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Chapter 1420: Scamming Black Charm

Black Charm stared at Sima You Yue, seemingly to see something from her eyes. But other than confidence, it didn’t notice anything else.

Sima You Yue smiled lightly staring at it, “How, dare or not?”

“Why not!” Black Charm snorted, “No need for others, I’ll do it. Tell me, how do we compete?”

Sima You Yue evaluated it, “Your power is not too bad, then we’ll do it with you.”

Black Charm was angry, it was almost at the peak of rank ninth of Sacred Beast, one more step to become Paragon Beast, but she said that it was not too bad?

Ximen Li pulled her hand and said, “Elder Sister, how can I beat him?”

“I didn’t say it was a fighting competition!” Sima You Yue continued, “Let’s compete by attacking each other without using spiritual energy, the one who steps down first loses, how about that?”

“Just that?”

“That’s right. How, do you agree?”

“Sure! Since you chose that method, then don’t regret.” Black Charm was proud deeply.

Attacking the opponent without power, just by using pressure? Ximen Li looked weak, it would be easy to win her.

“Wait, there’s a condition.” Sima You Yue said.

“What is it?”

“Both of you have to take an oath, if you agree to bet, you must accept the loss. What if both parties refuse to acknowledge?” Sima You Yue said.

Black Charm knew that humans were cunning, they wouldn’t give them pills for nothing. It would be different with the condition of the oath. They wouldn’t be able to refuse to acknowledge even if they wanted to.

“Sure, then we’ll swear on our own!” It replied delightfully, but it overlooked Sima You Yue’s sinister smile.

Very quickly, Sima You Yue and Black Charm took an oath, the light of the oath went into their bodies, both of them couldn’t go back on their words no matter what the result was.

“Li’er, later….”

Sima You Yue muttered something into Ximen Li’s ear, Black Charm didn’t hear a thing as she fixed up a spirit barrier, but it saw Ximen Li’s eyes brightened.

Why did it feel uneasy after seeing this?

After Sima You Yue spoke, she patted Ximen Li’s shoulder, “Understand?”

“I understand!” Ximen Li’s eyes were filled with smiles.

Sima You Yue drew a circle beside Ximen Li and Black Charm’s legs and said, “Whoever shifts your leg out of this circle will be the loser. Let’s begin!”

She backed away to aside, both of them released their pressure, just that Ximen Li released Little Dough’s pressure.

Although Black Charm saw how much effort it took Ximen Li, her legs stood steadily in the circle and it didn’t look like it was going to back away.

Suddenly, Ximen Li moved, there was a black metal ball in her hand, she threw it at Black Charm after she inserted spiritual energy in it.

Although Black Charm didn’t know what that was, it felt that it had something explosive, it dodged unconsciously after seeing it fly over.


Little black ball rolled two rounds around Black Charm but it didn’t explode, it just had a little sound.

“You lose.” Sima You Yue smiled lightly while looking at it.

Black Charm looked at its own position, it was already far from the circle, he lost this competition.

“You’re cheating!” Even though it was full of black fur, Sima You Yue could feel its blackened face.

“Did I?” Sima You Yue walked over, “We agreed on it, attacking without using spiritual energy, but I didn’t say we couldn’t use anything else. You see, we didn’t use spiritual energy on you, you left yourself.”

“But that thing….” Black Charm looked at the little metal ball, although it felt that it had boundless power in it, now that it seemed like a powerless little metal ball.

Sima You Yue walked over and said while picking up the little metal ball, “This is just a Thunderbolt bullet, it won’t explode as the thread on it wasn’t pulled. Also, she didn’t use spiritual energy to attack you, so you have to accept to lose if you agreed to bet!”

Black Charm’s eyes were filled with hatred, if they killed these two people….

The other Black Fox gathered around Sima You Yue and Ximen Li immediately, they would tear them up immediately with a command from Black Charm!

Sima You Yue and Ximen Li stood on the ground without blinking at all.

“Why, did you forget about your oath?” Sima You Yue smiled lightly, reminding Black Charm.

Black Charm looked at her blankly, it was exceptionally unsightly seeing her smile.

After that——

The power of the oath, it didn’t have the courage to go against it, the hatred in it went away after it hesitated for a while, it became absent-minded.

“I will never acknowledge a Master myself.” It decided not to kill them, but it wouldn’t acknowledge a Master.

As long as it didn’t want to acknowledge her as Master even if they wanted to establish a contract with it, they had to tame it first.

With its rank, not everyone could tame it. If it did something while establishing a contract, then it would…..

But Sima You Yue laughed when she heard that, “That’s easy then, you don’t want to acknowledge a Master, then we’ll just tame you. If you don’t agree to that, then the power of oath will take place.”

“Hmph, I won’t follow you guys forever to look for a Beast Tamer Master. If you can’t find a Beast Tamer Master in half a year, then this deal will be voided.” Black Charm said.

To it, it seemed like it would be impossible to look for a high rank Beast Tamer Master in half a year, it would be free then.

“There’s no need for so much trouble.” After Sima You Yue spoke, she disappeared and appeared again beside Black Charm, she placed her hand on its forehead and said, “Then we shall begin.”

“You’re a Beast Tamer Master?” Black Charm asked curiously.

“You guessed right! Too bad, there’s no prize!”

Sima You Yue started Imperial Beast Art and started taming, the black foxes around them didn’t care anymore, they wanted to free their King from her devil claw.

“If you guys attack me now, it will be injured too. You guys should reconsider.” After Sima You Yue spoke, she ignored all those black foxes, she called out for Little Seven and Little Dream, she was fully focused on taming.

But the taming wasn’t successful, as Black Charm’s power was too high and had strong consciousness, it didn’t want to cooperate as well which made the taming even harder.

Sima You Yue wasn’t anxious as Black Charm stayed in Heartbreak Valley for too long that it had little experience.

She inserted the power of Imperial Beast Art once again, she even passed Thousand Resonance’s aura into its body, its complacent consciousness was completely suppressed in no time.

“Why did you have the nine-tailed fox aura!” Its consciousness was shouting.

Although it didn’t have the ninth tail, Thousand Resonance’s aura was suppressive to all the Foxes.

The taming was successful after that, two days later, an unexcellable Black Charm was finally tamed, it laid on the floor blankly.

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