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Chapter 1294: 1294
Chapter 1294: News about Father

Little Helper smiled seeing her being eager and said, “Yes . ”

“What did your Master say? Where is my Father?” Sima You Yue asked anxiously .

“Miss You Yue, calm down, my Master said that he will tell you when everyone is here . ” Little Helper’s indifferent look really looked like his Master .

“Isn’t this my own business? Why do I need to wait for anyone to gather?” Sima You Yue asked puzzledly .

“My Master said, it’s because you gave us too much, so we’ll have to reciprocate . Initially, we could only tell you about your Father’s news, but now we’ll help you to save your Father . So we’re going with you . ” Little Helper said .

“I thought you guys can’t participate in this? If you guys join in, will it bring you any harm?” Sima You Yue asked worriedly .

“Miss You Yue, Master said because you changed my future, if we don’t reciprocate, I won’t be able to eliminate the karma . It will obstruct my future development . ” Little Helper continued, “And Master also calculated for me, there’ll only be scares but not mishap, I won’t die . ”

Sima You Yue felt relieved with what he said and asked, “Those that you said we have to wait for, who are they?”

“One of them is me, one of them has already arrived . One is on the way, he should be here soon . ” Little Helper said .

“One of them is already here? Who?”

“The Ghost clansman in your backyard . ” Little Helper said .

“Di Wu? Why does he need to come with us?” Sima You Yue asked in shock .

“Master said, he’ll be very useful when we go there . ” Little Helper said .

Sima You Yue calculated in her mind, it seemed like Di Wu’s arrival wasn’t a coincidence .

“Then who’s the other one you mentioned?” She asked .

“Another one is your old friend, Master sent someone to look for him, he’d already agreed to help . ” Little Helper said .

“My old friend? Who?” Sima You Yue thought to herself, wasn’t her only old friend Qin Mo and Third Mo?

“Of course it’s me . ” Third Mo’s voice came from outside, followed by the dissolute shadow walking in .

“Rascal Third, it’s really you!” Sima You Yue looked at Third Mo with pleasant surprise .

“Of course . ” Third Mo walked over, patted her shoulders, and said, “How can I not come when you have problems?”

“Hehe, thank you . ” Sima You Yue used her fist and bumped Third Mo’s chest, she turned around and asked Little Helper, “But why must he come with us?”

“Master says, he’s the best in spirit seeking . With him around, he can guarantee that your Father will be saved . ” Little Helper said .

“Spirit seeking? I can do that too!”

“Since Master already said that, he must have his own reason . ” Little Helper said .

“Alright . Then why must Di Wu come with us?” Sima You Yue asked .

“With it, we can go to that place . ”

“My Father is in Ghost Realm?”

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“Kind of . ” Little Helper continued, “You do know that there’s a place where Ghost Realm intersects with Human Realm, right?”

Sima You Yue frowned, why didn’t she hear of this place before?

“Ghost city?” Third Mo said .

“Yes . ”

“Isn’t that place a myth?”

“No, it really exists . ” Little Helper continued, “Because it’s not where we are, so humans actually didn’t know about this . ”

“Then where exactly is Ghost City?”

“The intersection of Human Realm and Ghost Realm . ” Little Helper continued, “I don’t know where it exactly is . ”

“You just said that . ” Third Mo continued, “Then where is the intersection of Human Realm and Ghost Realm?”

“I don’t know either . ” Little Helper shrugged his shoulders looking innocent .

“You’re a Divinator, your Master is Yin Lin, how can you not know this?” Third Mo stared at Little Helper .

“Master didn’t say where it is, he said that only that Ghost clan member would know . ” Little Helper said .

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“Then get that Ghost Clan member over and ask!”

“Wait . ” Sima You Yue stopped both of them, “Since when did Human Realm and Ghost Realm intersect? I thought the spirit of a dead human will automatically go to Ghost Realm after they die, but members of Ghost Realm can’t come over? If there’s an intersection, why would things like Fair Eastern City happen . ”

“Although Ghost City is an intersection of Ghost Realm and Human Realm, if you want to come out from there, it’s harder than reaching the sky, Ghost Clan will rather choose a method like Fair Eastern City rather than coming from Ghost City . ” Third Mo explained .

“Why?” Why did they need to use this method when there was a proper path to walk on?

“Lightning tribulations are keeping watch there . And human beings . ” Little Helper said .

“Er, then they should take the alternative way . ” Sima You Yue said .

Members of Ghost Clan thought about passing through the lightning tribulation, but that was almost impossible . Moreover, even if they passed through the lightning tribulation, there were also human beings keeping watch outside . If they saw any injured Ghosts, the human beings would kill them immediately .

“It’s not that no one tried coming over . In the past, very little did . ”

“Can human beings go through there freely?” Sima You Yue questioned .

“If humans want to go through there, they will still need to pass through the lightning tribulation . ” Little Helper continued, “However, ghosts excavate a tunnel from time to time, but if living human beings want to get to Ghost Realm, they can only pass through there . ”

No matter who died, their spirit would automatically get into Ghost Realm, but if a human being wanted to get into Ghost Realm, they could only pass through Ghost City .

“So, Father went to Ghost City wanting to go to Ghost Realm to find Mother . But how did he know where Ghost City is?” Sima You Yue was in doubt, but this could only be answered when they found him .

“If your Father really wanted to go through there to find your Mother, then he might be trapped there . ” Third Mo continued, “Both your Uncles have been looking for him for so long, if they don’t know about Ghost City, then obviously, they wouldn’t find him . ”

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“Possible . ” Sima You Yue continued, “You guys follow me, let’s ask Di Wu where Ghost City is . At the same time we can ask Uncle if they know about Ghost City . ”

Three of them went to the backyard, Bi Sheng, Feng Kai and the rest were there, they surrounded Di Wu in circles, they were walking in circles while rubbing their chin and said, “Is he really from the Ghost clan? How did I not sense even a little aura from him?”

Di Wu smiled proudly .

Sima You Yue walked over and said, “Di Wu, you can stay . ”

“Really? Young Miss, you agree to it?” Di Wu danced with joy .

Ximen Feng and the rest felt odd with Sima You Yue’s sudden change of decision, why did she change her mind after going out?

“Mm, I agree . ” Sima You Yue continued, “But, I have a request . ”

“Tell me Young Miss, as long as you don’t chase me back, you can have as many requests as you want . ”

“If you want to follow me, you’ll have to listen to me, if I say one, you can’t say two, if I say go to the east, you can’t go to the west, if I say stop, you can’t walk . Can you do it?”

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