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Chapter 1574: Shameless win win situation

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So they didn’t intend to give her the divine medicine right from the start?

Sun Yu Wei was angered by their answer, so she turned her head and looked at her husband and said, “Master, what do you think?”

Xuan Qiu Fu Qi took a glance at her and said with a low voice, “The divine medicine belongs to the clan. Since everyone is in agreement, we can’t harm the interest of the clan just because of one’s selfish desire.”

Sun Yu Wei looked at her husband in disbelief as she didn’t expect that he would say such a thing.

“Since when did our Clan go back on our own words?!”

“Patriarch, Matriarch, it’s not that you can’t give her the divine medicine. It wouldn’t be complicated if she was a part of the Clan.” Xuan Qiu Zhi said.

“Become a part of the Clan?” Everyone was blanked.

“Yes.” Xuan Qiu Zhi continued, “Everyone has seen You Yue’s talent, it will be beneficial for the Clan if she is able to join our Clan. And the divine medicine wouldn’t land in the hands of others. Also, I can see that the Young Master is devoted to her.”

“This….” Sun Yu Wei was hesitating.

She was thinking about Eastern Lai Li. Initially, her background and identity could match up to He’er.

“Matriarch, I know you were thinking of Eastern Lai Li, but according to what happened, I don’t think she is suitable to be the future Matriarch.” Xuan Qiu Zhi repeated what happened the other time when they visited the Ancient Mine and said, “With regard to courage, insights and talents, Eastern Lai Li can’t match up to You Yue. The only thing that she lost was her family background. But I think that can be compensated with her talents.”

“Her talents are indeed too strong, her Divine Vermilion Bird itself could summon many birds and it’s enough to counter all the forces. It would be a good idea if she could be one of the Clan members.”

“I agree too.”

“If she can be a part of the Clan, I won’t go against giving her the divine medicine.”

“It can be considered.”

“It will be a good news to her if she can be the next Matriarch.”

Everyone voiced out that they were happy to have Sima You Yue as a part of the Clan.

Sun Yu Wei was a little reluctant, this was actually a good idea. Also, He’er liked her so much, he wouldn’t mistreat her if he married her.

Sima You Yue’s vicious currents were on the verge of breaking out while walking mid way as her face sunk. The guards felt weird as they turned their heads around to take a look, but four of them didn’t find anything weird so they continued walking.

They probably sensed it wrongly.

Jiang Jun Xian and the others knew that things would become troublesome when she saw her expression.

“You Yue.”

Sima You Yue lifted her head and saw Xuan Qiu He coming from another road.

She knew that Xuan Qiu He was not to blame for what happened, but she was furious just thinking about what she heard.

“Big Brother He, have you eaten the last three pills?”

“Mm.” Xuan Qiu He nodded and told the guards, “You guys can go, I’ll take her from here .”

“Yes, Young Master.”

After the guards left, Xuan Qiu He walked towards Sima You Yue, held her hand and put something in her hand.

Sima You Yue’s pupil shrunk and looked at him shockingly, “This….”

“I believe you’ll have a solution.” Xuan Qiu He said as he smiled with guilt on his face.

Sima You Yue kept the item and asked, “You knew about it?”

“I can guess. Pass it back to me if I’m wrong. Let’s go, their discussion is almost done.” Xuan Qiu He turned around and walked away after he spoke, he sensed that Sima You Yue were standing there as he turned around and said, “Let’s go.”

Sima You Yue chased and smiled, “Thank You.”

“You don’t have to thank me, this is originally yours. If I guessed it right, you might need to take some effort to get this. This is only applicable if I’m right.”

“But, I still have to thank you.” Sima You Yue smiled, “I’m still your friend no matter how your clan acts.”

Xuan Qiu He nodded as he saw the smile on her face, “Alright….”

There was a result to the discussion when they reached the Hall.

“Uncle, Aunt.” Sima You Yue, Jiang Jun Xian and the others bowed in greeting. They were still on good terms now so they had to stick to the formalities.

“Father, Mother, have you prepared the divine medicine?” Xuan Qiu He said.

“This…. He’er, You know that divine medicine can only be used on the clan members. Young Lady You Yue isn’t a Clan member.” Xuan Qiu Fu Qi said.

“Father, this isn’t what you said earlier on.” Xuan Qiu He glanced at him, “You said you will give her the divine medicine if she cured me. This is an exchange.”

“But we can’t harm the interest of the whole Clan just because of you!” He didn’t think that an obedient son like him would go against him in front of everyone, so Xuan Qiu Fu Qi was also angry.

“Clam down, Patriarch.” A Clan Elder comforted and told Xuan Qiu He said, “Young Patriarch, we can’t go against the Clan’s rule, can we?”

“Young Master, You don’t want to go back on a promise, but we have to consider the Clan’s wellbeing, we have to come up with something that will benefit both sides.” Xuan Qiu Zhi said while he braced him as Xuan Qiu He stared at him, “Young Master, as long as You Yue becomes a member of the Clan and it won’t be considered as breaking a rule if we give her the divine medicine.”

“What are you saying?!” Rage filled Xuan Qiu He’s eyes while he lost the calm he always had.

“Young Master, this is not a bad idea. With this, we don’t break the promise, follow the rules and tie a knot of two surnames.”

“I don’t agree to this.” Xuan Qiu He rejected right after he hesitated for a few seconds.

It was a fact that he liked her but he didn’t want to use this way to force her. He might never be able to get together with her if he really did that to her.


“Father. You don’t have to say anything else, I won’t agree to it. You guys better give her the divine medicine.” Xuan Qiu He was firm.

“We will never give divine medicine if she doesn’t become a member of the clan.” Xuan Qiu Fu Xi was also firm.

Sun Yu Wei turned his gaze to You Yue who’d never talked since she stepped in and said, “He’er, don’t reject so stubbornly, you have to ask You Yue about what she thinks. What if she agrees? You Yue, if we use divine medicine as betrothal gifts to marry He’er, will you agree with it?”

Xuan Qiu He looked at Sima You Yue as he took slow breaths and his eyes had hidden expectations.

Sima You Yue smiled lightly and asked a question in reply, “Aunt, do you think I should accept it?

“You’ll be the next Matriarch if you marry He’er, you’ll get all nurtured by my clan. With your talent, breaking through Emperor rank is possible after a period of time. Also, you will be able to get divine medicine that way, won’t you?”

Sima You Yue pretended to think about it seriously, “Big Brother He is a prominent talent, he is also highly regarded in the hidden families. It seems like the condition you guys stated was quite attractive. But Aunty, you guys seem to be avoiding it, you guys promised to give me divine medicine if I cured Big Brother He, so you guys should fulfill the promise.”


“We can’t give it to you if you don’t become a member of our clan.”

Sima You Yue laughed with sarcasm in her eyes, “I’ll think about it, I’ll answer you guys in three days.”

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