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Chapter 1731: War Begins (3)

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Sima You Yue grabbed Hong Wei and calmed her down. “It is useless. You’re just wasting spirit power.”

“What should I do?! The spirit barrier can’t be broken!” Hong Wei was trembling. She tried to stay calm. “I have to break it open. They won’t be able to hold on for long!”

“Let me go in and see.” Sima You Yue suggested.

“Can you open it?” Hong Wei held her hand. “Can you open it?”

“I can cross the spirit barrier.” Sima You Yue affirmed. She brought Hong Wei to Fang Ming’s side. “President Fang, please help me take care of her.”

“Can you go in?” Fang Ming asked.

“I can fuse with my spirit beast and can cross the spirit barrier. I will go and see the situation inside.”

“But, the inside….”

“I can protect myself.” After Sima You Yue finished speaking, she flew towards the spirit barrier.

“You….” Before Fang Ming finished, he saw Sima You Yue’s figure paused at the spirit barrier before heading straight in.

Unexpectedly, she could actually go in!

As soon as Sima You Yue passed through the barrier, she could clearly see the situation inside. Qiu Chi and the Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior faced off midair. The rest were on the ground, each bearing some injury.

Seeing her come in, everyone’s expressions were different. Xia Chang Tian and He Chen Dong brightened up. The people from Sage Pavilion were not as affected, feeling that her appearance wouldn’t make much difference.

Xuan Qiu He was shocked when he saw her. He anxiously said, “Why are you here?”

Sima You Yue didn’t know how Xuan Qiu He recognized her. He gave her a strange look during the convention. Now she was more certain, he had recognized her a long time ago.

She nodded at him and came before Tang Yun and Wu Lingyu’s substitute, who kept vomiting blood. She handed a pill to Tang Yun.

“This is what Mo Sha left behind to me.” Sima You Yue told Tang Yun.

Wu Lingyu’s substitute’s blood was not a normal red color. It indicated he was from the devil clan. So human pills were no use to him.

Tang Yun accepted the pill and thanked her before feeding it to him.

“Holy Daughter, they are traitors of the Sage Pavilion!” The people of the Sage Pavilion warned her.

“I know.” Sima You Yue retorted.

“Then why are you…. Helping him….”

Before they finished, they saw the familiar person turned into another person, whose name swept across the continent.

“Sima You Yue! How could you be Sima You Yue?!” The people of Sage Pavilion were surprised. “Are you not the Holy Daughter?”

Qiu Chi and Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior stopped. Qiu Chi’s face sank. “Where’s Han Yue?”

“I captured her.” Sima You Yue replied. “Qiu Chi, Sage Pavilion is finished. Why do you still resist?”

“Was it you that gave Tang Yun the poison?” Qiu Chi asked.

“That’s right.”

“My Sage Pavilion has no grudge against you. Why are you doing this to us?”

“No grudge? Qiu Chi, don’t you feel ashamed to say these?” Sima You Yue snorted. “You wear such a holy cloak and still do those unconscientious things. Do you think you’re still righteous? Don’t joke with me. Not everyone is an idiot. Exterminating the Ximen Family and attacking the Sima Clan, these two matters are enough for me to hold enmity against Sage Pavilion!”

“Hold enmity! You purposely have Gu Qing pursue these people and expose them to others. Since then, you have replaced Han Yue.” Qiu Chi speculated.

“That’s right! When I released those girls, I caught Zong Zheng Han Yue. From her memories, I knew of Sage Pavilion’s involvement with the black robed men. Then I found Gu Qing and then returned to Sage Pavilion. I passed the news to the Guild League and ancient spirit beasts. Such a big convention, how can there be no parties involved?!”

“So, this is all thanks to you! You are the driving force behind the scenes, the one who destroyed my Sage Pavilion!” Qiu Chi said. Then he suddenly recalled something and stared straight at her. “You are the prophesized girl! The Complete Faceted Spirit Master!”

Sima You Yue did not deny it. After covering up for so long, there was no need to hide it anymore.

“Wu Lingyu knew your identity a long time ago, right?” Qiu Chi spoke again.

In the past years, Sage Pavilion spent so much effort to find the prophesized girl. It was unknown how many people he had killed. Unexpectedly, they allowed her to grow up. If it weren’t for Wu Lingyu’s cover, how could Sage Pavilion never found it out!

“Since you know of the prophecy, it is unchangeable. Even if you kill countless innocent girls, the result will be the same!” Sima You Yue said.

The prophecy once said that Sage Pavilion would eventually be destroyed in the hands of a Complete Faceted Spirit Master. For this reason, Sage Pavilion sent people to look for the prophesized girl and killed all those that were suspected. But Sima You Yue was still not found.

Today, even if Qiu Chi did not die, Sage Pavilion could not be rebuilt. In these turbulent times, without the head pavilion, those branch pavilions would not last too long, let alone the previous glory.

So the prophecy was the prophecy. It could not be changed.

“Hahaha——–” Qiu Chi laughed back in anger. “Do you think you can really kill me? Since you pretended to be Han Yue, you should know your attacks have no effect on me. So what if there are ancient spirit beasts? You still can’t break my defense!”

Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior’s face was dark. His strength was obviously higher than Qiu Chi. But all of his attacks were absorbed by the shield on Qiu Chi. The damage dealt to him was minimal. His spirit power was expanded by a lot.

“Isn’t it just the power of faith. As long as you break it, can you still go out alive?” Sima You Yue sneered.

“You know the power of faith, yet you still speak such crazy words! Even Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior can’t do anything to me. It will still be useless even if you join forces. What can you do? Hahaha———-” Qiu Chi laughed maniacally. He attacked the people on the ground several times.

“Is what he said true?” Sima You Yue asked Tang Yun.

He nodded. “As soon as we combined our attacks, we couldn’t move him at all. Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior’s attack only caused a small amount of damage to him. His protective shield seemed to be able to dissipate our attacks.”

“He did say that the power of faith can resolve the attacks. I didn’t expect it to be that powerful!” Sima You Yue was a bit surprised. “However, he said himself that it is not without any method to restrain it.”

“Do you have a way?” Tang Yun looked at her expectantly.

If Qiu Chi was not removed today, it would cause endless trouble in the future. If Sima You Yue could break his defense, then they could take his life today!

Sima You Yue was hesitant, not because she was unwilling, but she was not certain. If she really did that, she would not be able to control it.

“President!” A sharp cry drew her attention. She looked up and saw Xia Chang Tian fall from mid-air. Qiu Chi was closing up on him…..

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