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Chapter 1110: 1110

Sima You Yue turned her gaze to the onlookers outside and found the people who had discussed the ruins from before . When she was enlightened, her Spirit Realm spread above, allowing her to hear these people discussing about Feng’er and Heartbreak Valley . This made her anxious, which almost collapsed her Spirit Realm . Her Dao and her Spirit Realm were connected together . If her Spirit Realm collapsed, then her Dao would vanish .

“Wait here . ” She told Han Miao Shuang . She flew towards the spirit barrier and came to the front of those people .

“You said before that the people from Heartbreak Valley entered the ruins?”

When those people saw Sima You Yue flying over, they were stunned . They came back to their senses after hearing her questioning .

“Yes, yes, yes, they entered the forbidden area . I don’t know if they are out now . ”

“When did it happen?” Sima You Yue frowned . How did they enter the forbidden area?

“It’s been a few months . ” That person replied .

“Can you tell me where the forbidden area is?”

“Yes . But the forbidden area seems very powerful . Although you have a relatively strong background, that place does not depend on background . ” That person hesitated before saying .

Sima You Yue was stunned . She immediately reacted . That person was saying that she was not strong enough and should not take the risk .

This was quite euphemistic .

However, the other party kindly reminded her without contempt .

“Thank you, I will pay attention . ” She smiled at him before turning around and flying back .

Her smile made that person have a nosebleed .

“You Yue, You Yue, let us go in too . ” Shi Qian Zhi yelled behind Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue flew to the canopy . She looked back and saw Shi Qian Zhi and Shi Qiu Shuang standing outside .

“Qing Yi, can you?” She asked .

She didn’t know the relationship between Qing Yi and Little Seven . But she felt that he had helped her understand her Spirit Realm and her principle . His character should be pretty good and not too difficult to communicate .

If she knew how Qing Yi treated these people outside for a year, she wouldn’t think that way .

Han Miao Shuang had been awake for a while . . She had some understanding of Qing Yi’s character . Although he was the tree of life, he did not have a lot of affection for people, let alone get close to one . Therefore, she didn’t think he would agree to Sima You Yue’s request .

Qing Yi didn’t show up nor answer . Just when Han Miao Shuang thought he wouldn’t agree, three branches flew out in an instant . When everyone reacted, Shi Qian Zhi, Shi Qiu Shuang and Jian Jun Xian were already under the tree of life .

The three of them didn’t expect themselves to change positions in the blink of an eye . If the branches were directed at them, they wouldn’t be able to resist and they probably wouldn’t know how they died .

Thinking of this, the three felt fear in their heart .

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Fortunately, this was not true, the other party did not attack them but just brought them in .

Qing Yi’s speed once again shocked the people present and at the same time made them feel more receptive . With this sort of speed and strength, they dare not make any mistakes .

At the same time, they were envious of Shi Qian Zhi and Shi Qiu Shuang . Because they know Sima You Yue, they could enter, just like how people in Kong Valley could enter Heartbreak Valley and arrived at this island earlier because they know Sima You Yue .

At this time, everyone recalled this fact .

Speaking of it, none of them saw Sima You Yue and Han Miao Shuang entered, but they were inside . What did that mean? They had discovered the tree of life a long time ago and received enlightenment inside it!

They were envious as they watched Sima You Yue! No wonder Lord Yin Lin was so close to her . She was indeed a person with great luck!

Sima You Yue did not expect Qing Yi to bring an unfamiliar guy in . She was shocked when she saw him stare at her .

She hadn’t reacted yet, when Han Miao Shuang beside her suddenly jumped, grabbed Jiang Jun Xian’s clothes, and punched him in the face .

“Jiang Jun Xian! You dare to show up in front of me! I said before that if I see you once, I’ll beat you once!”

Jiang Jun Xian didn’t fight back, letting her punch him .

This was their first close contact after they separated after the ancient tomb opened . When they were in Cloud Sea City, they never really came into contact .

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Fortunately, Han Miao Shuang didn’t use any spirit power and just physically punched him with her fist . In the end, her hands hurt .

Sima You Yue stepped forward and held Han Miao Shuang . Perhaps, she had not lived with Jiang Jun Xian for a long time, she did not suffer as much pain as Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao . It was easier for her to forgive him .


It turned out she had already forgave him a long time ago .

“Okay, Senior Sister . If you keep hitting, your knuckles will break . ”

Han Miao Shuang’s hands were held by Sima You Yue . She just looked at Jiang Jun Xian’s strange face .

“Why, don’t you dare to face us with your true face?” She stared straight through her . Unbeknownst, her tears fell down .

Sima You Yue saw Han Miao Shuang’s tears and her eyes were looking at Jiang Jun Xian . Love and pain were mixed in them . She let go of her hands .

It turned out she had paid too little attention to them . She didn’t realize Han Miao Shuang actually…

She glanced at Jiang Jun Xian . His eyes at Han Miao Shuang were not without emotion . Maybe because the two had always been living together, so they didn’t reveal their feelings to each other . But after experiencing these events, their separation allowed them to understand their heart .

Jiang Jun Xian had never seen Han Miao Shuang cry before . He uncomfortably took off the mask on his face . “This mask is not used to avoid you guys . ”

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Seeing his face, Han Miao Shuang’s tears fell even harder . Jiang Jun Xian stepped forward at a loss . He stretched out his hands to wipe her tears . He frowned, “How come you become a crybaby after only a few years of not meeting?”

Jiang Jun Xian’s words made Han Miao Shuang feel wronged and sad, and more tears fell .

Neither of them noticed that people around them were whispering to them .

“Cough, cough, Senior Brother, Senior Sister, you guys can come over here to discuss the old accounts . ” Sima You Yue gave a dry cough and pushed the two into the canopy .

With Qing Yi here, these people couldn’t enter with their divine senses . The two could cry or comfort however they wanted .

Besides, without a few light bulbs standing in the way, they could handle their feelings more clearly .

“Cough, cough, being with him so long, I never know he actually liked Han Miao Shuang . ” Shi Qian Zhi confessed .

“I didn’t expect that senior sister also… when we were living in Parting Garden, the two of them didn’t look like this now . ” Sima You Yue said . “Didn’t you say that Senior Brother wasn’t with you? Why are you together now?”

“We met him before coming to the island . Because we were going to a place and were worried about leaving him alone, so we asked him to go with us . ” Shi Qiu Shuang said .

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