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Chapter 1502: Hidden moves in the dark

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An Lei looked at Sima You Yue with an embarrassed face.

In other’s eyes, it looked like she had an arrogance deep down in her bones and looked as if she said that she was from a hidden family, how could she be the servant of a mere lass?

An Lei faced everyone while Sima You Yue was back facing everyone, so everyone could see her facial expression but not Sima You Yue’s.

“Sima You Yue, don’t overdo it. Afterall, she came from one of the hidden families, how could she be your servant?” Shui’er shouted.

Wouldn’t that make her the same level as her own Young Miss?

This would be too degrading for Young Miss!

Sima You Yue turned back and looked at Shui’er, “Do you intend to help her to pay the seventy thousand top grade crystals?”

“How is that possible?!” She wouldn’t pay for An Lei even if she had that amount of crystals!

“Since you don’t intend to pay, who will help her to pay?” Sima You Yue looked around and everyone in Eastern Lai Clan took a step back.

They were only servants and guards, who would have that much money to help someone who betrayed the Eastern Lai clan?

Right, even though she left under these circumstances, in their eyes, she was still a traitor.

Sima You Yue shrugged her shoulders, “I’ve got no choice since you guys don’t pay for her. I can’t be the one who suffers the loss, right? Am I right, Young Miss Eastern Lai?”

She made it clear, we had made a deal before that but now you backed out on your words, it was good enough that I didn’t ask you to pay up. Who would cover my loss if you guys stop me from getting a servant?

“Since she has her freedom now, Eastern Lai Clan will not be responsible anymore.” Eastern Lai Clan declared.

They didn’t intend to let An Lei and Sima You Yue off anyway.

Although Xuan Qiu He told them that Sima You Yue saved them, they didn’t think so, they still thought that Xuan Qiu He saved them instead.

So she never once took Sima You Yue as a saviour, instead, she saw her as an irksome rival.

Rival? Xuan Qiu He didn’t confess to Sima You Yue and Sima You Yue had Wu Lingyu by her side, why did she find her irksome?

“Did you hear that, your Young Miss has no comment.” Sima You Yue spoke and turned around to look at An Lei, “Have you thought it through? Are you going to sell yourself to pay or sell yourself to pay? Members of Eastern Lai wouldn’t renegade, right?!”

Everyone pursed their lips, it didn’t look like she was given any choices? She obviously only gave her one choice!

Her last sentence was strong, this would mean that Eastern Lai clan didn’t teach her well if she refused.

“I’ll do it! Young Miss.” An Lei lowered her head, she made it seem like she did it to protect Eastern Lai Clan’s reputation.

“At least you still have some knowledge!” Shui’er sneered, thinking that she protected the clan’s image under this situation.

But she didn’t think that it was a slap to Eastern Lai Clan for becoming another’s servant right after leaving Eastern Lai Clan.

“Since you’re my servant now, then I’ll put my mark on you.” Sima You Yue spoke, she imbued her own divine sense into An Lei’s body, it would take her life at once if she betrayed her!

She got the idea from Eastern Lai Li, if Eastern Lai Li didn’t retrieve the mark for Eastern Lai Clan, she wouldn’t have thought about it and would make An Lei take an oath instead.

“That will be all.” She said with a smile as she kept her hands, “I don’t know if you’re worth seventy thousand top grade crystals.”

An Lei went silent without answering her, she lowered her head, no one knew what she was thinking about.

“You Yue, since you’re done with your stuff, can we take a look at the bodies now?” Xuan Qiu He didn’t rush her at all, except when he was adding fuel to fire.

“Give me a minute, I’ll wrap her hand first.” Sima You Yue said as she took out the ointment to apply on An Lei’s hand and bandaged it.

An Lei noticed that her hand felt much better after this application of ointment and looked at Sima You Yue curiously.

Sima You Yue smiled, “It’s natural that I’ll use the better ones on my own people. Take a rest here, I’ll go over and take a look.”

An Lei then realised Sima You Yue’s smile had a kind of healing energy as she nodded subconsciously.

Sima You Yue pulled Wu Lingyu to the bodies and checked one by one.

“Young Miss You Yue, how is it?” Xuan Qiu He asked.

“Just like what I guessed, not only their blood essence was absorbed, their wounds were also eroded with death aura.” Sima You Yue continued, “I’m not sure they were like that or the undead has evolved. But I am sure the one who created them will spend a lot of effort and energy and many people will die. I think if you guys want to investigate, you can start from the place that has a lot of deaths, massacre of a village or city, or places that have many missing people.”

“I don’t think there is, news from inner region spreads fast, if an entire city was massacred, there would be news about it.” Xuan Qiu He said.

“That’s right. Do you really know anything at all? Are you spouting nonsense?” Shui’er groaned.

Sima You Yue ignored her and said, “If there aren’t many deaths means that this problem would be more thorny.”

“Why do you say that?” Xuan Qiu He could feel the seriousness from her speech and sat up straight helplessly.

“It is a fact that they are using human’s blood to refine these undead. If a city was massacred, it’s easy to trace them with a big clan like yours. But I think it’s highly possible that you guys can’t find out anything because the missing people were scattered around apart from the inner region.”

Everyone went silent. She was right, it would be easy to find out anything if there was a massacre in a city. But no one would notice if it was scattered around by missing a ten or hundreds of people. Because it was common for martial members and Paragon rankers to survive on the continent.

“Pfft, who knows if it’s real, you said it like it happened.” Shui’er said contemptuously, “If it’s real, why didn’t they become skeletons like An Lei?”

Others had this question too.

“That’s because they are dead. Death aura only affects humans.” Sima You Yue explained.

“Pass the news to the clan, let them arrange some force to go and investigate.” Xuan Qiu He ordered.

“Since He already said that, let’s pass the news down our clan too.” Eastern Lai Li continued, “Fourth Uncle, sorry to trouble you.”

Eastern Lai He nodded and went to a side to pass the news back to the clan.

“Do you still want to check the bodies? Burn it if you guys are not going to check. We can only burn it since there is a death aura on it.” Sima You Yue said.

“We’re not checking it anymore, burn it.” Eastern Lai Li frowned in disgust.

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