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Chapter 1316: 1316
Chapter 1316: Not actually blood related

Sima You Yue was deeply moved as she said to the consciousness, “If you have already met with an unfortunate event, I will definitely take care of Mu Si . ”

Mu Lian Jie’s mouth curled up into a light smile . It seemed as if he had heard her .

Mu Si watched Sima You Yue . When he saw her expressions change, he knew that there probably were no problems .

After a moment passed, Sima You Yue came back to her senses and returned the jade letter to him, “There’s no treasure map in here . ”

“There isn’t?! Mu Si cried out loudly, “How could there not be . My father very clearly said that this was very important . If he ever went missing, I could use this to find him . ”

“There is a bit of consciousness that your father left behind . ” Sima You Yue siad, ‘He used a barrier to seal it . He wanted to wait until you were powerful enough to enter . ”

Mu Si was rather disappointed . If it was not a treasure map, how would he have anything left to bargain with her?

“There’s no need to be disappointed . I promise to take you to look for your father . However, I cannot guarantee that we will definitely be able to find him . That is because even he does not know what he will encounter when he reaches that place . ” Sima You Yue said .

Mu Si heard the meaning behind her words . She was saying that his future was uncertain and his father was possibly not around anymore .

“Since there was no treasure, why did Father tell others that he was going to look for treasure?” Mu Si didn’t understand .

“I’m guessing that, one, he wanted to fool others or two, he wanted to become a form of protection for you . ” Sima You Yue said .

Since the fact that her father was here was a taboo that should not be uttered, Mu Lian Jie would be unable to reveal so openly that he had gone to save him . However, he had to go out, so he had to find a reasonable excuse .

Also, if anything happened to him, as long as the treasure didn’t appear yet, Mu Si would be fine . At the very least, people like Yang Zi and other friends like him would protect and nurture him with hidden motives .

However, she could not yet tell Mu Si these things . It would be the best if they were able to locate Mu Lian Jie . If they weren’t able to, she would tell him the truth .

After being harrassed like this, the few of them no longer had any mood to eat . Sima You Yue kept the things away then took out tables, chairs and the like . After tidying up the place, it did seem like people lived here .

There were only two bedrooms in total . After Sima You Yue put Di Wu in Mu Si’s room, she closed her door and pondered about Mu Lian Jie and her father’s situation . However, she didn’t obtain any information and couldn’t think of anything, so she sighed . She decided that she would just use this night to cultivate .

In order to ensure her safety, she casually set up a barrier around her courtyard . Then, among the three of them, those who slept, slept soundly while those who cultivated, cultivated well . The noise in the courtyard finally quieted down in the afternoon .

On the outside of Ghost City was in absolute chaos . The young master of the Zhang clan had been killed in the morning, then Meng Tian Shan’s name jade shattered in the afternoon . The seventh master of the Pang clan had died as well while the young master of the Pang clan had gone missing . Even though they used the mystery art, they could not figure out where he had gone .

This series of events exploded in the few clans . If they said that they were suspicious in the beginning that Zhang Shuo had gone to chase after that rogue, then they really had no options any more .

That was because there were so many guards . It was not something a simple guy could contend against . Especially Pang Qi . He was a person who was half a step into the paragon realm . It was precisely because he was so powerful that he was sent to protect the young master . Now that he had died and the young master had disappeared, they had cast their suspicions into the realm of those who were paragon ranked and above .

However, there were still quite a few of those people in ghost city . It wasn’t easy to figure out who it was .

However, no matter how difficult it was, they still had to check . It was someone who dared to kill their young miss, young master and all their guards . How could they let that person so easily! Especially since it was a multifaceted problem . There was no way they could not check .

Most importantly, the Pang Clan had to check it out because their young master was currently missing with no trace!

If it were not because his life jade was well and fine, they would have thought that he had died like the Zhang Clan’s one had .

Zhang Clan residence, main hall .

Below the Zhang Elder, Zhang Qi knelt along with the others who had gone to investigate today .

Zhang Shuo’s position in the clan wasn’t particularly high . Although he sent men to investigate, it wasn’t enough to warrant the attention of all the elders and the clan leader . The fact that the clan leader had sent Zhang Qi over to take charge of this already meant that this situation was taken in a relatively high regard . If it were anyone else, he probably would have just let a manager deal with it .

“What did you find out?” Zhang Qi asked .

“In response to Elder, we went to check on the journey that Young Master Zhang Shuo went on, and everyone said that he chased after Mu Si, that kid, and entered a remote area . ” the leader of the guards said .

“Then why don’t we capture Mu Si?” Zhang Qi asked .

“We doubt that Mu Si is the one . Furthermore, his identity is special . It would be hard for us to capture him . ” The guard replied .

“Why so?”

“His father’s name is Mu Lian Jie . ”

Hearing Mu Lian Jie’s name, Zhang Qi’s eyes narrowed, saying, “So it was him . ”

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“It was . Because of the City Lord’s decree, we can easily go and capture Mu Si . ” The guard replied, “But it’s quite impossible for Mu Si to kill Young Master Zhang Shuo . ”

“Mu Lian Jie’s son, should he not be relatively powerful?” Zhang Qi asked .

“In response to Elder, this Mu Si should not be Mu Lian Jie’s real son . He is one that he brought back from the outside fifteen years ago . ” The guard replied, “that is why he is just a fifteen year old child . He has just started cultivating a few years ago . How could he have had the power to kill that many guards and Young Master Zhang Shuo . It would be child’s play for the young masters and missus from the other class to beat him half to death . ”

Zhang Qi thought about it and struck Mu Si off his list as well . Since he was person of low caliber, there was no need to think much about him .

“Since the last time those people saw Zhang Shuo, he was chasing after Mu Si, Mu Si might have realised something . Look for him and check it out . See if he has any leads . ” Zhang Qi said .

“Yes, Elder . ”

On the second day, Sima You Yue was awoken by the sounds coming from the barrier . As she woke up, Mu Si had already gone for a walk around outside . Her barrier was set up to stop people from coming in from outside . However, it did not stop those inside from going out .

Mu Si didn’t think that he would be obstructed when he wanted to enter his room . He covered his head and walked forward . When he felt the courtyard, he continued in, but unexpectedly ended up stuck outside . He tried to rush in again, but ended up being knocked down by a bolt of energy .

He was still wondering why he was unable to enter the courtyard when a ripple flashed and Sima You Yue’s voice was heard .

“Come in . ”

Mu Si crawled up and patted the dust off his clothes . He slowly tried going in and found out that there was nothing blocking him anymore .

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“Where did you go?” Sima You Yue asked, opening her room door .

“I went for a walk around to see how things were outside . ” Mu Si said, “What was that just now?”

“A barrier . Don’t you know?”

Mu Si shook his head, saying, “My father taught me very little about it . By the time I could cultivate, he had already disappeared . ”

Sima You Yue saw the curiosity in his gaze and subconsciously asked, “Do you want to learn?”

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