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Chapter 1098: 1098

Not only was that tree huge, it was special as well . “Golden colour leaves… . ” Sima You Yue saw that dazzling tree, she stopped on the ground without moving closer .

“Golden leaves, what kind of tree is this?” Han Miao Shuang and the rest haven’t seen any trees with golden leaves before, so they were unsure of what kind of tree it was .

“Divine Vessel Tree . ” Little Seven muttered .

“Little Seven, you know about this?!”

Little Seven didn’t respond to Han Miao Shuang’s question, she flew away from Little Roc towards the Vessel Tree .

“Little Seven…”

Sima You Yue consciously caught Little Seven, she didn’t even know if that tree was dangerous, she wouldn’t let her fly over so boldly .

But Little Seven was so fast, she could only catch her wind .

She saw Little Seven went towards Vessel Tree and paused, she flew into the leaves and disappeared, even her smell was gone .

“Little Seven!”

Sima You Yue kept Halcyon into the spirit pagoda and flew towards Vessel Tree with Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao .

“There’s a spirit barrier in front!” Su Xiao Xiao said .

Sima You Yue called out Little Roar to aggregate, then one by one holding hands and brought them through the spirit barrier and stopped in front of Vessel Tree .

“Where did Little Seven go?” They walked around the tree trunk and couldn’t find Little Seven .

“Let’s split up and find, see if she’s on the treetop . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

Three of them nodded, each of them went to a different direction to search .

“Ahh… . !” Han Miao Shuang suddenly cried out, Sima You Yue turned her head, saw her being blocked by a ray of light and disappeared .


A groan came from Su Xiao Xiao, Sima You Yue immediately looked over, he disappeared too .

“Senior Brother, Senior Sister?” She called out, but there was no response .

She walked around below the tree carefully, but what she didn’t know was, while she was walking around the tree, she disappeared as well .

The Vessel Tree became quiet as usual again .

A wave of dizziness swayed over, she was wrapped by something and couldn’t breathe properly . She tried to struggle, but unfortunately her strength wasn’t enough .

She felt herself falling, not sure how many metres, it didn’t seem like it was going to stop anytime soon . She adjusted the spiritual energy in her body and tried to balance her body so she could fly up, but her body couldn’t even move .

In a daze, she saw herself getting closer to the ground, but her body couldn’t move, she consciously closed her eyes, thinking if she would be the first Spirit Master to fall to death?

The pain she was anticipating didn’t come, when she opened her eyes, she had already stopped falling when she was a few metres away from the ground .

She hasn’t got the chance to get back her senses and the ray of light dispersed and made her fall heavily .


She extended her hands to have a feel, below her were all leaves, it should be thick judging from the softness, .

She stood up from the ground and looked around the dark place, she materialised a flame to brighten up the place .

A sealed hole with around two football sizes, surrounded with brown creased tree barks, seemed like this place was a Vessel Tree’s hole .

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“Little Seven? Senior Brother? Senior Sister?”

Nobody responded to her, it seemed like they weren’t here too .

She looked around, other than all these tree barks, she didn’t see anything else . She lifted her head to see a big black hole .

She tried to adjust her body’s spiritual energy again, it was useless, it couldn’t be adjusted . The spiritual energy stayed in the acupuncture points without responding at all .

Without spiritual energy, she couldn’t fly, not to mention flying up .

“Halcyon . ” She called out to Halcyon, but this time, Halcyon didn’t come out .

“Little Roc? Thousand Resonance?”

None of them answered her .

“Don’t waste your effort, you can’t contact anyone in here . ” A gentle voice suddenly rang and made her jump with surprise .

“Who?” She stared in mid air but no one was there .

Suddenly, the trees lit up with golden lights in the bright light, a gentle and refined guy’s shadow appeared on the tree trunk .

“You’re the Vessel Tree?” Sima You Yue asked unsurely .

“Yes . ” The guy smiled and said, “You can call me the tree of life . ”

“Are you the spirit clan’s tree of life?” Not knowing why, she said it unconsciously seeing the way he looked .

“Spirit clan? Since when did a new clan appear in the world?” The guy murmured, his eyes showed a faint of sadness unconsciously .

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Eh, it meant that it wasn’t the tree of life he knew himself as .

“Did you bring me here?” She asked softly .

Facing a guy like that, she didn’t bear to speak loudly to him, as if she was afraid of interrupting this gentleness .

“Yes . ” The guy admitted .

“Why did you bring me here?” Sima You Yue asked again .

“Those who can get here are destined people, they are able to get the tree of life’s inheritance . But before that, they have to go through a test . ”

“My Senior Brother and Senior Sister too?”

“Yes . But they’re at another place . ” The guy continued, “Everybody’s test is by themselves . ”

“Then what about my spirit beasts?”

“Are you saying the one with you? It has already gone back to your contract space . Here, you can only depend on yourself, you can’t depend on other strengths . ”

“Little Seven too?”

“Who is Little Seven?”

“Eye of Earth . ”

“Oh, you’re talking about her . She is too weak now, I’ll evolve her a bit . She is different from you guys, she doesn’t have to take the test . ” The guy said .

“You can help to evolve her?”

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“Of course . Although she’s not an ordinary plant, it’s possible . ” The guy said .

“Not an ordinary plant? Then what is she?”

“Have you seen any plant that loves to fight so much?” The guy questioned .

Sima You Yue gave it a thought, it seemed like there wasn’t any . Even though Flowey possessed a strong power, she didn’t seem to love to fight so much .

But Little Seven were different, this girl fought whoever she didn’t like, always saying to beat people up .

Most of the plant based spirit beasts were gentle, full of love and vitality, but Little Seven, hais, just by thinking of it gave her a headache .

“Then what is Little Seven?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Back in the ancient times, Eye of Earth had very strong fighting abilities, they belong to the carnivorous spirit beast types, then their numbers slowly started to dwindle . Until now, I’ve only seen one Eye of Earth . ” The guy said, “Do you know what the use of Eye of Earth is?”

Sima You Yue shook her head and said, “I only know that Eye of Earth can help people to cultivate, I don’t know the other uses . ”

“The smell of Eye of Earth indeed can help humans to cultivate, but it has a bigger purpose . ”


“She can help to advance in rank . ” The guy said, seeing Sima You Yue’s face in disapproval, he added, “For those in Paragon Rank that want to become Emperor, with the help of Eye of Earth, the success rate will be raised by seventy percent . If the Emperor wants to continue advancing, the success rate will also be raised with the help of Eye of Earth . ”

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