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Chapter 1430: Arriving at the Inner Region

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Afterwards, Mi Er controlled and guided everything according to Sima Liu Xuan’s instructions. Soon, the originally chaotic aura returned to its previous calm.

Sima You Yue took a look and realised that it took less than two hours to accomplish this feat. If Mi Er was not around, it is estimated that they might not be able to achieve anything even if two days had passed.

When Liang Wu Ming and the others returned, all they saw was Sima You Yue, Sima Liu Xuan, Sima Xiu Qi, Huang Ying Ying, Mi Er and her group of spirit beasts huddled together, enjoying hot pot in front of two large pots.

Everyone’s mouths twitched, this….were they on a holiday?!

“Martial Uncle, you guys are finally back!” Sima You Yue raised her head, “How was it? Did you manage to verify them all? Are there any inaccuracies?”

“Except for a few positions that deviated a little, everything else is fine. We managed to locate them after we searched for a bit in the vicinity.” Liang Wu Ming said with excitement. After confirming it with their own eyes, their hearts almost popped out of their throats.

“It’s fine if there is no problem.” Sima You Yue said, “By the way, Master, Martial Uncle, Hall Masters, would you like to join us and have some as well?”

“No, there’s no need. Since the ore veins here have been confirmed, then we have to go back to prepare the mining matters.” Liang Wu Ming said.

“There’s no need to hurry Martial Uncle, if you want to mine, there is still a problem to be solved.” Sima You Yue said.

“What problem is there?”

“There are many spirit beasts in this Jade Snow Mountain. If it is not handled well, it will hinder us.” Sima You Yue said, “So, before mining, you have to negotiate with the various spirit beasts. We will leave these matters to you.

“No problem.”

Sima You Yue waved her hand, and several large pots appeared on the snow. There was a raging flame burning under each pot, and there was water in the pot boiling, gurgling and steaming.

Beside the pot, a row of tables that were full of various dishes appeared as well.

“Master, Martial Uncle, Hall Masters, let’s sit down and have a meal together. It’s a pleasant thing to eat hot pot and drink a little wine on a cold day. You can also take it as a celebration for the mining matters. This was specially prepared by myself while waiting for you, this is a rare occasion!” Sima You Yue greeted everyone and said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Why are you inviting everyone to dinner all of a sudden?” Old Man Devil walked over and sat down next to her.

When she said so, the others also found their seats and sat down as they picked up various meat and vegetables and joined in the feast.

“Master, this is the farewell banquet that I’ve specially prepared for everyone.” Sima You Yue said, “I have discussed with Father and the others. Now that we have already arrived in the inner region, we will not go back to the valley and we will head directly to the Sima Clan. So, after this meal, we will be setting off. I’ll leave it to you all to deal with Jade Snow Mountain’s affairs as well as the development of the valley in the inner region.”

Everyone was stunned for a moment but had quickly accepted the matter. She did mention much earlier that she would be embarking on this journey, hence everyone weren’t surprised.

“Since you found all these ore veins, just leave the rest to us. We will develop in the inner regions as soon as possible. If you encounter anything with the Sima Clan, don’t hold back, don’t forget that we are still there! “Old Man Devil said reassuringly.

“Thank you, Master!” Sima You Yue smiled gratefully at Old Man Devil, “Your disciple respects you!”

The two had a drink with gusto before Old Man Devil put down the cup, looked at Wu Lingyu, and said, “Are you going together?”

“Of course, wherever she is, I’m there.” Wu Lingyu said proudly with his chest puffed up.

“It’s really hard to keep a grown man at home. Hmph, it wasn’t easy for you to wake up and you’re not even going to accompany this old man properly once you’re up.” Old Man Devil complained in a disgruntled tone.

“Well, didn’t you often come to see me when I was asleep? What else is there to see now?!” Wu Lingyu said lightly, “Hmph, once someone goes out, one trip takes decades, who can you blame?”

Old Man Devi was speechless and looked at Sima You Yue with an aggrieved expression.

“Master, Senior Brother is going back to Sage Pavilion, that’s why he will also go with us. I am not blaming you!” Sima You Yue explained.

“Huh? Back to the Sage Pavilion? You have been out for so long, why are you suddenly going back?”

“He just received the news and they asked him to go back. It should be because of Zong Zheng’s clan annihilation.” Sima You Yue guessed.

Just when she was preparing the hot pot, Wu Lingyu received the news from Sage Pavilion. He used this as an excuse to go back, otherwise, if he were to suddenly return to the Sage Pavilion, it may arouse the suspicion of others.

“Zong Zheng Clan can be considered as one of the forces under Sage Pavilion. Sage Pavilion didn’t know that they were colluding with the mysterious forces. When they saw that Wu Lingyu helped Sima You Yue and the others instead, he was naturally invited over to explain everything clearly.

“Do you want to bring Mu Si along as well?” Old Man Devil asked.

“Yes.” Sima You Yue glanced at Mu Si and said, “We don’t have a Spirit Seeker with dark attributes in our valley. I can teach him properly if he follows along.”

“But you have so many things to settle on your own.”

“This does not conflict with anything! Usually he cultivates by himself, I only need to give some pointers occasionally.” Sima You Yue said, “Master, isn’t that what you do with Senior Brother as well? Let’s not even talk about me. Hmph! Other than the first two days, you didn’t even teach me anything after you took me in as your disciple.”

“But didn’t I agree to let you follow that fellow, Xu Jin? That guy is still pretty good at alchemy,” Old Man Devil tried to explain himself.

“Well, that’s not what you taught.” Sima You Yue said, “Speaking of this, since Master Xu Jin is not around, the Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters are in the valley. I will have to ask you to take care of them as well.”

“Don’t worry about this.”

When she was going to find Xu Jin and Ge Lang, she had to go back and call them along.

They seldom ate such things as the hot pot before them, hence after the hearty meal, everyone was very happy and satisfied.

Sima You Yue put everything away and bade farewell to them. Sima Xiu Qi then opened the spatial tunnel and led them in.

Liang Wu Ming watched them disappear and said, “Alright, the few of you can go back now and send some people over. We have to protect this place. The rest of you will follow me to deal with the spirit beasts. We must settle these things as soon as possible. Liu Liang Cai, you go back and prepare to develop in the inner region.”

“Yes, Valley Master!”

Knowing that Sima You Yue had gone to the inner region, many people were enthusiastic about the development in the inner region.

They had to expand faster and become Sima You Yue’s backing. They can’t let anyone bully their Paramount Valley’s treasured child!

After Sima You Yue came out of the spatial tunnel, it was not the location of Sima Clan but a city not far from the snow plains.

“Let’s find a teleportation array and go to a place where there is a spatial ship.”

“Spatial ship? What is that?” Sima You Yue asked curiously.

“A spatial ship is a ship that can travel through space. It has a strong defense and can protect the safety of people on board in the spatial space. It also establishes a passage in space to take people to the other side.” Sima Xiu Qi explained.

“Isn’t that the same as the teleportation array? Why do you want this spatial ship?” Sima You Yue was puzzled.

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