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Published at 12th of February 2020 11:40:06 AM
Chapter 693: 693

Chapter 693: Abduction (2)

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Sima You Yue placed the teacup down and said in a leisure tone . “For my use, naturally you will obey me and work for me . While I naturally will cure Old Third, and… . Let you be able to live under the sun from now on!”

“Nonsense, aren’t we living under the sun?” Ni An Yi thought this little guy was crazy to dare to come here and talk nonsense to them .

“Little guy, aren’t you afraid we villains will kill you for saying this?” You Si asked .

“Since I dare to come and dare to say these to you, I naturally have confidence in leaving . ” Sima You Yue smiled confidently . “Why are you guys so hesitant? Is it because my condition is not good enough?”

“What kind of condition is that? For us, apart for curing our third brother, nothing else is useful . ” Ni An Yi answered .

“So, do you plan to be hunted down forever? Or do you want to continue to hide from people in order to kill less?” Sima You Yue questioned .

The atmosphere in the room suddenly changed . Everyone’s expression changed .

“Why, am I wrong?” Sima You Yue lowered her head and rubbed the little golden snake’s head . “Don’t you hide yourself and scurry away all the time in order to avoid being hunted? You have been hunted for so many years . But you’ve lived a good life despite the experiencing dangers, this means what? That means you have ability . You have the ability to live in hiding all these years . Isn’t it because you don’t want to meet other people? As for why, you don’t need to explain it . ”

The reason they are unwilling to clash with others was because they did not want to kill more people . They wanted to tell the world that they weren’t villains . But no one listened to them, instead they would shout to fight and kill upon seeing them .

Forced to be helpless, they could only hide from place to place .

No one had ever believed them before, no one ever empathized with them, so no one understood them . They didn’t expect that today, a child would say such words to them .

Feng Zhi was moved to want to talk to her .

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“What’s your plan?” Feng Kai asked .

“I want to form a force, and the force will become stronger in the future . When you walked in the continent, naturally no one would dare to say anything . ” Sima You Yue answered .

“You want to form a force?” Feng Kai widened his eyes and suddenly smiled . “Previously, I didn’t think you were a little doll, but you’re really a little doll . Only a child can come up with such a plan . ”

“Only a child can come up with forming a force? Are all the forces out there appearing out of thin air? Haven’t they been established gradually?” Sima You Yue retorted .

“If you want to form your own force, it’s not as simple as you think . ” Ni An Yi believed it was childish nonsense .

“Aren’t it just financial and human resources? As long as these things are resolved, isn’t it enough?” Sima You Yue said disapprovingly .

“You are a child from a big family?” You Si asked .

“No . ”

“Then do you know how much financial and material resources are needed to support the force?”

“I know . ”

“If you know, you still dare to say such crazy words?”

“Why is it crazy?” Sima You Yue picked up the tea cup and took another sip . “Since I want to form a force, I will naturally give financial support . ”

“You have a lot of money?” Hong Wu asked .

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“It’s a lot . ” Sima You Yue nodded .

She didn’t have a lot before . It would be impossible to take out the mineral vein from the Spirit Pagoda and she couldn’t take them out bit by bit . However, now that she had obtained the mineral vein of the Brave Moon Sect, she no longer needed to consider the financial resources required for this formation of her force in the early stages .

“Little child, how much is your definition of ‘a lot’? Thousands of square meters?”

“Thousands of square meters? How is that a lot . ” Sima You Yue said . “I have this many . ”

She raised her index finger .

“One? Ten square meter?”

One square meter can produce one million crystals, while ten square meters is 10 millions .

Sima You Yue shook her head .

“Could it be a hundred square meters?”

One hundred square meter was one hundred million . It was indeed not small, especially for a person who was from a family clan .

“No . ” Sima You Yue still denied .

“Are you going to say you have a mine?” Ni An Yi exclaimed .

Sima You Yue shook her head, and his surprised expression recovered . Like her said, how could this kid have a mine .

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“To form a force, a mine is not enough, you want…”

“Not a mine, but a mineral vein . ” Sima You Yue interrupted Ni An Yi .

“A mineral vein… what?! A mineral vein!” Ni An Yi jumped up from the chair .

“That’s right . ” Sima You Yue ignored their surprise . “How about this, is this money enough?”

“How do you have a mineral vein?” Feng Kai stared at her not with disbelief, but with deep surprise .

“I found it by accident . ” Sima You Yue didn’t plan to explain this . “This financial resource is sufficient to support a second-class force for 50 years and a third-class force for 100 years . ”

Since the biggest problem is solved, the manpower problem wouldn’t be a problem .

“What about your manpower? And what is the purpose of your force? You won’t want to form a force for no reason, Young Valley Master of the Divine Devil Valley . ” Shi Chen started .

“Young Valley Master of the Divine Devil Valley? Third brother, isn’t that Ying Bai Chuan . I fought with him before, not this guy . ” Ni An Yi seriously looked at Shi Chen .

“Aren’t there two young valley masters of Divine Devil Valley?” Shi Chen looked at the blood thumb ring on Sima You Yue’s hand . “This, should be the other young valley master . ”

“Oh, I remember . Before that, old man devil from the continent was said to have accepted a disciple from the lower continent to become the young valley master of Divine Devil Valley . At that time, the Divine Devil Valley was ridiculed . ” Dai Yi suddenly looked at Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue touched her blood thumb ring . It was better to remove it when traveling . Otherwise, it would not be good to cause trouble to Divine Devil Valley .

However, the blood thumb ring was secured tightly on her hand, and she couldn’t take it off at all . She already tried a few times .

Blood thumb ring, blood thumb ring, don’t mess me up . Be obedient .

She thought to herself . In the past, there hadn’t been any movements from the blood thumb ring . Her heart was joyful; she tried lightly, and she really took it off .

However, she did not immediately put it away . She put it on again, as if she was playing with the blood thumb ring .

But her action actually shifted the attention of the people in the room to her blood thumb ring .

“This should be the blood thumb ring of the young valley master . ” Feng Kai looked at her movements and guessed .

“Since you’ve all seen it, I won’t deny it . ” Sima You Yue acknowledged .

“But you said just now that you weren’t from any force or family clan . ” Feng Zhi’s eyes showed some unkindness .

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