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Chapter 1093: 1093
Chapter 1093 Let them enjoy it slowly

A bad feeling rose up within Elder Wu . Could Heartbreak Valley have acted against them from the beginning?

However, he immediately tossed the idea away, saying, “Impossible . We have never met before we came in . There’s no way you could have acted against us! Were you the ones who set up those spirit beasts?!”

“We didn’t even know when you entered this place, how could we have arranged that?” Sima You Yue said .

“You poisoned us . That was why no matter where we went, we would face the attacks of spirit beasts . ” Elder Wu said .

“Your luck isn’t too bad . We came in for such a long time, but you still have quite a number of survivors . ” Sima You Yue said, “I just wonder whether the Zong Zheng clan was as fortunate as you were . ”

“You poisoned us before we even entered this place?! When did this happen?!”

“Want to die a knowing death? There’s no harm in telling you . Don’t you feel like there are some people within my ranks who are rather familiar?” Sima You Yue reminded him .

Elder Wu immediately went to look at the people from Heartbreak Valley when she said this . The moment he saw Old Ape, it was like a shock ran through him .

“You were the ones who gave us the ancient beast blood? You poisoned the ancient beast blood!”

“Brilliant!” Sima You Yue smiled emptily, “I might as well tell you that you wrongly accused the Zong Zheng clan for what happened back at Xisha Mountain Ridge . ”

“That’s why there wasn’t any internal strife, but you killed every single one of our men . You even poisoned our ancient beast blood!” Elder Wu finally understood,”You caused us to fall out amongst each other . Malicious!”

“Is it really?” Sima You Yue’s expression changed . She stepped on his chest as if she were about to break it apart, “Back when you exterminated my Ximen Clan, why didn’t you feel that you were malicious? When you razed our Ximen Clan to the ground, why didn’t you feel malicious?! Everything that has happened today is your own fault . The grudge we have against you is something that you can never pay!”


Elder Wu couldn’t breathe . It was as if he had already seen the God of Death .

If he were able to die just like this, then let it be…

“You want to die just like this? I won’t let you off that easily . You can relax, I will let you enjoy your death slowly . You can watch how the spirit beasts slowly break your legs and eat your intestines . You can watch as they pull your eyeballs from their sockets . ” She retrieved her leg and Elder Wu was finally able to breathe . It was a pity that he didn’t enjoy this feeling at all .

Her face was attractive and one felt good looking at her, but her aura was like one who had crawled up from the depths of prison . As she spoke, those from the Yin Yang palace couldn’t help but break out into cold sweat .

Evil ghost! She was an evil ghost!

“You Yue, there are spirit beasts approaching . ” Bi Sheng had never seen her so crazy before and suddenly understood why she had strived so hard to grow stronger .

However, after understanding the reason why, he was filled with even more heartache .

Furthermore, Little Eleven, who was nourishing himself inside the little realm could feel her burning anger . He shifted about, disturbed and flipped the wooden bucket .

Shui Qing Man and Wu La Mai came out from the bottom of the water, wanting to comfort him, but he flew up and flew around chaotically in the air . In one moment, he was in the water . In another, he was flying again . It was as if he was looking for someone .

“What is going on with Little Eleven?” Shui Qing Man watched her child with worry .

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“I’ll bring him back!” Wu La Mai flew out from the water and chased after Little Eleven .

Little Eleven flew about in the air and every time Wu La Mai was about to catch him, he would twist and turn to dodge . His father chased after him for a long time before he finally stopped .

Wu La Mai hugged Little Eleven and returned . Shui Qing Man watched as he continued to struggle under Wu La Mai’s hold and said worriedly, “Could it be that Little Eleven feels uncomfortable somewhere?”

“It shouldn’t be?” Wu La Mai said, but when he saw how crazy Little Eleven was, he was uncertain, “Why don’t we ask You Yue to come in and take a look?”

“It would be good to let her take a look . ” Shui Qing Man replied .

Outside the Little Realm, Sima You Yue handed out a few bottles of pills, getting Ni An Yi and the others to feed it to every single person from the Yin Yang Palace .

“What did you feed us?” Someone asked .

“A type of pill that excites your consciousness . As long as you eat it, no matter how much pain your body is in, you will never lose consciousness . All the way to your last breath . ” Sima You Yue said, “You can slowly savour the last few minutes of your life . ”


These people were terrified . This was the true revenge that she wanted to dish out!

Even those from Heartbreak Valley had been thoroughly scared by Sima You Yue, but they were also excited .

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They had always thought that although Sima You Yue was powerful, she was not hard enough . They didn’t think that she would have this fierce side to her . To make sure these people slowly died and wouldn’t be able to faint until their very last breath . This was just too amazing!

“Yue Yue, are we going to leave this place?” Little Seven asked .

“I…” Sima You Yue just wanted to say that they would watch from afar when she heard Shui Qing Man beckoning to her from inside the Little Realm . She changed what she was going to say, “Let’s head into the Little Realm . ”

She took out the little door to Little Black Lotus Realm and led everyone through it, heading directly to the riverside .

“Godmother, what’s wrong?”

“You Yue, you’re finally here . Hurry, take a look at Little Eleven . There’s something off about him . ” Shui Qing Man said .

When Sima You Yue heard that something happened to Little Eleven, she was flustered and asked, “What’s wrong with Little Eleven?”

“He has been really unsettled since the beginning and hasn’t been able to calm down . Your father has to run even while carrying him, and I don’t know where they have run off to now . ” Shui Qing Man said .


Little Eleven flew in from far away, dashing straight into Sima You Yue’s embrace . Wu La Mai flew in from the same direction .

“This brat took advantage of the fact that I didn’t dare to do much to him so he ran away quickly . If it were anyone else, I would have tied him up long ago!” Wu La Mai lamented the slippery fox that was his son .

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“You Yue, hurry and take a look to see what’s wrong . ” Shui Qing Man said .

“Alright . ” Sima You Yue hugged onto Little Eleven and took a look . She didn’t find anything wrong with him .

“Why is he suddenly calm now?” Wu La Mai looked at Little Evelen, who was sitting so quietly in Sima You Yue’s embrace and was rather confused .

Little Eleven nestled inside Sima You Yue’s embrace as if he had found someone who filled him with a sense of security .

“There’s nothing wrong with him!” Sima You Yue said, “Godmother, what was he like just now?”

“He became crazy all of a sudden and started flying about incessantly as if he were looking for someone but also like he was venting his frustrations . His aura turned chaotic as well . ” Shui Qing Man said .

“Ah, Yue Yue was the same earlier on . Could it be because you were angry, so Little Eleven became the same?” Little Seven casually suggested, but after she finished speaking, she realised that everyone was staring at her and subconsciously shrank her neck in . “Cough cough, I was just making a casual remark, hehe…”

“This guy couldn’t be telepathically linked to You Yue, could he?” Ni An Yi and the others had also thought the same way, and were incredibly surprised .

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