to continue fighting . The array was broken, and the spirit barrier was gone . Little Tu was exposed . If she wasn’t careful and let him get hurt, she would forever be regretful .

The other party did not seem to be making a move as if they were waiting for something .

Both parties were deadlocked .

Fan Lei noticed Jia Hong Guang’s small action . He knew he was stalling for reinforcements, but he could do nothing to stop it . Little Tu still needed time . Now he only hoped that when the other party’s backup came, Old Yuan and them would also be able to bring people over .

Time passed quickly in the stalemate between both parties . Little Tu’s situation gradually stabilized and the aura released reached a convergence . Finally, it disappeared .

Little Tu stood up from the water and put on clothes under the cover of the flowers . He jumped onto a flower and growled . The aura in his body was unleashed . Everyone faintly felt supreme suppression .

At the same time, in a certain forest . Several golden eyes opened . Their eyes flashed with joy . Several people came out of their cave house and lined up midair .

“Do you feel it?”

“Mm, it really is . ”

“Let’s go and see . ”

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“Mm, we have to confirm it . ”

Little Tu converged his aura, then leap beside Sima You Yue . He called excited, “Brother . ”

Sima You Yue looked at Little Tu who had grown and looked about twenty years old and suddenly felt that her family’s child had grown up .

She rubbed his head and smiled, “You’ve grown up, already taller than me . ”

“I am still brothers and sisters’ Little Tu . ” Although Little Tu’s body had matured, his smile was the same as before and still relied on her like before .

In the mountains in the distance, Bei Gong Tang and the others were also excited . They felt distressed to see Little Tu grow up after suffering so much .

“I knew that Little Tu was in danger before . But I didn’t expect him to experience two years of pain . Fortunately, he is now fine . ” Fatty Qu spoke emotionally .

“He is okay, but the situation is not optimistic . ” Sima You Lin stared at somewhere in the sky .

“What’s wrong?” Sima You Ming asked .

“There’s movement in space over there . Someone is coming here . ” Sima You Lin was sensitive to the changes of space . Even if it was a small fluctuation, he would feel it .

Little Tu saluted Fan Lei and said gratefully, “Thank you Vice President Fan for your care over the past two years . ”

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“You’re alright . ” Fan Lei smiled . “Let’s leave here first . ”

While the other party’s backup was not here, they should hurrily leave .

“Do you think you can still leave?” Jia Hong Guang sneered .

“Martial Uncle, are master and them here?” Ma Ling excitedly asked .

“Almost here . ” Jia Hong Guang said, “Go and stop them . No matter what they say, we can’t let them leave . As soon as they leave today, it will be difficult for us to capture the auspicious beast later . ”

“Yes, Martial Uncle . ”

The people of Sage Pavilion knew their pavilion leader was coming and was no longer afraid of the man-eating flowers . They surrounded them in the air .

Others also had contacted the people backing them . Before they arrived, they did not dare to let Little Tu and the others leave . A band of highwaymen blocked the way .

“They have called for reinforcements and are stalling for time . We have to kill our way out . ” Fan Lei spoke as he immediately attacked Jia Hong Guang . The two engaged in a fight .

Sima You Yue also had guessed that Jia Hong Guang and them were stalling for time . When Fan Lei ordered, Flowey controlled the flowers to bite those people . Those people with low level could not escape their speed and were swallowed .

Little Tu’s strength had soared . His strength who had not reached divine rank rose to upper monarch rank . He fought with the expert that came with Jia Hong Guang .

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Feng Zhi Xing and them also joined and a battle broke out .

“Hong Guang, I can’t anymore . I can only summon the bird clan to help . ” A friend of Jia Hong Guang admitted .

“Then brother, summon them . When you return, Sage Pavilion will greatly thank you . ” Jia Hong Guang said .

The other party was waiting for this sentence . With his assurance, the person called out, summoning his contract spirit beast . “I know you will help me . But if I die, you will too . I don’t want you to partake in, but please summoned a nearby bird clan to help . You don’t want me to die right?”

That person called out not just a phoenix, but a strong phoenix . It was unknown what method he used to contract with it .

There was a cold atmosphere around the phoenix . He looked at his master with a cold murderous gaze .

He glanced at the chaotic battlefield and at the injuries on his master . He released his suppression . Very soon, a cry was heard from a distance which was a response .

When the phoenix appeared, Sima You Yue noticed him and felt his extraordinary suppression .

“Yue Yue, this should be a firebird and a strong one . His eyes do not show compliance . He must have been accidently contracted . ” Little Roc told Sima You Yue from the Spirit Pagoda .

The phoenix clan bloodline was closest to the vermillion bird . It consisted of firebird, green pheasant, golden phoenix, and blue phoenix . The firebird had a higher status than other birds of phoenix with a nickname as Phoenix emperor . The number of them is much smaller than other subclans, but their overall strength is stronger, and their combat effectiveness can be easily seen .

She heard that the firebirds are very proud and absolutely would not recognize humans as master . She did not know how that person contracted with the other party .

“Do you know what he was doing just now?” Sima You Yue asked .

“The Firebird position is very high, so he’s summoning the nearby bird clan . I think he was summoning those people . ” Little Roc guessed .

“Pfff—” Sima You Yue could not help laughing . That guy actually wanted to use the nearby bird clan to help them . She wondered what his expression would be like when he found out the final result .

“Yue Yue, let Little Roc come out in a while . I’m really curious what their expressions will be like then . ” Little Dream grinned .

“Okay . ” Sima You Yue replied . She was also curious how the people of Sage Pavilion expressions would be like .

Soon, a group of birds flew to the center . Sima You Yue was happy . These guys who came were just flamingoes . The strength of the leader was not very high . It should not be their king .

When the flamingoes arrived, he did immediately joined the fight, but arrived in front of Lu Tian and saluted . “Lord, I don’t know what you called me for?”

Lu Tian looked at Sima You Yue and said, “Kill her . ”

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