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Chapter 718
Chapter 718: Domineering Flowey

The cold air surrounding Sima You Yue was so strong that Jia Hong Guang was not able to ignore it .

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The group of old guys behind her were extraordinary . Although they had the numbers, they were not worse than them .

But he could not resist his desire for the auspicious beast .

“Elder White, help me stand guard . Who dares to get close to Little Tu should be killed!” Sima You Yue coldy ordered .

“Yes, young master . ” Elder White and them replied . They flew over Little Tu and stood in various positions, surrounding Little Tu in the middle in tacit understanding . They would not let anyone touch Little Tu .

“Hong Guang, the auspicious beast bloodline has activated . Now its body is evolving . If we can contract it at this moment, we won’t even need a beast tamer to tame it . ” A friend of Jia Hong Guang informed . “If we wait for him to completely evolve to make a move, I’m afraid contracting would become troublesome . ”

“Sect elder, if you want to get his essence blood, it’s best to do it now . After his body completely evolved, it’ll be more difficult for us to kill him . ” The person beside Heavenly Mountain Sect Elder informed him .

“Mm, we don’t want to contract it . It’s best to act now . ” Heavenly Mountain Sect elder nodded and gestured to the people around him .

“Everyone, we must get this auspicious beast!” The person beside the Heavenly Mountain Sect elder shouted . People of Heavenly Mountain Sect immediately charged towards Little Tu .

“Let’s join them, their numbers are not much . As long as we hold them back, we can get the auspicious beast!”

“Let’s go too, we can’t let others get the auspicious beast!”

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Seeing the Heavenly Mountain Sect acting, everyone else could not resist as well and charged forward .

Heavenly Mountain Sect elder and other sects’ elders and a few old guys attacked the White Egret Clan elders . They fought in the air and gradually no one was left to guard Little Tu .

“You head down, and guard the person well!” Tuoba Wu Chen ordered his men .

“Yes, young master . ”The people of the Tuoba family descended from their flying beasts to fight with those people .

“You should go too . Protect the person below and that young master well . ” Feng Zhi Xing flew over to Sima You Yue and finished off people behind her .

The number of Feng family and Tuoba family that they brought was not large . It was still difficult to deal with thousands of people even with their contracted spirit beasts .


Little Tu’s aura was becoming stronger . His roar attracted many people’s attention . In order to get Little Tu first, they bypassed the Feng family and Tuoba family people to get to Little Tu .

The spirit barrier fell apart due to the absence of spirit power and the aftermath of various techniques . Without the spirit barrier, those people’s eyes reached Little Tu .

“Hmph, do you think that I am air?!” Little Seven shouted and flew over Little Tu . She raised her fists and punched those who got close, one by one . She sent all of them flying .

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“Flowey, today you are allowed to have meat today . ” With a wave of Sima You Yue’s hand, Flowey was thrown out .

Flowey fell into the lake and grew rapidly . When no one had responded, it had occupied the whole lakeshore .

After getting You Yue’s permission, Flowey was enthusiastic . Human-sized flowers were floating above the lake . Cannibal flowers were everywhere .

The flower wrapped Little Tu up . Everyone who came near was eaten by it, and both parties’ attention was drawn over .

“Man-eating Flower king!” Someone recognized Flowey and shouted in surprise .

“Wow quack, there are so many people today . I can eat a lot!” Flowey’s flowers swayed in the air complacently .

“Retreat, don’t get trapped by the flowers!” Someone shouted .

But the warning was too late . Dozens of people with low levels were eaten by the Flowey’s flowers . Only those with high level were able to escape because of their quick reaction .

The fighting between the sect elders and White Egret Clan elders paused as they faced each other in the air .

“Hong Guang, this is the man-eating flower king . ” A friend of Jia Hong Guang frowned, looking at the flowers with fear .

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“Man-eating flower king? It’s been a long time since a man-eating flower appeared in the continent, let alone a man-eating flower king . ” Jia Hong Guang said .

“Is this man-eating flower king powerful?” Ma Lin and the juniors didn’t know much about this plant spirit beast .

“This man-eating flower king can make flowers bloom as long as the main root is alive . Each flower has the same power . It can be said that this man-eating flower king can hold against thousands . ” Jia Hong Guang answered .

“This powerful?!” Ma Lin exclaimed . Everyone else who learned of the man-eating flower king was shocked too .

Jia Hong Guang quietly took out a piece of jade fragment and some others did the same .

“Wow quack, why aren’t you coming over?” Flowey shouted at those people retreating . That voice was like the sound of wind .

Sima You Yue flewed onto a flower, fluttering it . The White Egret Clan elders also landed on the flowers behind her one after another centering on her .

With her hands on her side, she was silent . But it gave everyone the feeling that she was standing on top of the world and overlooking them .

When Fan Lei saw Flowey, the White Egret Clan elders behind her, his view of her changed .

Others did not know but he knew . Those clan elders came out of the spirit barrier . When he came out, there were no such people . Where did these people come from? He already had some speculation in his heart .

Tuoba Wu Chen looked at Sima You Yue incredulously and rubbed his eyes . He prodded Feng Zhi Xing on the shoulder . “Zhi Xing, is it really her?”

Feng Zhi Xing knew him from young . He naturally understood his meaning . He did not speak but looked at Sima You Yue with a smile .

She had grown very fast over the years . Now she was very different from the girl who had just started cultivating . Although her cultivation was speedy, he still hoped she could grow up faster because there were still so many things waiting for her to do .

When Nalan Lan saw Sima You Yue’s present appearance, she suddenly thought of that person from the Yilin continent . Their temperament was obviously different . Their strength was vastly different . How could she think of her?

Sima You Yue gazed down at the sect elders . These people are the top existence of their sect, and their strength was not very different from her clan elders . They were like the sect elders in midair who participated in today’s event because their life was coming to an end .

“I didn’t expect you to attain an extinct man-eating flower king of the continent . ” Heavenly Mountain Sect elder commented . “Although it’s powerful and enough to deal with them, its level is not enough to deal with us . I’m afraid you don’t have the ability yet!”

“I know this can’t hurt you . But don’t forget, my clan elders are enough to deal with you . ” Sima You Yue returned . “When against them, can you still deal with my man-eating flower king?”

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