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Chapter 1290: Chapter 1290 - Vice Alliance Leader
Chapter 1290: Vice Alliance Leader

Sima You Yue was scared by the way they looked at her and subconsciously shrunk back, asking, “What do you plan to do?”

“Nothing much, actually . ” Xia Chang Tian chuckled twice, “In order to repay you for all your efforts today, we wish to invite you to join our alliance . ”

Sima You Yue blinked in confusion . Join the alliance? What the hell was that?

“President, isn’t the alchemist guild part of the alliance? Why do I have to join it personally?” She asked with confusion .

“This time, we’re inviting you not because of your position as the honorary elder of the alchemist guild, but based on your own identity . ” Fang Ming said, “I hope that you can join the alliance and also take up the position of Vice Alliance Leader . ”

“What?!” Sima You Yue was shocked, “You want me to be the Vice Alliance Leader? President, are you guys mistaken?”

“This is the result of all of our discussions . ” Xia Chang Tian said, “One of the reasons is to thank you for all that you’ve done, while we also have our own thoughts . ”

He stopped talking for a while, thinking that she would follow up . However, she just continued to stare at him, waiting for him to continue .

“Cough cough, it’s like this . You know that that power is too secretive, and you also have the divine vermilion bird who can command countless birds . The combined power of that is more than our entire alliance put together . That is why we were wondering whether or not we could borrow that power when the time comes . ” Xia Chang Tian felt a little sheepish when he reached the end .

He was familiar with You YUe and knew that she wouldn’t usually activate the power of the bird clans . However, they had these plans right now .

Despite that, they had no choice . These few days, after consolidating all the information they found, it was a shock to find out that they didn’t find out a single bit of useful information despite the number of guilds in the alliance .

From this, they could see how powerful the power in the secret place was . Even if they formed an alliance, they may not necessarily defeat them!

It was precisely because of that that they thought of the power backing Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue didn’t think that they would think of this point . That was why she was shocked when she heard them point it out .

On the other hand, they thought that she had hesitated because Xia Chang Tian had once told them that Sima You Yue wouldn’t activate the bird clan for her selfish reasons .

“We aren’t just thinking of ourselves for this . If the world is thrown into chaos by that power, the bird clans would not be able to escape either . That is why we thought that we might be able to add them to our forces . ” Fang Ming explained .

“I did not disagree . I was merely shocked upon hearing this . ” Sima You Yue saw that they misunderstood her and explained, “With the present conditions, I do not think that the bird clans would reject . ”

“Does that mean you agree?”

“No . ” Sima You Yue waved her hand, “I am willing to put forth some effort in this, but as for your proposition of me taking up the Vice Alliance Leader position, I think you should forget it . Relax, even if I’m just a small fry, I will still do my best . ”

What a joke! The position of Vice Alliance Leader? What kind of huge responsibilities would she have to shoulder? She didn’t have that much time to deal with these things!

“See, I wasn’t wrong, was I? She wouldn’t accept it!” Xia Chang Tian said .

What position of power? This would never entice her!

“It’s like this, You Yue, the position of Vice Alliance Leader is not going to lock you inside anywhere . It’ll be just like your honorary position of elder at the alchemist guild . It’s just a title . You don’t usually have to do anything . You just have to contribute once in a while . ” He Chen Dong said .

Sima You Yue blinked, was there such a good thing in this world?

“I told them before that if you had to do anything on this front, you would never accept this . Why not give you a position in name, so that it would be proper when the time came and we needed you . ” Xia Chang Tian said .

Sima You Yue pursed her lips . President, you really were very direct!

“Although you’ll just be the Vice Alliance Leader in name, only we know about this . To the ordinary members, you are the vice alliance leader . As such, you have the right to issue orders and activate them . ” Xue Chang Lin clarified .

“You’re giving me such a high position of power, aren’t you afraid that I’ll abuse it?” Sima You Yue was rather taken aback at the amount of trust they had in her .

“It’s just the position of Vice Alliance Leader . It seems like it’s not a higher rank as compared to the King of the Rocs . ” Xiang Yang said .

It seemed so .

Sima You Yue thought it over and said, “When I joined the alchemist guild, I told President that I have many of my personal things to settle . If you want me to be the Vice Alliance Leader, I still will say the same thing . When I have things I need to do, you cannot mandate my assistance in things on your side . ”

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“That is only natural . Since we said that the position is only one in name, we do not have too many requests . ” He Chen Dong siad .

“Alright then, to agree is my sincerest form of respect for you all . ” Sima You Yue smiled .

“This is your name plate . In the future, once they see this, they will obey your orders . ” He Chen Dong took out a name plate . A servant girl who was standing by the side walked over and took it, handing it over to Sima You Yue .

They had even prepared the name plate beforehand . It seemed like they had come prepared!

Sima You Yue took the name plate and examined it . It seemed similar to others . The word ‘Alliance’ was written on it, and her surname, You, was on the back . It represented her identity .

“Yours is silver in color . The alliance leader’s one is in gold . ” He Chen Dong explained, “You should drop a drop of fresh blood on it and insert some spirit energy . Then, the name plate will register your aura . Even if someone else picks this up, they will not be able to use it . ”

Sima You Yue followed his instructions and dropped a drop of fresh blood on it and inserted some spirit energy . After the blood and spirit energy entered the name plate, a white ray of light shot out from the nameplate and surrounded her . It seemed to make her feel connected to it .

“This is…” She looked at He Chen Dong with shock .

“This is what Old He has specially crafted for you . It’s a lot higher in rank than the ones us old guys have . Ours are merely low ranked divine artifacts . Yours is a high ranked one . ” He Chang Tian explained faintly .

“High ranked divine artifact!” Sima You Yue sucked in a deep breath . It was just a nameplate, did it have to be such a high-levelled one?!

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“Mm . ” He Chen Dong nodded, “Based on your circumstance, it might be useful for defence to refine this for you . It can take three attacks from one paragon-ranked and below . Although it might not be that useful to you, it’s better than nothing! This is also a form of our thanks to you . ”

If not for her, Xiao Hong would have been killed by the ghost clan that day . They might also not have survived the disaster .

Although this thing really wasn’t that useful to her, she still kept it away carefully to show her gratitude .

At this time, Baita came in from the outside .

“Vice Valley Leader, there are people looking for you from the outside…”

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