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Chapter 1521: Crushed without suspense

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With her pointing it out, Wu Lingyu and Feng Zhi Xing noticed that the stone statues were different.

“Could it be that those stone statues are going to come to life now?” Feng Zhi Xing guessed.

“I feel like these stone statues are borrowing strength from the barrier.” Sima You Yue muttered.

Feng Zhi Xing was not as sensitive as Sima You Yue, but even he could sense that there was something different with the stone statues.

“If they are going to continue attacking, these guys might run out.” Wu Lingyu said.

“But to get them to give up on the treasures right before their eyes… I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be too possible.”

The three of them who were there knew that it would definitely be impossible to get those three to give up.

That was why none of them thought of going to warn those people and do something that others would hate.

After half a day passed, some people could sense the strangeness of the stone statues.

“Young Miss, why do I feel like the stone statues feel a little terrifying?” Shui’er dashed in front of Eastern Lai Li and held onto her arm and said.

Eastern Lai Li had also noticed that something was strange, but they had already reached this stage, so why would she care whether or not there was something wrong with the stone statues?

There were some changes to her clan already, and it had not been easy to get this kind of opportunity to do something to contribute greatly to her clan and cement her position. There was no way she could give up.

Xuan Qiu He could also sense these things and also thought of Sima You Yue’s reminder. He stealthily looked for Xuan Qiu Zhi and told him to let everyone be careful. The moment something was off, they had to retreat immediately.

Xuan Qiu Zhi didn’t know why, but he knew that the Young Master never spoke something without reason. He gave these orders because he had his reasons, so he passed the instructions down to the rest from the Xuan Qiu Clan.

Northern Du Hao touched his chin. He watched those stone statues and instructed everyone to be more careful.

Those people had yet to realise that their spirit energy was adding to the strength of those spirit beasts, and were attacking it ceaselessly. Especially when they saw that the barrier was about to break, every single one of them put in even more effort.


A layer of stone fell from the stone statue, revealing a bit of fur of an ancient spirit beast.

“Heavens! It really is an ancient spirit beast.”

Those on site were filled with vigor. If they were just conjectures earlier, they were now a hundred percent sure.

Ancient spirit beasts. It was enough to drive someone crazy!

Those people were incredibly excited and they started to attack with increased fervour. Furthermore, they had already learned how to defend immediately after attacking, so it was fine that the spirit energy was reflected back at them.



The more spirit energy they used, the more the layers of stone would fall from the stone statues. The more they saw those ancient spirit beasts, the more fierce their attacks became.

As such, under the combined efforts of everyone, the barrier finally broke.

“Charge in!”

Without the barrier, everyone ran towards the stone statues. They did not care what those stone statues were like running to grab them immediately.

However, those stone statues were exceptionally stable and could not be moved from where they were. In order to avoid harming those ancient spirit beasts, the people dared not use too much energy. They could only get rid of the stone layer on the ground by digging.


An enraged cry sounded from the stone statue, and those standing around it immediately dodged.

“Wu wu-”

With the echo of the spirit beasts, following closely after that, two and then three beast roars were heard from other places, and they were all calling out to each other.

“Not good!” Sima You Yue said softly as she looked at the stone statues below.

She watched as the spirit beasts who had first cried out, started to shed stone layers that were not just in tiny pieces, but like a spider shedding its skin. The spirit beast inside moved, and the stone layers began to fall, revealing the entire spirit beast.

“It’s a human-faced monkey!” Someone recognised as they cried out.

A human-faced monkey was just like its name. Its body was like a monkey, filled with fur, but its face was similar to a human’s. It cried out towards the sky as its cries got increasingly louder.


With a wave of its hand, the person beside it was sent flying.

These people were not weak, but in front of the human-faced ape, were unable to fight back at all. They watched with wide eyes as they were sent flying and landed on the stone statue behind.


Those stone statues started to shed their stone layers and moved their bodies. Yet another ancient spirit beast emerged.



Before the one below had yet to see things clearly, he was trampled to death by a spirit beast.


The human-faced monkey continued to cry out. As it did, more stone layers started to fall off the ancient spirit beasts. A few of them, tens of them, then hundreds of spirit beasts emerged within a few minutes.


“Wu wu-”


Various animal cries sounded through the mountain stream, and the entire mountain stream was filled with the roars of the different beasts.

As they cried out, they did not forget to attack the people around them. Those who were weaker were killed off immediately. Some had their arms and legs bitten off and landed up in the bellies of the spirit beasts in twos and threes.

Hundred percent suppression!

Those around the mountain stream didn’t think that the situation would change so drastically in the span of a few minutes. In order to run, they immediately flew upwards, only to find that there was something blocking them and making them completely unable to leave by flying away.

“Those spirit beasts are helping other spirit beasts come out! We have to disperse quickly!” Feng Zhi Xing saw that those spirit beasts were emerging and their incredibly powerful battling abilities, and grabbed onto Sima You Yue without even thinking and ran.

They were close to the cave exit and the three of them were quick, so they were ahead of the others by half an hour before the others finally started to think about escaping from the mouth of the cave.

They were quick, but the spirit beasts were even quicker. They had not even reached the exit before they caught up.


Those who were behind them cried out in anguish. They could sense the auras gaining on them from behind, and Feng Zhi Xing and Wu Lingyu attacked behind them without even turning around.

Nobody knew whose attack hit those spirit beasts, but they slowed down. Despite that, they were unwilling to give up their pursuit and would attack them from time to time.

More and more spirit beasts started to chase after them, proving that more and more people behind them started to die. Feng Zhi Xing shot out his spirit energy, but he didn’t aim at the spirit beasts this time, aiming at the top of the tunnel instead.


The stones that were above them fell and blocked the tunnel. However, it was knocked apart in no time.

“Ancient spirit beasts are so powerful!” Sima You Yue could sense the spirit beasts gaining on them and could not help but sigh.

“Ever since the ancient times to the past to now, the disparity in battle abilities are not just one layer.” Wu Lingyu said.

Feng Zhi Xing glared at him. He still had the energy to talk at this point in time!

The spirit beasts chasing after them started to increase in number and attacking was no longer of any use. Wu Lingyu grabbed onto Sima You Yue and Feng Zhi Xing, told them to hold on tight, then disappeared from the spirit beasts.

Those spirit beasts watched as the prey disappeared from in front of them and were stunned. They became even more crazy and dashed in front.

It was impossible that they had just disappeared from in front of them. However, they ran all the way outside the mine without catching even a glimpse of the three silhouettes.

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