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Chapter 1189: 1189

“Actually, I think, bullying by outnumbering will be more fun . ” Flowey moved her index finger, “I love to do such things . Mm, just like how that girl likes to disfigure people . ”“That’s your forte, not ours . ” Little Seven murmured . Now Killer Flowey’s kill count was more than hers, just because she got more flowers .

“I never said I need so many flowers together!” Flowey smilingly said, “I’m saying, we three together, take down both of them, how about that?”

“Let’s try . ” Little Dream ran towards them right after she spoke .

“Let’s do it!” Little Seven said as she started attacking .

“Really, always running faster than me!” After Flowey spoke, she went up too .

Sima You Yue was behind them, being speechless after seeing three of them taking action after discussion .

These three people really… .

It was them who made noise in the spirit pagoda and wanted to come out together to deal with them after hearing these people who wanted to disfigure her, using her to test the danger upfront, but they were here discussing, pressuring the opponent .

Their strength were originally higher than these two person, three of them together, they could have settled them in three to five minutes, but they slowly drained their spiritual energy, then play with them like a rubber ball, you passed to me, I kicked to you, passing around like that, making both of them disabled, then dragging them to Sima You Yue .

“Yue Yue, these two people are really resisting, after fighting so long finally settled them . ” Little Seven stacked both of them, it looked like they were exhausted .

Sima You Yue stood at the entrance of the cave, seeing both of them beaten to pulp and said, “I guess you have never been beaten to this extent in your whole life . ”

“Who are you?” The elder spitted a mouthful of blood with a tooth once he spoked .

“Who am I, do you guys still need to know now?” Sima You Yue said .

“I saved you, but you bite the hands that feed you!” That elder said angrily, sadly his voice was soft and powerless .

“Saved me?” Sima You Yue laughed, “Did you guys save me because you want to?”

“If it’s not for us, you’ll be dead long ago . ” The man with blue eyes said .

“Yes, you guys actually moved me to the cave, but did you save me out of kindness?” Sima You Yue squatted down, staring at the coloured eyes and said, “Blue eyes, it’s actually pretty, sadly you’re not . Are you blind or do you like to lie through your teeth?”

“Hmph, you guys just wanted Yue Yue to lead and use her to check for danger, wanted to use her, you still dare to say you saved her . Do you believe I’ll dig both of your eyes out?!” Little Seven threatened at a side .

“What’s the point of digging their eyes, if it’s me, I’ll chop their limbs, dig their eyeballs, cut their ears and seal their mouth, fix it on a roly-poly and make it into a swine . ” Little Dream said .

Flowey looked at Little Dream and said, “I think you better stop hanging out with Little Roar, you’re influenced by it . ”

Little Roar got ridiculed again… .

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But Little Dream didn’t care and said, “I like to play with it, shy? Flowey King, King Flowey, Flowey King Flowey . ”

“Don’t call me such ugly names!” Flowey called out .

“I’m calling your name! I think the few names I gave you were quite nice, why didn’t you like it? Or we can change it alternatively, today we will call you Flowey King Flowey, tomorrow Flowey King, the day after King Flowey, you see, so nice . ”

“I dare you!”

Flowey attacked Little Dream with a vine, both of them fighting each other .

Sima You Yue was thankful to Little Roar seeing Little Dream like that, if it wasn’t for that little guy, Little Dream should be still sunken in sadness and sorrows, being unable to extricate herself and wouldn’t show the smile that she hasn’t seen for a long time .

Although it indeed brought Little Dream into the path of vulgars and rogueness… . .

She changed her focus on the two people and said, “I’ll give you two options now, one, I’ll send you to hell straight, no, you can’t go to hell here, so I’ll make you stay here forever . Two, you guys tell me what happened and I’ll spare your life . ”

“Humph, do you think we will believe you?” The Elder sipped, “If we tell you everything, you’ll kill us immediately!”

“Why would I!” Sima You Yue continued, “I said I’ll spare your life means I will, you have to trust me, understand?”

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“Hmph . ” Both of them murmured, not believing in her .

“Seems like you really don’t trust me . ” Sima You Yue continued, “But, no matter whether you tell or not, you won’t have freedom, but if you tell me, you might exchange for a glimpse of hope . ”

“I won’t tell you!”

“Just kill us straight!”

Sima You Yue got up, both of their attitudes looked firm . But sadly it was useless .

She made sure no one was around, she did a notion, brought both of them into the spirit pagoda and looked for Wu Lingyu .

“You know how to interrogate people right?” Sima You Yue continued, “I’ll pass them to you, see if you can get any information from them . ”

“Why didn’t you just use divine knowledge to check?” Wu Lingyu questioned .

“Both of their strengths are so strong, if I have to use divine knowledge to search, I’ll have to kill both of them . But there will be of some use keeping them alive . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Both of them are beaten into a pulp, other than the eyes that are nice, what use are there?” Wu Lingyu looked at her .

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She was praising that guy’s pretty eyes, she didn’t praise his before .

Sima You Yue knew what he meant immediately, but she didn’t intend to continue that topic and said, “When I woke up, they were talking about some danger up front, getting me to lead the way . If we want to go, then we can let them lead the way! If not, should we kill them and let you take the lead instead?”

“Why not . ” Wu Lingyu agreed straight away .

Sima You Yue rolled her eyes at him and said, “Don’t think about the other stuff . I’ve already handed them to you, you have to get some information from them . ”

After she spoke, she laid on Wu Lingyu’s beauty couch, intending to watch how he interrogated them .

“Alright . ” Wu Lingyu saw how she was and could only agree, he turned around and started interrogating them .

As a King of the Devil, he knew many ways to interrogate, after a short while, he dealt with it and got them to talk about what happened .

Sima You Yue brightened after hearing what they said .

There was treasure! She loved seeing others fighting over things the most! But to these two people, she would keep her words and spared their life . But she hoped they could stay alive for more than three days, because Blood Fiend city members weren’t fun to provoke with .

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