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Chapter 1772: Vast City

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Five days later, Murong Hui brought Sima You Yue and the Xiao Clan back to their duchy – Vast City.

Vast City, as the duchy of Vast Region, was the political center of the region, just like the Capital City on earth.

Vast City was very large. In addition to the Duke Manor, there were also many big families. The Xiao Clan was one of them.

After travelling for so many days, everyone was tired. Xiao Ruo Bai and Sima You Yue went their separate ways and returned to their own respective homes after making an appointment.

Murong Hui brought Sima You Yue back to the Duke Manor and when saw that there was no main door at the entrance, he was furious.

“Who did this to the main door?!” He asked with restrained anger.

The guards guarding the door knelt down one after another when they saw Murong Hui. Not to mention he was absolutely livid at this moment. Many people ran out of the gate and knelt down when they saw this.

“In reply to My Lord, this main door was demolished by Great General Di.” The second steward replied while on his knees.

“Great General Di?” Murong Hui frowned, “Since he broke it, why not replace it with a new one?”

“We changed it several times, but they were all taken apart.”

“Why? What happened?”

“Master Mo Yu and Great General Di came here before. Master Mo Yu lived in the Duke Manor, and the two seemed to be at odds. Great General Di often came to the Duke Manor and would be in a rage after. Later, Master Mo Yu closed the door. Every time Great General Di came, he would destroy a door. After the same thing repeated for a while, Master Mo Yu said that he would no longer fix the door, so it was left as is. Later, Master Mo Yu left and didn’t say when he would be back, so…”

The steward explained that everyone finally knew the cause and effect.

The corners of Sima You Yue’s mouth twitched. The two guys even had the door torn down!

Murong Hui looked at her, and she said with suppressed emotions: “Fix the gate, they won’t be back.”

“Then fix it.” After Murong Hui finished speaking, he brought Sima You Yue in.

The people kneeling on the ground were a little surprised. How could the Duke ask for the Young Miss opinion? Also, Young Miss seems very different from before.

The steward quickly followed them in as the guards kept the gate, and some others went to find the prepared gate to change.

“Xi’er, this is the front courtyard, this is where Father handles official duties. When you were young, you used to come here to play. Every time when I asked you to go back, you will cry till you’re all snotty. There is a lake over there. You love to play at the lake, so there’s a lake in our place. Over there is…” Murong Hui slowly introduced the surroundings to Sima You Yue as he walked.

The entourage who accompanied them were surprised to hear all these. Why did it feel as if the Duke was introducing his home to a stranger?

“Old Lin, what’s going on?” He grabbed Murong Lin and asked in surprise.

“There was a matter of Young Miss being hunted down and when she tried to escape, she fell down a cliff and lost her memory. She doesn’t remember anything from before, that’s why Master is bringing her around to get familiar with the things here.” Murong Lin replied.

Murong Hui and Sima You Yue had both properly discussed the matter about Sima You Yue’s identity as Murong Xi. They both agreed that the less people know about this, the better.

The second steward was surprised, before he exclaimed: “Miss has amnesia?!”

“Yes, don’t talk to Miss about the past in her face. Although she is now very different from before, let her past be bygones.” Murong Lin said.

“The Young Miss does look very different, even her temperament has changed,” The second steward added. She used to be arrogant and domineering, but now she looks quieter, calmer and more confident, as if she had been reborn.

“After so many things happened, one would definitely change.” Murong Lin sighed.

At the same time, he was also extremely emotional. If the real Miss could be as good as her, the master would have been less worried about her before, and maybe she would not end up being chased to death.

Although the second steward was a little curious about Murong Xi’s matter of being chased down, but seeing that Murong Lin didn’t intend to talk about it, he didn’t continue to ask. Anyway, these things could be known by asking another person.

Murong Hui sent Sima You Yue to Murong Xi’s former courtyard and explained to her about the layout of the manor as well so that she could get a general idea.

“Father will probably be busy during this period. If you want to get familiar with the manor and the city, you can ask Ting Shan and Ting Shui. If you have any problems, you can find any of the stewards. If you still can’t solve it, come to me.” Murong Hui said before he left.

“Alright, Father.” Sima You Yue nodded and walked him out.

Ting Shan and Ting Shui instructed the maids to move in the things, which actually belonged to Murong Xi. Now that she inherited her identity, these things had also been brought back together.

Ting Shan and Ting Shui had served Murong Xi before, hence those things were arranged according to Murong Xi’s preference. After Sima You Yue saw it, she felt that it was too luxurious and it was simply blatantly flaunting her wealth, so she put all those things away, packed them and stored them in the warehouse.

In the following days, Murong Hui was really busy and Sima You Yue hadn’t even seen his shadow. As cultivators, they did not need to rest, hence streams of people entering and leaving the City Lord Manor were endless regardless day or night.

When Sima You Yue first knew it, she thought it was just because they had just returned to the duchy and had to manage the affairs of the region, so he was busy. But after a while, she discovered that these people who came were not simple, some were mysterious, and thinking of his sudden return, she felt that things were not that simple.

She spent an entire day to understand the situation here and learned about Murong Xi’s previous lifestyle. Hearing Ting Shan and Ting Shui’s description, Sima You Yue couldn’t help holding her forehead.

She behaved arrogantly and promiscuously. It was a must in life to molest a handsome boy. She was arrogant and extravagant in her style, and others thought of her as the devil.

“I can only say, it’s fortunate that I have a good background.” Sima You Yue sighed, “Is my Father still busy?”

“Yes. On my way back, I saw someone enter the master’s study.” Ting Shui replied.

“Father is too busy,” She said with distress, “but I can’t help much. Since I don’t have much to do at home anyway, let’s go shopping!”

After saying that, she planned to leave immediately, and it looked like she didn’t plan to bring anyone else.

“Miss, let us servants accompany you.” Ting Shan said, “You don’t remember those things outside. Let us servants accompany you, and we can also bring you around outside and introduce to you the different things.”

Sima You Yue thought for a while before she nodded in agreement.

If she went out by herself, she would just be wandering around. With them there, she could also get to have an indepth understanding if they could explain to her the situation outside.

So, she went out with Ting Shan and Ting Shui. When the guard captain saw her going out, he beckoned and ordered one of the guards: “Go and inform the steward, Young Miss is going out, does he want to send a team to guard like before?”

Sima You Yue didn’t walk far, but the guard’s words still reached her ears. The corners of her mouth twitched and she accelerated her pace to leave even more.

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