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Chapter 1531: Mother, Mother

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Sima You Yue looked at the human-faced monkey that was around the size of her hand, and she laughed bitterly in her heart.

This luck… it really was… exceptional!

That guy seemed to have been sealed away the moment it was born. It was still soft and supple. It lay in both of Sima You Yue’s hands and closed its eyes. It looked so peaceful, completely different from the murderous Supreme Fifth Spirit.

This guy slowly opened its eyes and the first thing it saw was Sima You Yue’s delicate face. When it saw her furrow her eyebrows tightly, this guy actually opened its mouth and smiled.


With its smile, Sima You Yue’s thoughts broke.


This guy not only smiled. It even said a sentence that almost caused Sima You Yue to faint.

Mo-Mother? Which part of her looked like a human-faced monkey???

She was not the only one with a dark expression. Wu Lingyu, who was standing at the side, had an expression that was as black as the bottom of a pot.

This guy actually called her Mother? Only their children were allowed to call her Mother!

This guy was a pain to look at and he didn’t hold back as he immediately held onto its paw and tossed it away casually.


Sima You Yue didn’t think that Wu Lingyu would suddenly do that and subconsciously stretched forth her hand to catch it. However, she couldn’t match its speed and watched with her own eyes as this guy disappeared right in front of her eyes.

“Little Spirit!” Sima You Yue cried out urgently.

With Little Spirit around, this guy wouldn’t die.

She turned around and glared at him, saying, “What are you doing! It’s still so young.”

“Only our child can call you Mother.” Wu Lingyu raised his chin arrogantly.


Sima You Yue immediately laughed. She stretched out a hand and poked his head.

“That’s just a spirit beast. You even want to be calculative with it?”

“Not even a spirit beast is allowed.”

“I thought that, being of the same species of Supreme Fifth Spirit, it wouldn’t be too different from it. Who would have known that it would be so cute and lack any murderous intent?” Sima You Yue didn’t harp on this with him and changed the topic, talking about it again.

“Don’t be fooled by its appearance.” Wu Lingyu huffed.

“Eh?” Sima You Yue didn’t understand what he meant.

“Mother, Mother-”

This guy’s voice came nearer from afar and it was even really fast. It was like a gust of wind as it arrived in front of them in the blink of an eye. Just before it stood in front of Sima You Yue, Wu Lingyu immediately grabbed it swiftly.

“Mother, Mother-”

This guy was in Wu Lingyu’s grasp and couldn’t get out. It looked at her tearfully.

“I am not your Mother.” Sima You Yue shook her head.

“Mother, Mother’s smell.” This guy saw that Sima You Yue didn’t admit to it, and its tears immediately fell.

Its words caused Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu to furrow her eyebrows.

Sima You Yue saw its tears fall and her heart went soft. She carried it from Wu Lingyu’s hands and patted its back, comforting it, “What smell are you talking about?”

“Mother’s smell. Mother’s smell means you’re Mother!” This little guy slowly calmed down as she comforted it. It nestled in her embrace as if grieving that she didn’t acknowledge it earlier.

Wu Lingyu and Sima You Yue furrowed their eyebrows. Spirit Beasts had sensitive spirit senses, but it actually said that they had the same smell. This definitely wouldn’t be wrong.

However, this guy came from an ore from tens of thousands of years ago. How could Sima You Yue be the one that he was talking about.

“Do you have a name?” She still refused to admit it.

“I do, Mother was the one who gave it to me. Mother has even forgotten Little Lucky’s name.” This little guy was extremely upset.

“You’re saying that your Mother and I have the same smell?” Sima You Yue asked again.

“Mother, you are Mother!” This little guy was anxious as it grabbed her finger, “Mother also said that you were not Mother last time, and you’re saying this again. Mother, do you not like Little Lucky? So you don’t want me?”

After he spoke, his tears fell once again.

Sima You Yue was moved by its tears and her heart went soft again.

“Seeing the way he is, there was probably someone from the past who looked a lot like me. With the same aura, so…” She looked at this little guy. She felt extremely helpless!

“From Supreme Fifth Spirit’s reaction back then, that is very possible.” Wu Lingyu said.

“Mother, where is Daddy?!” Little Lucky heard Supreme Fifth Spirit’s name and raised his head to ask.

“Supreme Fifth Spirit is your father?” Sima You Yue pursed her lips, hoping that he would say no.

However, this little guy seemed not to have seen her expectant eyes and nodded instead. He said excitedly, “Yes! Yes! Mother, have you seen Father?”

“I saw him.” Sima You Yue was speechless. If Little Lucky was Supreme Fifth Spirit’s child, if he knew that she had caught Little Lucky, would he destroy the entire Sima Clan?

“Mother, where is Father?” This little guy still really missed his father.

“He’s… somewhere very far away.” Sima You Yue patted its little head, “Do you want to see Father? Why don’t I send you there?”

This little guy immediately sensed her intention and looked at her vigilantly, saying, “Mother, are you going to abandon me again?”

Sima You Yue saw the hurt in his eyes, where he seemed to have been abandoned and her heart hurt for him. Her eyes softened a lot.

“Your Father isn’t here. Don’t you want to see Father? If I send you to him, you can see him again.”

“Does that mean I will never see Mother again?” This little guy looked at her carefully.

Sima You Yue nodded.

“I don’t want Father anymore. I want to be with Mother. You cannot leave again.” This little guy held onto her finger and refused to let go.

“But I still have things I need to do.” Sima You Yue said, “Your Father will be very worried if he doesn’t see you.”

“Mother, are you going to cultivate and become stronger?” This little guy looked at her, “How strange, Mother, how have you become so weak? Little Lucky can even defeat you on my own!”

Sima You Yue pursed her lips. How did another person come about to disdain her strength?

“Little Lucky, are you really going to stay by my side? Although I don’t know where your father is, if I can think of a way, I can still look for him.” She still wanted to convince him.

Who knew that the guy would sit down in her palm and wag its little tail, saying, “Father is so powerful. There’s no need for me to follow him. If I follow Mother, I can protect Mother so that nobody will ever bully you again…”

When this little guy spoke up to this point, his eyes turned red again.

Sima You Yue could put the pieces together from what he said. She guessed that, back then, a lady who looked a lot like her had been mistaken as his mother, then, she had given Little Lucky his name. However, she left him behind and was eventually killed by someone.

This little guy was very cute. Sima You Yue felt a sort of kinship with him. However, to leave him by her side was to undertake a huge risk.

“If your father knew that you were with me, I don’t know if he would kill me.”

“Mother, relax. Father will never ever kill you!” Little Lucky didn’t know what Sima You Yue meant, but he knew how his father felt towards Mother

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