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Chapter 1519: The danger that lurks behind the mineral resources

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Like Sima You Yue or Xuan Qiu He. They just happened to naturally not have to be one of those who had these worries. However, she didn’t go in immediately either.

In the beginning, when they first saw the barrier, they didn’t think too much about it. It was only when they saw all the attacks of others getting repelled that they began to take it seriously.

For example, Eastern Lai Li.

After failing a few times, just as her hatred for the barrier had reached its peak, she saw the Northern Du Clan rushing over.

They had clearly been walking ahead of them all this while, so how did they end up lagging behind them?

In the beginning, Northern Du Hao did not think anything of the barrier. Then, he quickly ended up like Eastern Lai Li. He realised that he was helpless towards this barrier.

Eastern Lai Li saw that Northern Du Hao didn’t succeed, and only then did her worried heart calm down.

If the Northern Du Clan was able to enter, she would really be deathly anxious.

The people standing around discussed how to deal with it while she and Eastern Lai He racked their brains anxiously as well.

A barrier that they could not attack. It would be difficult if they wanted to break it forcefully.

Suddenly, she heard the familiar sound of wheels and she raised her head and looked over. She saw Xuan Qiu He coming in from the opposite side. Her eyes shone. With Xuan Qiu He around, did she have to worry about not being able to enter?

“He, you’re here too.” She went up and smiled prettily.

“I didn’t think that coming in from that area would lead me here as well.” Xuan Qiu He used his divine senses to sweep the area and understood what was happening.

“There is a barrier here. Any attacks will get bounced back.” Eastern Lai Li said, “Everyone here has been trapped outside. You have to be able to enter, and then the ores inside will belong to whomever enters. He, this is an opportunity for your clan.”

She said it very nicely, as if she was really thinking for Xuan Qiu He’s happiness alone.

The Xuan Qiu clansmen were also rather excited. The barrier might be a difficult obstacle to some people, but to Xuan Qiu He, it was no effort at all.

So many ancient spirit beasts!

Xuan Qiu He’s light smile did not get any deeper, “That’s not necessarily a good thing.”


He was the only one who was able to enter and there were so many ores inside. How could it not be a good thing?

“Being able to enter as well as escape. Only then would it be a good thing.” Xuan Qiu He said, “There are so many people, do you think that they would be willing to remain where they were and do nothing? If they worked together, even if it’s us, we would not be able to escape.”

If he couldn’t leave this place, no matter how many ores were here, it would be useless!

“Could it be that you have to share it with them?”

“This is not something that can be solved just by sharing it with them. The greedy nature of a person should not be underestimated!” Xuan Qiu He sighed.

He sensed a familiar aura and scanned the area with his divine senses. He saw Sima You Yue, Wu Lingyu and the rest.

She was here as well.

He remembered that she was able to naturally enter these types of barriers.

What would she do? Would she enter?

His attention inadvertently landed where she was.

Sima You Yue were discussing the situation here and had no plans to enter immediately. Xuan Qiu He saw that she did not head inside rashly and secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Lingyu, don’t you feel like the stone statues here are a little strange?” Sima You Yue looked at those stone statues, and she felt a little weird.

It was as if… those were all alive.

The murderous aura emanating from them seemed to grow even denser. Even if they were covered with a layer of stone, she could sense an eerie chill.

“It truly does feel different from the ones before.” Wu Lingyu nodded, “These feel like they’re about to come to life.”

“There are so many of them here. If they really came to life, I wonder if these people would be able to hold them back?” Sima You Yue was a little worried. She secretly wondered whether or not she should get Feng Zhi Xing and the rest to leave first.

In any case, they had already profited a lot from before.

She thought about it, then decided to tell Feng Zhi Xing anyway.

“Leave? There are so many ancient spirit beast stone statues here. How could we just leave?!” The men from the Integral Moon Palace didn’t understand.

Feng Zhi Xing was not as surprised. He looked at Sima You Yue, asking, “Why should we leave?”

Sima You Yue told him what she felt and said, “I rarely have these kinds of feelings. These ancient spirit beasts make me feel very uncomfortable.”

Feng Zhi Xing considered it, then instructed his men, “You all should leave via the route we came. Wait for me outside.”

“Young Patriarch?”

Feng Xiu Jie and the others were stunned, but grew solemn when they saw his expression. They lowered their heads and replied, “Then we will wait for you, Young Patriarch, and the rest outside.”

After being with Sima You Yue for a few days and seeing that Feng Zhi Xing was not as cold as he usually was, they almost forgot how he used to behave.

As his subordinates, they had to remember not to refute any of his words.

Yin Lang hesitated for a moment, then led his men away as well.

Sima You Yue was not the only one. He could also sense the peculiarities of this area. He also had the stone statues he obtained at the front of the cave, so they had also profited somewhat.

These ancient spirit beasts filled him with a chill he couldn’t shake, and it was like he was standing next to hell. One look into the eyes of the spirit beasts and it was like he was being trapped in a huge net.

They could not continue to stay here!

He finally listened to his intuition and did not plan to participate in this any longer. Once this incident was over, he would be immensely grateful for the decision he made back then and appreciate the advice that Sima You Yue gave him.

Sima You Yue saw that those with Feng Zhi Xing had been called off, and only the three of them remained. Sima You Yue let Little Golden stay and called out all her spirit beasts.

Since they didn’t plan to participate in the battle, the three of them chose a relatively covert position to observe the situation.

The place where they chose was a place that was inclined upwards. You could clearly see what was happening below. It was also close if they wanted to escape through the exit. If anything happened, they could leave immediately.

The only downside was that it was far from the mineral resources and they wouldn’t be able to snatch for the treasures.

However, they were not planning to snatch anything, so this position was just right.

Wu Lingyu used a barrier to protect them. If anything suddenly happened, it would be easy to manage it.

Little Golden was initially a little restless. However, with the barrier, it quietened down a lot.

Sima You Yue kept Little Golden safe in her embrace and asked, “Little Golden, are you very afraid of the guys below?”

“Not like how it was with Senior Vermilion Bird, but they still make me very uncomfortable.” Little Golden said, “There are very powerful ones among them as well!”

“Then can those people defend themselves against them?”

Little Golden scanned the area, saying, “These people won’t even be enough for them to pick their teeth with!”

Sima You Yue was shocked. Were those beasts that powerful?

“Yue Yue, they’re going to come out.” Little Golden circled Sima You Yue’s palm, as if trying to find a safe space.

Sima You Yue looked at the stone statues down below. They didn’t seem like they were going to emerge?

She told Wu Lingyu and Feng Zhi Xing what Little Golden said, and the both of them were solemn.

“I heard a rumor before…” Wu Lingyu stopped, “it says that many spirit beasts were left behind in the ancient periods. They were dissatisfied with being wiped off from the present time, so they sealed themselves away. If they could survive a thousand years, they would emerge and take over the world…”

“I have also seen that in an ancient text before. Things from the ancient times were a lot more powerful than now. If we were to really encounter them, we would not be their match!” Feng Zhi Xing sighed.

“Look at their numbers.” Wu Lingyu replied.

Sima You Yue was stunned. If what they said was true, then didn’t that mean that the continent would face even greater danger?

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