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Chapter 1296: 1296
Chapter 1296: A secret between men

This was the first time that Sima You Yue had heard news regarding her paternal grandparents and was rather surprised .

Before this, none of them had mentioned her grandparents and she had believed that they were no longer in this world .

Now that she had suddenly heard news of them, she was rather unable to react .

“Grandfather and Grandmother…” Sima You Yue lightly furrowed her eyebrows, “You want them to go with us?”

“They had initially been outside all the while searching for Liu Xuan . I can contact them and get them to return . ” Sima Zhi Yuan said . “If these two brats are the only ones going with you, I don’t feel reassured . ”

These two brats

Sima Liu Feng and Sima Liu Yun were speechless, but they were powerless to contend against it .

“Cough cough…” Sima You Yue forcefully suppressed her emotions . Only then could she stop herself from bursting out with laughter .

These two brats? They were already a few hundreds of years old but were still referred to as brats . It was probably something that they hadn’t experienced in a long time .

“Cough cough, Clan Leader, how long will it be before Uncle and the others are able to return?” Sima Liu Yun changed the subject .

“I’ve always been updating them about Sima You Yue . if they knew that you returned, they would definitely hurry back immediately . Much less needs to be said since your father’s whereabouts have been made known . ” Sima Zhi Yuan said .

“Paternal grandfather… grandfather…” Sima You Yue thought of Sima Lie . They had recently remained in closed door cultivation because they felt like they were lagging too far behind her . They wanted to stay with her because they loved her so much that they didn’t want to drag her down .

To be honest, she knew that she was rather afraid towards the unknown relationship . Just like how it was in the beginning when she first got to know Sima Liu Yun and Sima Liu Feng . When she first met Sima Zhi Yuan, she would subconsciously rebel against his words too .

However, after a few interactions, she would still quickly accept them because she would slowly accept the relationship .

Now, there was going to be another person who was blood related to her that she didn’t know . She didn’t know whether or not she would be able to handle it well .

Sima Liu Yun patted her shoulder, saying, “If your father’s older brother and Aunty, the wife of your father’s younger brother, knew that you had returned, they would definitely be very happy . Don’t worry . ”

“Mm . ” Sima You Yue lightly mumbled in reply . She was a little expectant towards meeting them as well as a little worried .

As she waited for the day to come, she also wished that Ximen Feng and the others would hurry up and return . However, they had insisted that she had to go before they returned and casually met up with her paternal grandparents .

Sima You Yue wanted Fatty Qu and the others to return as well because they were not yet strong enough . If they left, it would cause them great danger .

This caused the few of them to feel rather dejected . They were getting further and further away .

However, they finally decided to follow along . They did promise, though, to remain in the spirit pagoda .

As they waited, the alliance would send back some news and tell her some information about the guild alliance .

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These days, she and Wu Lingyu were enjoying a rare opportunity to live in a world with just the two of them .

Ximen Feng, Bi Sheng and the others went to settle the things back at heartbreak valley, it was rare, but Sima Zhi Yuan had also taken the two ‘brats’ with him . Fatty Qu and the others had already found an excuse to lock themselves in seclusion in the spirit pagoda for the sake of catching up to her and continuing to stay by her side .

The two of them sipped tea as they chatted about their day .

“This is such a rare occurrence . We finally have time alone . ”

Sima You Yue saw that he was complaining and smirked . This guy finally couldn’t help but complain .

Wu Lingyu saw her smile and lightly pursed his lips, saying, “Don’t you feel the same?”

“It’ll be fine once this season passes . ” Sima You Yue smiled lightly, “There are many people now so I’ve neglected you . Don’t be so petty . ”

“Petty?” Wu Lingyu leaned forward and sat beside Sima You Yue . Doing this, he was almost leaning completely on her . He placed his mouth beside her ear and said in a light chiding manner, his voice bewitching, “I’m not being petty . I just hope to find your parents earlier . This way, we can get married earlier and I can have a bite of you earlier!”

Sima You Yue couldn’t help but blush as she used both hands to push his head away . She changed the topic and asked, “Once you meet my parents, wouldn’t you have to pass another barrier?”

“This really isn’t something that I enjoy . ” Wu Lingyu leaned forward again after she pushed him away and his long fingers toyed with hers .

This time, Sima You Yue was too lazy to push him away and let him play with her fingers . “Now that you mention it, how did you deal with my great grandfather before? I remember that you were both at odds with each other when I left, but you were already chatting with each other so happily the moment I returned . ”

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“This is a secret between men . ”

Even this was considered as a secret between men?!

“I remember back then that Grandfather and my brothers did not like you either, but they accept you now . Is this also a secret?”

“Your great grandfather is a lot more sold on me than your grandfather and brothers . ”

“I believe that you won’t be able to deal with my parents so easily . ” Sima You Yue teased .

“It’s troublesome to have to deal with more relatives . ” Wu Lingyu said, “Look, how great it is to be me . I don’t have any relatives and you don’t have to deal with so much . The only one who has relations with me is Master . However, that guy likes you way more than he likes me . He might even stand on your side to test me when the time comes . ”

“Master has been gone for so many years . Are we really not going to look for him?” Sima You Yue played with the teacup using her other hand . She was rather worried for the safety of Old Man Devil .

“His life jade is perfectly fine . Even if we can’t find him, he won’t be suffering . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“Once Master returns, Master Uncle and the others will go crazy . He’s abandoned the valley for such a long time . ” Sima You Yue said .

“He’s always been this way . Those from the valley have long since gotten used to it . ” Wu Lingyu said, “If you worry about him, you can contact your aunty Feng . Her soul imprint is different from the others . You can look for her directly . ”

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“The ones who came before to collect the pills were all her subordinates . If nothing terrible happens, I do not wish to contact Aunty Feng . I have this feeling that, once I contact her, I will enter a world that I do not know . I feel like I’m not ready to enter that world yet . ” Sima You Yue said .

“That’s true . It is a little too early for you to know about it . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“There are times where I feel like I am just too weak, and too far away from your world . I try my best to improve myself in order to enter your world sooner, but it still feels impossibly far . ” Sima You Yue said a little sadly .

“You have already improved at an incredible speed . ” Wu Lingyu said, “I’ll wait for you at the front . You can take your time and walk over . ”

“I will catch up to you . ” Sima You Yue said as she lifted her head to see a head resting on her shoulder with a beautiful expression besotted by love . She rolled her eyes helplessly, “You are the royal devil king of the devil realm, is it okay for you to be like this?”

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