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Chapter 1442: Ye Prefecture’s He Family

Soon, they found out why.

“Young Miss, the reason why the competition will be held here in Ye Prefecture this time round because the He family brought out a ten thousand year old Profound Moon Fruit.” The guard reported.

“Ten thousand year old Profound Moon Fruit!” Li Yao and the others gasped and exclaimed in a hushed tone.

As alchemists, they naturally knew the importance of the Profound Moon Fruit. Whoever wants to refine a pill above the tenth grade, this Profound Moon Fruit was indispensable and could highly increase the chance of success. Moreover, it was also an essential medicinal material for many pills.

They also know that it was not easy for a Profound Moon Fruit to mature, and it is very rare to even get one that was a few thousand years old.

A ten thousand year old Profound Moon Fruit, such a rare fruit with such a maturity should be the only one in existence.

“Young Miss Yang, I remember that you mentioned before that you also recently found an aged Profound Moon Fruit…” Fang Qi thought of the previous conversation and said.

“It’s no wonder that those two have come out personally. Hmph, there is such a good thing yet they still think that they can hide it from me!” Yang Xi sneered, “This Profound Moon Fruit, I want it!”

“Your alchemy is better than them, they won’t be able to win you!” Fang Qi seized the opportunity to flatter her.

“In the last match, the two of them were on par with me. After such a long time, I have improved, and they have also improved.” Yang Xi was not too proud when facing these two rivals of hers.

Li Yao and Fang Qi thought about it and agreed, she had always regarded these two people as her rivals.

To be worthy as her rival, how could they be worse off?

“However, I will definitely win them!” Yang Xi said this with confidence.

“Then let’s go to Ye Prefecture. But, what about that Sima You Yue?” Fang Qi asked.

Sima You Yue, thinking that Lang Zhong smiled so happily at her, Yang Xi couldn’t suppress the anger in her heart.

But the other party refused to be with them, otherwise they travel with him along the way.

“Young Miss Yang, should we send someone to get her and…” Li Yao asked.

Yang Xi shook her head, “With him, you can’t kill her.”

“City Lord Lang?”

“Mm Hmm.”

“He didn’t bring anyone along with him.”

“When we see that there’s no one, it doesn’t mean that there is no one. He… is not an ordinary person!” Yang Xi said.

He was not an ordinary person; her clansman had mentioned it before.

“Then, what shall we do now?” Fang Qi.

“As I’ve just said, let’s go to the Ye Prefecture.” Yang Xi said, “If you get the Profound Moon Fruit, you can refine the pill for your Grandfather, and you can send it on the day of your birthday, which will definitely win his favor. As for Sima You Yue, she won’t live long.. .”

The guard by the side remained in place.

“What else?”

“Reporting to Young Miss, the He family has one more request.” The guard said.

“What request?”

“The person who gets first place, will have to treat and ensure that the wife of the Patriarch of the He family wakes up to get Profound Moon Fruit.” The guard replied.

“The Madam of the He Family?”

“Yes. This subordinate inquired that the wife of the Patriarch of the He family had been in a coma for five years for unknown reasons. Rumor has it that the Patriarch of the He family loves his wife very much and that he had exhausted all the methods in the past five years and she still couldn’t wake up. Because of this, he took out this ten thousand year old Profound Moon Fruit, in hope that there would be a way to save his wife.”

“It’s a love fool.” Yang Xi said, “Who is this He family?”

“The He Family is the strongest in the Sixty Fourth State. Although it can’t match us, they still have some strength.”

They still have some strength, then it means that they can’t be offended casually.

They all know that there were some stronger forces in these states. For various reasons, they had not gone to the front, but this does not affect their status in the inner region.

The Yin family in the Forty Ninth State was like this and the He family in the Sixty Fourth State seems to be the same.

“In which city?” she asked.

“Chord City.”

“Then let’s go to Chord City.” Yang Xi said, “The rest of you do not need to follow along. Go with the Fang family and check on the Sima Family and Sima You Yue.”

“Yes, Young Miss.”

Yang Xi and others rushed to Chord City, Sima You Yue and the others were also heading to Chord City.

Originally, they were going back to the Sima Clan, but Sima Zhi Yuan, who learned of their return, asked them to go to Chord City instead.

Chord City… They’ve heard a lot about it recently as many people were talking about the upcoming Chord City Convention.

Although it was said to be a convention as well as a competition but because it was especially for women, there would be many beautiful women, so many people came to watch.

Therefore, Chord City has been very lively of late.

Sima Xiu Qi said that this He Family was the strongest family in the Sixty Forth State, but it was very low-key. The current Patriarch loves his wife very much. It was most probably of his wife’s coma that made him helpless, so he came up with such a solution. They have met each other before, but they don’t have much of a friendship.

Sima Zhi Yuan said to meet them directly at Chord City, most probably he would take the younger generation of the family to participate in the Chord City Convention.

“Since it is a coma for which the cause cannot be found, why not go to a doctor? Is it all right to find Alchemists instead?” She could not help but voice out the doubt in her heart.

“Young Miss, you don’t know this…” Hearing what she said, the waiter who served the tea said: “Patriarch He invited famous doctors from all around, but the Madame remains in a coma.”

“Doctors can’t heal her?”

“Yes, that’s what I heard.”

“Since the doctors can’t help it, these women are all of different professions, what can they do?” Mu Si couldn’t help but asked.

“I heard that he went to find Lord Yin Lin. But Lord Yin Lin didn’t meet him directly, but told him that only a woman can solve this matter. That’s why this convention was held.”

Only a woman can solve…

This was indeed like Yin Lin’s style of speaking. Sima You Yue smiled secretly.

“I don’t know what happened later, this convention came to be held in Chord City, and it seems that it was changed suddenly! Dear esteemed guests, the tea is ready, please enjoy.”

After the waiter finished speaking, he left them.

“Master, that Lord Yin Lin, is that the person whom you spoke of before, the one who guided you to Ghost City?” Mu Si asked.


“Then did he say that you would meet me there?”

Sima You Yue was startled.

Yin Lin did not say, but he did mention Mu Si’s name to the Little Helper.

This could be regarded as telling her.

“Why ask this?” she asked.

“I want to see if our meeting was also what he expected!” Mu Si said with a smile, “Speaking of which, I want to thank him! If it weren’t for him, you would not go to Ghost City and I won’t have met.”

Sima You Yue saw Mu Si’s smile, but she remembered a word that Yin Lin once said to her.

Causal loop…cause and effect

Why did she think of this? Was it a cause or an effect?

She shook her head and put aside the thoughts in her heart.

She felt that she had been thinking of things that she doesn’t usually think about lately and they pop up so suddenly. It was like some kind of omen, which made her heart anxious.

After drinking tea, they continued to rush towards Chord City.

When they heard Sima Zhi Yuan’s voice at that time, it sounded a bit anxious and urgent and they could not help but wonder if something had happened.

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