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Chapter 1642: I’m the arsonist, catch me

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Sima You Yue understood what he meant. He felt that he had nothing holding him down, so it was the same no matter where he lived. That was why he was captured, but his attitude wasn’t bad. He was not driven crazy or to despair by loneliness or the lack of freedom.

He didn’t lose his good attitude either.

However, not everyone here was like that. There were many who were only able to hold on because they relied on the concerns in their heart. Only by surviving were they able to meet them again.

Regardless of which reason it was, it was worthy of respect.

“Grandpa, if you have nowhere else to go, you can go to Heartbreak Valley. Being here, we…” Sima You Yue began to sway him. Those who the Hao Clan had trapped here were all of good quality. If she was able to entice him to head over there, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The old man listened to her speak and did not interrupt her. When she had pretty much finished, he chuckled and said, “Brat, you sound very confident that we’ll be able to leave this place!”

“Of course!” Sima You Yue said confidently, “The Hao Clan isn’t able to cover the entire sky with their hand even in a continent like this right? They will eventually meet their match. Look, their treasury was even burnt down, and their torture chambers might even be torn down next. Or maybe this island will sink. It would be better if a place like this didn’t exist.”

“This place can’t be torn down just because you want it to be.” The old man said slowly.

“Why not?” Sima You Yue felt like his words were deeper than they sounded.

“This place is the Hao Clan’s foundation. How could an important place like this lack a huge guard protecting it?” The old man said as he casually drank a mouthful of tea.

“How could the Hao Clan’s foundation be here?” Sima You Yue was shocked. She initially felt like this place was different from other prisons and it turns out that this was the reason.

“It’s said that this place contains a location where one can wash the tendons and marrows of their newly born infants, changing their physiques and improving their talents. All the newly born children of the Hao Clan will be carried here for their baptism. In the past, the Hao Clan could not be considered to be superior in the Lost Place. However, they suddenly rose up later on and, apart from their despicable deeds, they also relied on the talents of their later generations.

“It’s no wonder such an ordinary place requires the protection of a few Pinnacle Paragon experts.” Sima You Yue understood before glancing at the old man, “This should be a closely guarded secret of the Hao Clan, right? Grandpa, how would you know?”

“It’s natural because I’ve been here for a long time and heard bits and pieces.” The old man laughed lightly, ignoring her prying gaze.

“Grandpa, how many years have you been left here?” Sima You Yue asked with curiosity.

“Around a few hundreds of years. The guards have changed quite a few times.” The old man said.

Sima You Yue heard him say so before, that they would change their guards after a period of time.

She felt like it would be unbearable to stay here for a few years or a few tens of years, but he had actually stayed here for hundreds of years.

“Grandpa, I believe that this treasury is just the beginning. The beginning of the eradication of a tumor like the Hao Clan.” She smiled at the old man.

The old man didn’t say anything, neither did he say that he didn’t believe her. He merely sighed deeply before saying, “If you are able to get us out of here, I will go to the place you told me about.”

“Alright! Grandpa, you better remember what you said!” Sima You Yue smiled.

“This little old man has never spoken falsely before.” The old man was still that way. However, Sima You Yue felt that his words were rather sincere as he spoke.

The both of them fell into silence after that. Sima You Yue waited for a moment and those guards who had walked past them earlier returned. In their hands, they captured a few people. It seemed like they were taking them in for questioning.

Sima You Yue stood up and said to those guards, “You’ve got the wrong people.”

“Do not speak nonsense!” A guard yelled.

“I’m not speaking nonsense. I’m telling the truth.” Sima You Yue said, “You really caught the wrong people!”

“Then do you know who set the fire?” Another guard asked.

“I do!” Sima You Yue beamed at them.


“I did!” She pointed at herself.

The guards no longer bothered with her as they took the people they caught and wanted to leave.

“Sigh, I’m speaking the truth. I really did set the fire.” Sima You Yue siad, “That fire is so special, can just anybody use it?”

The guards looked at Sima You Yue with a different gaze. The treasury had been burned and the fire was strange, but nobody else knew about it. However, she did. Could it be that she really was the arsonist?

However, she was so weak. How could she be the arsonist? Not to mention anything else, she couldn’t even leave this barrier.

However, Sima You Yue didn’t give them time to think. With a wave of her hand, she burnt the rocking chair that he was sitting on. The aura of the flame that had burnt down the treasury was the same.

“It really was you!” The guard immediately believed her.

“It’s impossible for you to have left the barrier.” Someone else was still unconvinced.

Sima You Yue called out Little Roar and fused with him. With a light step, she went out of the barrier.

They didn’t expect her to be able to leave the barrier so easily, and the few guards hurriedly surrounded her.

“Hurry and capture her. Send the remaining people back.” The head guard instructed.

“Don’t touch me. I’ll walk on my own.” Sima You Yue said to the guard who was about to touch her. Seeing that they were still about to come over, she glared at them and threatened, “If you’re not afraid that I’ll suddenly set you on fire, then you can come over.”

Thinking about the fire that was impossible to extinguish, the guards were so scared that they immediately took a step back.

“Let’s go.” The head guard did not dare to touch her either as he said.

Sima You Yue smiled at the old man who was staring at her with his mouth wide open as she left with them.

The old man watched her all the way till she rounded a corner. Thinking of the smile she had on as she left, he clicked his tongue. It was no wonder that when he saw her, there were great ripples that rose in his still heart. It turned out that she really…

She might actually be able to leave this accursed place…

Sima You Yue followed them into a courtyard as a few people sat inside. Sima You Yue glanced at them. They were those undying old men.

“You say that you’re the one who set the fire?” The one sitting in the middle asked.

“Yes.” Sima You Yue confessed boldly.

“Why did you do it?”

Sima You Yue looked puzzledly at the one who asked her that question. In her eyes was unconcealed disdain.

Her meaning was obvious, why would you people ask me such an idiotic question?

“You guys have locked me in here, but I can’t even get mad?” She sneered, causing them to turn red with anger.

“You are Sima You Yue?”

“That’s right! If you don’t want me to burn this place down, then you better let me go!’ Sima You Yue huffed icily as she looked upwards, looking incredibly arrogant.

“Hmph, we’ll just kill you first. How would you still be alive to set this place on fire!”

“Pfft- do you dare?” Sima You Yue said confidently, “If you dared to kill me, I would probably have died the moment I entered the door. Hao Zhi gave you orders that nothing was to happen to me before you got my acupuncture methods, right?”

Once she said this, the expressions of all in the house turned extremely ugly.

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