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Chapter 1631: Meeting Helmsman Tuo again

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Sima You Yue followed that person into the tea house. It happened not to be too far from this place. It was no wonder Little Roar said that he found her the moment he saw her while she didn’t sense his aura at all.

The entire tea house was empty apart from a few guards at the entrance, but there weren’t that many many people to protect. She follows the person to the private room at the third level and heard him say to the man inside, “Master, Lady You Yue is here.”

“Come in.”

It was a familiar voice, but it carried an otherworldly sense of laziness.

Sima You Yue pushed the door and entered. When she saw the two people sitting inside, she was stunned.

She wasn’t surprised to see Helmsman Tuo, but it surprised her that the Shrine Maiden was actually sitting beside him drinking tea calmly.

Little Roar saw Shrine Maiden and flew from the door in one fell swoop, landing in front… of the cakes and pastries in front of her.

“Why are you zoning out there? Didn’t you get Little Roar and the others to lure her out for a spin so that she wouldn’t involve herself in the Tao Clan’s matters?” Helmsman Tuo said lightly.

At this moment, Shrine Maiden lifted her head to glance at her as well, but her eyes didn’t carry the slightest bit of blame.

She chuckled and walked over to sit opposite them.

When she saw Little Roar, she guessed that Shrine Maiden was here. What surprised her was that she was not acting aloof and above the common people, but was actually sitting in this bustling city drinking tea.

It couldn’t be that she was just out here for a date, right?

She didn’t know how Helmsman Tuo knew about the incident regarding the Tao Clan. However, seeing how he was, she knew that his identity wasn’t simple.

“You want to infiltrate the Hao Clan?” Helmsman Tuo paid no attention to her silence and continued to ask.

“Yes.” Sima You Yue didn’t hide it. Since he knew about the Tao Clan, it wasn’t strange that he should know about this as well.

“Do you understand the Hao Clan?”

“I understand… from the booklet you gave me.” Sima You Yue said.

Helmsman Tuo was initially wondering how this brat had actually managed to understand the Hao Clan so quickly and wasn’t bad. He didn’t expect the later half of her sentence and was almost unable to bring his thoughts back around.

“Since you know the inside information about the Hao Clan, you should know how dangerous the thing you are about to attempt is? Do you need my help?” Helmsman Tuo asked.

Sima You Yue lifted her eyes and looked at him.

“As long as I help you, your Master and Teacher will definitely be able to emerge safely.” Helmsman Tuo said confidently.

“What’s the catch? Great Island Master.” Sima You Yue said slowly.

“How did you know my identity?” Helmsman Tuo asked. Based on the information he received, she did not do any research into him.

“I guessed it.” Sima You Yue did not want to continue talking about it and said, “Tell me what conditions you have.”

If Helmsman Tuo was able to help her, she would not need to go about it in a roundabout way. Of course, the conditions first had to be right.

“Actually, it’s nothing much. You just have to promise to stay here for a few years.” Helmsman Tuo said.

He felt that his condition was very simple and easy to obtain. Sima You Yue was unlikely to reject him.

However, he didn’t think that Sima You Yue would reject him without even thinking.

“I still have things I need to do. I cannot stay here.” She said, “Although if you help me, it will make things a lot easier, I have more important things I need to do outside.”

Helmsman Tuo was not angry as he pointed at Little Roar and said, “Then let this guy remain behind for a few years. To say he’s powerful, he’s not. To say he has abilities, he doesn’t. He only knows how to eat, drink and be merry all day. He’s not very useful to what you want to do, so it won’t matter if he’s not by your side.”

Little Roar, who was currently happily stuffing his face with pastries, sensed danger and wiped his mouth hurriedly and pounced into Sima You Yue’s embrace.

“Yue Yue, Yue Yue, you can’t toss me here all alone.” He grabbed onto Sima You Yue’s clothes and looked at her pitifully.

Although Sima You Yue had not thought about it yet, he knew that he only knew how to mess around outside. What if Sima You Yue agreed?

If he knew this, he would have come back together with Little Lucky earlier.

Helmsman Tuo looked at her, waiting for her to make her decision.

This time, she didn’t reject him immediately.

“Why do you want Little Roar to remain behind?” She asked.

“As a companion for Little Shrine. It’s rare for her to fancy someone.” Helmsman Tuo said.

“Then why did you not choose Little Lucky?”

“Although Little Lucky follows you as well, you don’t have the power to decide. If I chose him, you would definitely disagree. But this guy is different. He is your contracted beast. Whatever you get him to do he wouldn’t dare to disagree!” Helmsman Tuo slowly said.

With the power of the contract, contracted beasts were not able to disobey their master’s orders!

Little Roar went rigid. He had never thought about this before because Yue Yue had treated him so well and never requested for him to do anything he didn’t want to do. However, if she really ordered him to remain here, he would not be able to refuse.

When he thought about this, he became solemn and was not as energetic as before.

When Sima You Yue saw him this way, she stopped teasing him and said to Helmsman Tuo, “Little Roar has been with me since I was young. If I separated from him, he would probably just remain this way everyday. I’m guessing that you won’t want him this way either, right?”

When Little Roar heard her say this, he was elated. However, he still continued to act extremely pitifully.

“Forget it.” The one who spoke was Shrine Maiden.

Sima You Yue smiled, “Actually, I feel like you should go outside for a look. You might see a different world.”

“Go out?”

“That’s right! You’ve remained on the island all the while and don’t know what the outside is like. You don’t know what it’s like to live outside either. If you go to many places, you might have a different worldview towards some things.” Sima You Yue said, “In any case, doesn’t your island master go out to play all the time? He can be your companion.”

Helmsman Tuo’s expression darkened immediately. What was this brat saying? He was a very hardworking Island Master, alright? When did he run out to play everyday? That was slander! Slander!

However, leaving the island to play, eh? That was a pretty good idea.

Shrine Maiden and Helmsman Tuo had known each other for a long time and she knew he was excited when she saw him this way. However, going out of the island to play? She had never ever thought about doing this before.

“Big Sister Shrine, go ahead, go ahead. I’m telling you that the outside world is great. It has so many fun things to do and many delicious things to eat. Although those things aren’t as yummy as Yue Yue’s cooking, but…”

Sima You Yue couldn’t bear Little Roar’s clamour and covered his mouth with her hands.

“Little Shrine, since the Crimson Pearl Convention is over, there’s nothing to do on the island for now. Why don’t we go out and play?” Helmsman Tuo urged as well.

“Alright then.”

“How about we leave now?” Helmsman Tuo was as impulsive as ever.

“You’re not going to bother with this matter anymore?”

“This matter has always been her grudge with the Hao Clan, why should we intervene? It will be fine as long as this brat doesn’t split our island into two.” Helmsman Tuo said the first sentence for Shrine Maiden and the second one was a warning for Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue agreed with a laugh.

It was fine as long as she didn’t split the island into two. The authority that he had given her was pretty big, eh!


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