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Chapter 1855: The Ghost Concubine’s Power

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After a while, Gongzi Yuan and the others returned, and the Prince instructed them to be brought to him at once.

When Gongzi Yuan and Xiao Ruo Bai entered the study, they were taken aback to see Sima You Yue. After they had regained their composure, they bowed to the Prince of Great Yu.

“Xi’er has already told me what happened to you, I’m glad you’re safe.” The Prince of Great Yu said.

Gongzi Yuan and Xiao Ruo Bai didn’t know what Sima You Yue had said, so they didn’t say much, and only said vaguely: “We heard from the people from the Region that Prince sent men to search for us even though you are so busy, Yuan and Ruo Bai thank Prince for his concern.”

“As long as you’re safe, that’s all that matters. You must have been frightened by your ordeal this time, go back and have a good rest.” The Prince of Great Yu said, dismissing them.

Gongzi Yuan and Xiao Ruo Bai bowed and left the study..

Sima You Yue watched them leave and stood up. She said to Yu Yan: “Second Prince, I’m sure you have heard about what’s happened between Ruo Bai and myself. If it’s not too much trouble, I hope that you can take care of her for me.”

“If she comes to look for me, I will.” Yu Yan replied.

“Thank you, Second Prince.” Sima You Yue said gratefully.

“You healed my Imperial Father, and it was also thanks to your idea that we were able to gain the upper hand in this matter. It is only right to help you look after one person.” Yu Yan said.

After their mutual polite remarks to each other, the Prince ordered someone to escort her home while Murong Hui stayed behind and continued to deal with the matters at hand.

Sima You Yue guessed that after the matters had been resolved, he wouldn’t return to Vast Region. The Prince would no doubt think of a way to make him stay.

It wasn’t a problem if he stayed, everyone had to look forward to their future anyway.

Upon her return to the inn, the people from Vast Region surrounded her. When they saw that Sima You Yue was fine, they were relieved.

“I told you Young Miss will be fine!” Zhang Ming Da said with a smile.

“I wonder who it was panicking earlier, he was so nervous that he couldn’t sleep and wanted to go out to search for her.” Fang Ying Han said.

“Weren’t you all the same?” Zhang Mingda murmured, “Young Miss, who took you away?”

“A member of the Di Si Family Clan.” Sima You Yue replied.

“The Di Si Family Clan?”

“They were most likely targeting the Prince and my father. But it’s alright, nothing happened. I’m a bit tired, so I will go back to my room to rest. You should all rest too.” After Sima You Yue had finished speaking, she went back to her room.

After she entered her room, she put up a spirit barrier and stepped into the Spirit Pagoda.

“Little Spirit, bring out Di Wu E.” Sima You Yue said.

Little Spirit brought Di Wu E out. He was still the same as before, there was no change. If she hadn’t encountered a member of the Di Si Family Clan this time, she would have forgotten that she had locked up Di Wu E for such a long time.

Although she didn’t remember, it didn’t mean that it had been forgotten by others. During his period of imprisonment, he had become chess friends with her father Sima Liu Xuan.

“Young Miss.” Di Wu E looked at her and bowed respectfully.

“Di Wu E, do you know where you are right now? Do you know who I met today?” Sima You Yue asked.

Di Wu E was a little surprised, how was he supposed to know where he was?

Sima You Yue hadn’t expected him to speak out, so she continued speaking: “We are in Great Yu City now, and I met Di Si Kong today.”

“What?” Di Wu E’s eyes widened in surprise: “Are we in the Ghost Realm already?”

“Yes.” Sima You Yue nodded.

“Di Si Kong is extremely ruthless, did he do anything to you?” Di Wu E asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, he’s not. He wanted to capture me but lost his life instead.” Sima You Yue said.

“Ah? He’s dead?” Didn’t he always bring a lot of men with him whenever he went out? He was actually killed?

“Well, he was burned to death by Little Birdie.” Sima You Yue said, “I called you out today to ask you about the Di Si Family Clan and Di Wu Family Clan.”

Di Wu E collected his composure and recounted what he knew about the two families. He had wanted to plead for mercy on behalf of the Di Wu Family Clan, however, he knew where she stood. It was either life or death or death with the Ghost Concubine, it was impossible for any family clan to not follow the Ghost Concubine.

Sima You Yue looked at him, as if she knew his thoughts.

“If your family clan hadn’t tried to stop me from doing things in the end, I wouldn’t have killed them all.” She had done him a great favour all things considered.

Di Wu E was very grateful. He bowed and said: “Thank you Young Miss.”

“You’ve been inside for so long, have you thought about coming out?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Come out?” A flash of eagerness flashed across Di Wu E’s eyes, then it disappeared again. He shook his head and said: “I can’t go out. If I go out, they will recognise me and they will know your identity. I am fine staying here. I am very grateful that Young Miss didn’t kill me.”

Sima You Yue was a little surprised at his thoughts as she had never expected him to think this way.

“You stay inside first, and if there is a chance later, I will let you out.” Having spoken, she instructed Little Spirit to take him away.

At this time, Sima Liu Xuan walked over. When he saw her frowning, he asked: “What are you worrying about?”

“Father, I am thinking about the forces supporting the Ghost Concubine. She already had many forces supporting her before she became a ghost, and this power has increased over the years. I’m afraid that it won’t be that easy to bring her down.” Sima You Yue expressed her worries.

“What did E tell you?” Sima Liu Xuan asked.

“While we are talking about the forces supporting the Ghost Concubine, because she followed Yu Du, she learned a lot of things that others don’t know about.” Sima You Yue said, “It seems, the Ghost Concubine is far more powerful than we thought.”

“You killed her son so naturally, she wants to kill you. This hatred cannot be resolved so easily. Though she is very powerful, you are not bad either!” Sima Liu Xuan rubbed her head affectionately, “You have so much spiritual energy the Ancestor gave you, you are also a member of the Ninth Underworld Clan and you have such a good relationship with the people in the underworld. It’s just as your cousin has said, the Ghost King is not as bad as you think.”

“Father, are you suggesting that I go and look for the Ghost King?” Sima You Yue asked.

“You’ve never even met him before, how would you know whether he is good or not?” Sima Liu Xuan said with a smile: “You always have a preconceived impression of people, so you tend to resist accepting people easily.”

Sima You Yue pursed her lips, well, she supposed she did tend to resist a little. She had never intended to accept the Sima Family to begin with, and right now, she didn’t have any intention of accepting her Grandfather the Ghost King.

“I will decide later. If he is really good to Mother, I will accept him. If he is not what we think he is, then the Ghost Realm doesn’t belong to him alone.”

“As long as you are happy!” Sima Lui Xuan had never intended to force her to do anything against her will.

“Thank you Father!” Sima You Yue held his arm, “I’m afraid that once the Region Competition is over, the quiet days may also be over.”

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