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Chapter 1133: 1133

Sima You Yue only realised it now, but the three who were talking below were all very powerful individuals . “The human, devil and ghost clan are all paragon experts . ” Flowey said . “Just what happened that it actually got the experts of all three clans out . ” Si Xiao Xiao frowned .

Sima You Yue’s expression was rather solemn as well . It definitely was something far from average if these kinds of experts from the three clans had to gather together for a discussion .

“Who’s that person from the human clan?”

“If my guess is not wrong, that person should be from the Sage Pavilion . ” Su Xiao Xiao said .

“Someone from the Sage Pavilion?” Sima You Yue was stunned . If Wu Lingyu was conscious, he would be able to recognise that person’s identity .

“Vice Pavilion Master . ” Yu Cheng Bi hurried to receive him when he saw the Vice Pavilion Master returning .

Tang Yun was the Sage Pavilion’s overall vice pavilion master, even if Wu Lingyu was awake, he would have been surprised to see him too .

Because there were many vice pavilion masters and seniors in the Sage Pavilion, Tang Yun, who was the youngest, was rarely sighted . Who would have thought that he would come into the wonderland .

Tang Yun seemed gentle as jade, looking incomparably pure and holy in his white robe . His jet black hair casually flowed down his back, giving his entire person an otherworldly feeling .

“We’re going back . ” Tang Yun said to everyone .

Once those from the Sage Pavilion had returned to their original seats, the other powers headed up .

“Vice Valley Leader, how did the discussion go?”

Tang Yun waved his hands as everyone was making a ruckus and everyone quieted down before saying, “our final discussion concluded that everyone from the three clans, human, devil and ghost, will go in simultaneously . ”

“At the same time? How is that possible!”

“We don’t agree! How could we ever be with those from the devil and ghost clan!”

“That’s right!”

He watched as everyone grew agitated, but Tang Yun was not anxious to explain .

“Vice Pavilion Master, we let you attend the discussion because we respected you . It wasn’t to let you show weakness to the devil and ghost clans!”

Tang Yun raised his eyebrows, saying, “So you are saying that you have the confidence to exterminate every single member of the devil and ghost clan?”

Everyone fell silent . Not a single one of them had that assurance to say that they could exterminate the members from both clans .

“Or are you saying that you have the confidence that either the devil or ghost clan will work with you and gang up to defeat the other clan?” Tang Yun said .

Everyone fell silent once again . They had no assurance of this either .

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That was a joke . They had always been enemies with the ghost and devil clan . How could they possibly work together with one of them? It was more likely that they would work together to get rid of the human clan!

Afterall, the ghost and devil clan would still interact occasionally .

Tang Yun watched as they fell silent and asked, “Not talking anymore? Wasn’t everyone discussing everything very excitedly? Why are you so silent now?”

Everyone lowered their heads, not daring to look him in the eye .

“Since you have no idea to exterminate the ghost and devil clan, and have no way of working with them, tell me . Do you want to give up on this place or go in with them?”

It seemed like this was the only option .

“This wonderland is not comparable to the continent . The Devil and Ghost clan are of the same rank as you guys here . Do not keep thinking that this is the world that you know . ” Yu Cheng Bi said .

In the continent outside, in the blood tunnel, there were many from the human clan . They were powerful, so they naturally cared nothing for the ghost or devil clans . However, it was different here . The number of people from the human clan who could enter was the same as those from the ghost and devil clan . The strength of the humans who could enter was the same as theirs .

Inside here, they did not have any advantage . That was why they had to put aside any sense of security .

Sima You Yue looked at Tang Yun . Everyone was really worked up just earlier, and anything could have happened earlier at the slightest mishap . This would have invited criticism to the Sage Pavilion . However, he only asked them two questions and solved the entire issue .

“This person is rather powerful . ”

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The highest degree of battle was to fight without using soldiers . He had forced them into silence . This was even more powerful than that .

“Tang Yun, he’s the youngest vice pavilion master in the Sage Pavilion . He’s the youngest paragon expert . If he wasn’t able to solve this, it would be a waste of his title . ” Jiang Jun Xian opened his eyes and said slowly .

“He’s Tang Yun?” Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao were rather surprised . They had only heard of his name . They had never seen him before .

Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows . It seemed like he knew this person .

The youngest vice pavilion master as well as the youngest paragon expert . She had grown quite a bit of interest towards him .

However, she had no idea what happened here .

The ghost clan and devil clan had a similar response to the ones from the human clan . In the beginning, they were very against working alongside these two clans . However, just like it happened with the human clan, the devil and ghost clan had the same considerations . They didn’t have the confidence to fight them, so they couldn’t take any chances .

As such, the temporary alliance was established .

Although they were disgruntled, they had no choice but to agree .

“After speaking so much, they haven’t mentioned what’s going on . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“If nothing else, they found a place with some treasure . Then, the three clans discovered it at the same time and now they’ve decided to go and explore it together . ” Jiang Jun Xian said lazily .

“Mm, this is very possible . ” Sima You Yue said, “We just don’t know what is in there . ”

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“Ah? You Yue?!” A familiar voice sounded and Sima You Yue turned around to see . She happened to see that baby-faced girl, Zhou Lan, the one she saw on Bright Red Mountain Peak that year .

“Zhou Lan, you’re here as well?” When she saw Zhou Lan, she was rather surprised but happy as well . That year, everyone could be considered to have worked together on the bright red mountain peaks .

“It really is you!” Zhou Lan hopped up and looked at Sima You Yue with joy, “I saw you in female garb and didn’t really dare to acknowledge you . I didn’t think it really would be you!”


“We heard that the Deputy Valley Master of Heartbreak Valley was a female and her name was the same as you . We even thought that it was just a coincidence . ” Zhou Lan said, “That was why we didn’t dare to acknowledge you when we saw you . Finally, everyone made a gamble and I lost, so they got me to come over and ask if it really was you . If it was, they would come over . If not, they wouldn’t have to embarrass themself . ”

This group of bad people . Their initial words were that if they had to be embarrassed, then, just having her embarrass herself alone was enough .

“So you’re saying that the others have come as well?” Sima You Yue asked .

“They’re all here, waiting below . I’ll get them up here . ” Zhou Lan turned around and waved to all her members standing there . The others immediately ran over .

Heroic Sword Sect wasn’t too far from here, so they arrived very quickly .

Qi Wei ran the quickest and came in front of Sima You Yue . His hands were flying around and spun Sima You Yue around a few times . The myriad of emotions on his face congealed into one and he was so agitated that he couldn’t speak .

After a long moment, his first words sounded tearful .

“Boss, you’re actually a woman?!”

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