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Chapter 710: 710

Scarlet Lake was the largest lake in the dark forest . It was called the Scarlet Lake because the water was scalding hot all year round .

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As per the description given by the Xuan Yuan Pavilion, the water temperature was extremely high . It had an accumulation of the fire and water spirit energy, and the inside of the water was filled with minerals . After soaking for such a long time, it reached the state it was today .

However, because there were many sacred beasts around them, there were many groups of them . This meant that humans rarely dared to come here . As such, nobody dared to use this place despite the benefits it brought .

At this moment, the lake was covered with a blanket of thick fog . The people outside were totally unable to see the inside clearly .

Sima You Yue kept Halcyon away before the members of the Sage Pavilion noticed him . She flew towards the shore with Bei Gong Tang .

“We can’t fly across the front . The entire pace has been covered by a barrier . ”

The people who came later on were unable to reach the lake either, and had no choice but to land beside it . It was no wonder those who arrived earlier could only stand by the shore . There was no one who wanted to fly over .

Shortly after Sima You Yue and a few others landed, Shi Chen and the ten brothers arrived . They were blocked outside the barrier, same as everyone else .

“This barrier . . ” Ni An Yi stretched forth a hand to feel it before saying confidently, “This isn’t a natural barrier, nor is it one made by a spirit beast . It’s been created by a person using an array . ”

“An array?” Shi Chen flew to the sky for a look, “It’s true . There’s a giant protection array here this time . I wonder what kind of person would actually be able to create this kind of aray . ”

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“With this here, we won’t be able to enter for the time being . ” Ni An Yi said .

“What’s the rush? We can’t enter, but neither can anyone else . ” Feng Kai wasn’t worried . Since nobody was able to enter, this wasn’t about who could enter first .

On the other side, Sima You Yue and Sima You Lin had already come to the same conclusion .

“The person who set up the array is really powerful . The array actually turned into a barrier . This is better than your average protection array . ” Sima You Lin sighed, “The average array can be broken, but this barrier array needs to be broken before it can be taken apart . ”

“If someone really set up a protection array here, wouldn’t this mean that someone was the first to reach this place?” Wei Zi Qi asked .

“Yes . ” Sima you Lin said confidently, “Furthermore, the person who set up the array is currently inside . It’s just that the fog is blocking us . As for this array, it can only be moved from the inside . ”

“He’s in there? The auspicious beast is in there as well . Wouldn’t that mean that person would be guaranteed to get that auspicious beast?” Fatty Qu cried out .

Everyone around them heard what they were saying, and their expressions were ugly . They had thought that they were the first to arrive, but who would have expected that someone would have been the first to reach the auspicious beast .


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A painful cry came from the heart of the lake, and the eyes of everyone on shore burned with rage when they heard it . So what if the other person got it first? As long as he didn’t form a contract with it yet, there was still hope .

“This aura… this getting cleaner and cleaner… the auspicious beast is transforming!” A middle aged youth cried out excitedly . His eyes, which were not initially excited, started to glean, his interest towards the auspicious beast piqued .

“Transforming? Who knows, maybe it would obtain some kind of bloodline!”

“Is this barrier to protect it? I heard that auspicious beasts are extremely weak when they’re transforming . ”

“The person inside must have expected that the transformation of the auspicious beast would attract a lot of people, so he set up a barrier . ”

“No matter what, the auspicious beast and human cannot possibly remain in there forever . Once they come out, we’ll use the opportunity to snatch it!” Nalan Lan’s senior said .

Nalan Lan watched as more people started to arrive, and furrowed her eyebrows with frustration, saying a little worriedly, “More and more people are coming . Have our reinforcements arrived? Is Master Uncle coming or not?”

“Junior, relax . Our reinforcements have already entered the dark forest a few days ago . They should be here any time now . ” Ma Lin replied, “Master Uncle said that he would find two others . He would cut a hle through space to get here when the time came . He won’t delay . Whenever Master Uncle does something, he’s always done it properly . ”

“Mm . I haven’t met Master Uncle more than a few times . I naturally wouldn’t understand him like you do . ” Nalan Lan said, “It’s good since you say that things will be fine . ”

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Suddenly, a portal was cut open through space, and a short and black bald man emerged with a few beautiful ladies clad in black .

“An elder from One Mountain Sect has arrived . ” Ma Lin said with a grave expression when he saw the black baldy .

“What kind of sect is One Mountain Sect? Are they a first-ranked one? Why does it look like Senior is afraid of them?” Nalan Lan had only been up here for a few years, and wasn’t familiar with everything that was happening .

“The One Mountain Sect isn’t a first ranked sect, but they are extraordinary . They aren’t that powerful, but stand unwaveringly in the inner regions . The elder from One Mountain Sect is a real weirdo . He always does abnormal things . His character is strange as well, and likes every beauty that he sees . He’ll take down anyone he sees that is taller and more handsome than he is . He might take his anger out on us once he finds out that we’re Master’s students . ”

“He isn’t weak either, right? Since he was able to cut a hole through space . I wonder who’s more powerful between him and Master . ” Nalan Lan mused .

“Of course Master is more powerful, but this guy has a lot of tricks up his sleeve . His power in battle is average, but has managed to survive till this point . ” Ma Lin really disliked this ugly baldy, and it seemed like he wasn’t even willing to look at him .

As for Sima You Yue, who was listening to whatever Ma Li was saying, she looked at him a few more times and realised that he truly was quite ugly . However, the black clothed ladies were truly beautiful . They were just a little too ice cold, as if everyone who they looked at owed them eight hundred million dollars .

This was a prime example of beauty and the beast!

The black baldy stood in midair and looked at the many people dotting the shore . His thick lips parted, “Oh my, who would have thought that there would be so many people here? Beauties, tell me . Under which banners have these people come?”

“Sage Pavilion . ”

“Kong Valley . ”

“The ten great evils . ”

Each lady spoke a sentence, and quickly pointed out the ten different powers .

Sima You Yue followed the gaze of the second lady when she mentioned the Kong Valley . She really did see a disciple from there . She raised a head and glanced over at Kong Xiang Yi, eyes questioning .

“They are the disciples that initially followed me to take my revenge . At that time, they followed me, but I didn’t like it, so I let them act on their own . Who would have thought that those guys would secretly run over here . ” Kong Xiang Yi said .

Sima You Yue dashed beside her and said quietly, “Xiang Yi, in a moment, send them news and get them to leave . Tell them not to involve themselves in the happenings here . If possible, they should leave as quickly as they can . ”

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