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Chapter 1592: Setting Foot in the Divinator Sect

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Their benefactor?

Sima You Yue suddenly remembered who he was referring to. Who else besides Yin Lin who rescued her while she was an infant?

“The Divinator Sect is nearby?” She really didn’t know where the Divinator Sect was.

“It’s not too close. It will take a few days.” Sima Liu Xuan said.

A few day’s journey in this vast continent wasn’t too far.

“This place is so close to Divinator Sect. Why don’t they know that there is an Emperor tomb here?” Sima You Yue asked curiously

“You are going to ask him about this.” Sima Liu Xuan shrugged.

He also thought the Divinator Sect must have known that the tomb of an emperor rank was here, but why didn’t they go investigate it? They would have to ask them to know.

“If this is the case, let’s go to Divinator Sect. I miss Little Helper. He helped me save my father.” Sima You Yue wondered how Little Help was doing now.

“Divinator Sect? Then can we go find Master Yin Lin, let him divinate for us if we can find master at the Lost Place!”

“If he is willing to help, we can avoid many detours.” Jiang Jun Xian also said the trip was feasible.

Therefore, Sima You Yue summoned Halcyon and they rushed to Divination Sect overnight.

On an inconspicuous mountain, small courtyards were located at the top. In the tallest courtyard, Ying Ling was talking with a sect member.

“Little Helper.” Yin Lin called out softly.

Little Helper came in from outside and bowed. “Master.”

“An esteemed guest is here. Go down the mountain to meet them.” Yin Lin ordered.

“Yes.” Little Helper accepted and left. He ran down the mountain with excitement.

Since it was an esteemed guest, it wasn’t in his position to greet them. But Master asked him to come; it meant that it was related to him.

Thinking about it, he was curious who it was.

Sure enough, when he arrived at the bottom of the mountain, he saw a familiar figure on Halcyon, the person he missed.

Sima You Yue and the others got off of Halcyon. Little Helper came up to greet them with smiles. “Sister You Yue! Master said there were esteemed guests, they really is!”

Sima You Yue examined Little Helper. Ten years had passed, yet he looked the same, like the past ten years didn’t affect him.

“It seems that Master Yin Lin had already foresaw our arrival.” Sima You Yue chuckled. “In this case, let us visit him. I’m sure if it’s convenient now?”

When she said that, everyone looked over. It was already very good to enter the sect let alone meet Yin Lin in person.

“Master is discussing something with sect members. But if we walked over, they should be finished by then.” Little Helper beckoned them and led them on the mountain.

The guard didn’t stop them. Little Helper led them directly in.

Sima You Yue looked up from the mountain. The top of the mountain was filled with clouds and mist. The mountain was shaded with verdant green and water gurgling atop. The crisp calls of birds echoed from the mountain streams from time to time. The environment was harmonious.

The path circled up. Little Helper introduced the place, when it was built, the rare fishes in the lake, and so on. It could be seen that he was very excited.

The disciples passing by were also surprised by Little Helper. Their little junior brother usually appeared calm. Who were these people that could make him so happy?

Little Helper ignored their surprised eyes and led them up the stairs to the highest courtyard.

“This is the master’s courtyard. Those people haven’t left yet, so their discussion hasn’t finished. Let’s wait here.” Little Helper took them to the square outside the courtyard.

Sima You Yue looked at the surrounding scenery. Except for these courtyards, there weren’t any artificial buildings on the other hills. This Divination Sect was really something.

Han Miao Shuang felt the same way and asked Little Helper. “Your Divination Sect holds an unparalleled position on the continent, why don’t you build some magnificent buildings?”

Little Helper explained with a smile. “Master said we have received mercy from the heavens, so we shouldn’t bother with external material enjoyment. Whether it is the hall or hut, they are all external things. Don’t bother about them. Instead of thinking about it, we should improve ourselves, so we can cherish the gift from the heavens.”

“But you don’t have to make yourselves like some ascetic monks?!” Han Miao Shuang felt their life was too difficult.

“Master said that this will allow us to better maintain ourselves.” Little Helper answered.

Sima You Yue nodded. Divinators predict the future, could know things that other people didn’t know, could figure out the vicissitudes of the world – glory and prosperity. If they can’t keep their original selves and get lost in the sea of material desires, the things that they do might endanger others and change the world.

The life span of the divinators was shorter than ordinary spirit masters. What use was there to ask for glory and wealth?

At this time, several people walked out. Little Helper saluted them and sent them away.

“Esteemed guests are here. Be magnanimous of faults. Come in.” Yin Lin’s voice transmitted through.

Little Helper took them in. Sima You Yue observed there were no tables and chairs in the house, only futons.

It was really like a temple?!

“Everyone please don’t look down on it.” Yin Lin waved at them, motioning them to sit on the futon.

Sima You Yue found something was wrong as soon as she sat down. The futon was a bit hard, almost like sitting on a rock, but it contained heat.

“I just gave them a lecture, so I use warm jade as a resource. There are tables and chairs in other places.” Yin Lin explained.

“This warm jade is a rarity. I didn’t expect to be sitting on a futon. Just when I thought your life was hard, you’re low-key luxurious!” Sima You Yue chuckled.

“Ha ha——” Yin Lin chuckled lightly and didn’t take it to heart. They were a sect, and it was impossible to not have anything good.

The Divination Sect did not advocate a luxurious life, but there were some aspects of it.

“I haven’t congratulated you yet. Was the harvest at the tomb good?”

“I just knew it! I was pretty sure you knew about the tomb.” Sima You Yue was not surprised. “The trip was not bad. I got some things but left me some doubts. I want to ask you to help me resolve them!”

“The doubts will eventually be resolved. The reason why you are still confused means that the day when you understand the truth hasn’t arrived yet.” Yin Lin smiled.

Sima You Yue cured her lips. How different is this from the secrets of nature that can not be revealed?

“Since you knew the tomb of an emperor was here, why didn’t you go check it out?”

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