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Chapter 702: 702

Sima You Yue went to the kitchen alone, intending to provide a helping hand for Third Aunt Du . At the same, she explained her thought process to Third Aunt Du .

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“Wu’er’s temperament is a result of me over doting her . ” Third Aunt Du was not angry . “You want to test her . What we have to do must be kept a secret, if the Zong Zheng Clan and Yin Yang Palace know of it, the consequences are not what we can bear . ”

“Thank you, Third Aunt . ” Sima You Yue expressed, “But I believe Third Aunt’s foresight for choosing her . Little Wu may be moody now, but once these emotions are released, I think she will be a big help for us in the future . ”

“I hope so . ” Third Aunt Du sighed . She didn’t like contact with other people over these years . She and Little Wu depended on one another . Even Little Wu only liked to stick to her . She was preoccupied and was so indifferent to her guidance of Little Wu, making her temperance to be stubborn .

Hopefully she could guide her back this time .

Fatty Qu and the party received Sima You Yue’s news, they returned the rooms and came over .

Third Aunt Du went to find Little Wu after she made the pastries . It was not known what she said to her . When everyone was ready to set off, Little Wu also followed . Her eyes were red and she had apparently cried .

However, when she looked at Sima You Yue, her eyes were not so resentful .

Sima You Yue smiled at her . If Third Aunt Du could let her open her heart, then they could save the probing part .

If not…

“Let’s go, according to Halcyon’s route, we’re afraid that it will take another six or seven days . ” She told everyone .

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They arrived outside the city . Sima You Yue called out Halcyon and everyone boarded . They flew upwards to the dark forest .

When Little Wu saw Halcyon, she felt a small shock in her heart . She didn’t expect that she had such a powerful sacred spirit beast . Thinking of her own contract beast, it was not easy for master to finally get her a first level sacred spirit beast for her .

Thinking of master, she remembered what master had just said to her .

“You Yue and Feng’er are my relatives, and you are the child I brought up . I won’t because they don’t want you . I hope you can get along with them . They are not here to rob me from you, but are here to love me with me . But if you are blinded by your own jealousy, not only will they not like you, master will not want you too . I know you are a kind child, so you will not disappoint Master, right?”

She looked at the backs of Sima You Yue and Ximen Feng . Would they really love her?

But, she wanted Master for herself . What should she do? Her heart was tangled…

“It seems that we came out late enough, I don’t see anyone the whole way . It’s estimated that everyone is already in the forest . ” Fatty Qu sighed when he saw no one except themselves .

“Anyway, we’re not here to snatch the auspicious beast . What’s the hurry . ” Sima You Le said cheerfully .

“Did those people go too?” Sima You Lin asked Bei Gong Tang .

“They went . After their Old First and Old Second came, they headed there two days ago . They’re probably holding to the last hope . ” Sima You Yue said .

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“Last time, the scarlet bee was discovered by them . Yet you still used the scarlet bee this time . Not a problem right?” Sima You Qi was a little worried .

“I switched to a fewer higher level ones this time which will not be easy to detect . ” Sima You Yue replied . “It’s not just them . Other people are also followed by some scarlet bees . I am mostly aware of everything happening in the forest . ”

“Wow, You Yue, you didn’t tell us . ” Fatty Qu exclaimed .

“Do you need to say that?” Sima You Yue retorted .

Fatty Qu glanced at everyone else . Everyone gave him a ‘you’re stupid’ look . He shouted, “Okay, you all know . I don’t know . It’s not fair!”

“You should everyone is smart and you’re the stupid one . ” Wei Zi Qi said with a smile . “You Yue did not tell us, but we all guessed . ”

“Guessed?” Fatty Qu was deflated . Why didn’t he guess it?

No, it was not he couldn’t guess, but he didn’t guess . Why not? It was that he was too lazy to use his brain .

LIttle Wu quietly sat beside Third Aunt Du, watching Sima You Yue and everyone bantering . She felt their interactions had been strange before . Everyone was so casual; they seemed to make fun of each other, but they were very close to each other .

She suddenly began to understand her master’s words .

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“Third Aunt, you said in the morning, you recently went to the spirit silkworms to collect spirit silk . How about we head to the spirit silkworms first . ” Sima You Yue asked Third Aunt Du for her opinion .

“Okay . ”

“Third Aunt give Little Roc a direction . ” Sima You Yue patted Little Roc’s back . Little Roc took everyone towards the spirit silkworms clangrounds .

On the way, Third Aunt Du gave everyone an introduction to the spirit silkworms .

There were many types of spirit silkworm, and the quality of the spirit silk they spit out varied depending on the species . Some of the better ones were snow silkworm, blue jade silkworm, black silkworm, and so on . The best spirit silkworms were the nine turns snow silkworms, ringed silkworm, black sky silkworm, and so on .

Because of the rank of the spirit silkworms were different, the grade of woven spirit cloth was different, and the defense abilities of clothes made of spirit cloth also differed .

The amount of spirit silk produced by a spirit silkworm a year was not enough to weave a piece of cloth .

In addition to the rank of the spirit silkworm, the weaving technique would also affect the quality of the spirit cloth . Since they would not understand all this, Third Aunt Du summarized it .

“No wonder spirit cloth is so scarce, it turns out to be so troublesome . ” Sima You MIng sighed .

“If the spirit cloth is of high grade, it will not be worse than a spirit weapon . ” Sima You Yue said . “Third Aunt, your stitching and embroidery skills are already very high . If you can get rare spirit silkworms, then the spirit cloth made by you will be pretty good . ”

“Every spirit cloth embroideress hopes to be able to weave a higher-quality spirit cloth, but how can these rare spirit silkworms be so easily obtained?” Third Aunt Du said with regret .

“Since they are in the continent, there is the possibility of encountering them . ” Ximen Feng comforted .

“I’ve heard some information regarding spirit silkworms, but at that time, I was not interested and didn’t pay much attention to it . But I remembered that they seemed to say that there is a very rare spirit silkworm in the depths of Heartbreak Valley . I believe it’s called the nine-turns snow silkworm . ” Kong Xiang Yi said .

“Nine-turns snow silkworm is in Heartbreak Valley?” Sima You Yue couldn’t believe it . “But Heartbreak Valley is full of poisonous insects . How can the nine-turns snow silkworm be there?”

“It can’t be the nine-turns snow silkworm . ” Third Aunt Du said . “The nine-turns snow silkworm live in harsh environmental conditions . They need cleanliness and holiness and will not live in a place like Heartbreak Valley . If there is really a rare spirit silkworm, it is probably the ringed silkworm . ”

“Third Aunt, what does this ringed silkworm look like?” Sima You Yue asked .

“The most important feature of the ringed silkworm is that they observe toxins, transform them into spirit power in the body, and inject the spirit power in the silk they spit out on normal days .

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