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Chapter 1425: Blood for blood (4)

Zong Zheng Clan had relied on Yin Yang Palace, while Yin Yang Palace relied on Sage Pavilion. Speaking of this, Zong Zheng Clan was also under Sage Pavilion.

Wu Lingyu was the Holy Son of Sage Pavilion. Theoretically he should also help Zong Zheng Clan.

Seeing him stand beside Sima You Yue, Zong Zheng Clan lost their confidence. Now they only hope he wouldn’t help either side.

But Wu Lingyu did not do as they wanted. He grabbed Sima You Yue’s shoulder. “You want to kill my girl and you want me to not bother? Dream on!”

Zong Zheng Hong Feng’s face turned dark. “Your Highness is not afraid of offending your sect?”

“Hehe, do you think the sect will blame me for you all? You think too highly of yourselves!” Wu Lingyu spoke ruthlessly, without any hint of humility or kindness of the past.


The people on this side laughed out loud. Wu Lingyu spoke mercilessly!

Zong Zheng Hong Feng wanted to use his sect to threaten him, but he effortlessly retorted.

It was true that Zong Zheng Clan was just a force below them. In recent years, they were much closer to the mysterious force that they were not completely loyal to Sage Pavilion. Their status now was worse than before. How would Sage Pavilion punish Wu Lingyu because of them?

What a resounding slap to their face!

“Your Highness, you….”

“Besides, if the sect knew that you have been collaborating with a mysterious force for a long time, I am afraid that I would be ordered to bring people to eradicate you much earlier! You betrayed the sect first! Now you want to rely on the sect for protection, do you that Sage Pavilion are fools?” Wu Lingyu had an expression that said he wasn’t a fool, which made Sima You Yue laugh.

Zong Zheng Hong Feng faced the accusation silently.

The matter of their cooperation with the mysterious force had always been secretive, how did Wu Lingyu know? If Sage Pavilion knew about this, they might not want to help them.

“Lingyu, why are you here?” Sima You Yue asked.

“When I woke up, I saw you were not there, so I came.” Wu Lingyu turned to look at Sima You Yue. His gaze was soft.

“But, wouldn’t you have a period of fatigue? This is a battlefield.” Sima You Yue looked at him disapprovingly.

“Don’t worry, I won’t mess around. Although my strength had not recovered to its height. It is more than enough to deal with this paragon rank.” Wu Lingyu said confidently.

“Really? If you can’t I have other ways to deal with him.” Sima You Yue did not put Zong Zheng Hong Feng in her eyes.

In her previous life, she had known that Zong Zheng Hong Feng was on the verge of advancement. After several decades, he might have already advanced, so she already considered that when she led people here.

She came prepared.

“When did I ever lie to you?” Wu Lingyu was certain. “Besides, aren’t you a doctor?”

Sima You Yue grabbed his hand and checked his pulse. His body was indeed weaker than before. Like he said, there was no problem dealing with Zong Zheng Hong Feng.

“You can only fight him.” She let go of him and urged.


She had so many people; there was no need for him to fight them all.

Originally, she had a plan. He didn’t need to be involved. But he wanted to be involved in everything about her.

At the beginning, he witnessed personally the pain she felt. The contract with her made him empathize with her heartache and regret. Therefore, he held strong hatred toward them as well.

“The hatred of the past will be over today. From now on, you are you, you will no longer be burdened by the past.” He murmured and then he attacked Zong Zheng Hong Feng.

Zong Zheng Hong Feng met Wu Lingyu before. He knew his strength wasn’t that high. Although the hand that appeared shocked him, he didn’t think highly of it.

However, he didn’t know that Wu Lingyu’s soul fusion increased his light attribute by several times. The strength of a Paragon couldn’t compete with it.

When Wu Lingyu moved, others followed suit. The battle opened up again.

The people of Zong Zheng Clan saw hope when their Ancestor had appeared. Their morale was greatly boosted. Unfortunately, this still couldn’t change the reality that Paramount Valley was stronger than him.

So, the final outcome was not surprising. After Zong Zheng Hong Feng was cut in half by Wu Lingyu, the other members of Zong Zheng Clan were quickly killed.

Even if they were disarmed or had surrendered, the member of Paramount Valley didn’t care. Zong Zheng Clan was going to receive the same fate as Ximen family back then.

However, in the end, Sima You Yue heart softened. She really wasn’t able to kill those innocent women and children.

Wu Lingyu had already returned to her side. Seeing the reluctance in her eyes, he grabbed her hand. He told Ximen Feng, there would be endless trouble in the future if the roots are not removed. I will take her away first.”

Ximen Feng glanced at them and nodded. “Alright, I will take care of this side.”

Wu Lingyu opened a space tunnel, wanting to take Sima You Yue away.

Sima You Yue struggled at first, but finally she went with him.

Wu Lingyu was right. If the roots weren’t removed, there would be endless troubles in the future. She was not afraid, but she had to think for Ximen Feng and Paramount Valley.

She couldn’t watch the innocent people being killed. It was better to leave.

Wu Lingyu took her to his Little Realm. Back then when she was in pain from her recovered memories, he brought her here. Now they were back again, it was like a world away.

Sima You Yue went to wash up, washing all the blood on her body and the hatred from the past.

When she appeared before Wu Lingyu, the aura that radiated off her was somewhat different.

Wu Lingyu laid on the recliner that she had laid on. He relaxingly waved at her.

Sima You Yue walked over. There weren’t any chairs, so she sat on the side of the recliner. A hand suddenly hugged her and pulled her onto him.

Sima You Yue laid on Wu Lingyu’s shoulder with her eyes closed. “Don’t talk, let me lean on you for a while.”

Wu Lingyu placed one hand under head and another at her waist as he took her into his arms. He kissed her lightly on her forehead. “Go rest, I am here!”

His words caused her to cry uncontrollably. Her tears wet the cloth on his shoulder.

After so many years, they finally got revenge. She was not as happy as she expected. Because no matter what, her family would never return.

She would never see her parents and relatives who loved her anymore. She would never hear their pampering tone again.

Father, mother, Yue’er misses you…..

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