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Chapter 1085: 1085
Chapter 1085 The fish have taken the bai

Sima You Yue went close to Kong Xiang Yi and whispered a few sentences . Kong Xiang Yi nodded and led her Kong Valley Clansmen away .

“Yue Yue, what did you get them to do?” Little Seven asked with curiosity .

“Curious little child, you will know in a minute . ” Sima You Yue pinched Little Seven’s cheeks and said .

Little Seven patted Sima You Yue’s hands and said with pursed lips, “Fine, don’t tell me then . ”

She wasn’t a curious little child!

Sima You Yue smiled as she turned her gaze back to the waters .

Ruins, eh?

On the other side, Kong Xian Yi and Kong Xiang Qi had led their men to the banks . The men from the Yin Yang Palace were not far away .

“Big Brother, why are there so many people here?” Kong Xiang Yi asked .

Kong Xiang Qi furrowed his eyebrows, saying, “I don’t know . Let’s find someone and ask . ” Kong Xiang Qi said .

“These guys have probably discovered some sort of treasure . Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many of them here,” Kong Xiang Yi said, “Even if you ask them, they probably won’t tell you . ”

“That’s true . ” Kong Xiang Qi sighed .

If there really was treasure, everyone would want to hide it . There was no way they would tell them .

“Eh? Isn’t that an elder from the Yin Yang Palace? Big Brother, let’s go ask them . ” Kong Xiang Yi acted as if she just saw the people from the Yin Yang Palace .

The people from the Yin Yang Palace had already noticed them when they were speaking, they were merely paying them no attention . Now that they had come over, based on their previous relationship, they couldn’t continue to ignore them .

“Elder Wu, what are you doing here?” Kong Xiang Qi walked over and greeted Elder Wu .

“So it’s Xiang Yi and Xiang Qi . What are you guys doing here?” Elder Wu said with a smile that was not quite a smile, “I saw that there were still quite a few of you when you first entered, why are there only a few of you now?”

When he mentioned this, Kong Xiang Yi couldn’t control the pain and rage on her expression as she said, “There were some people who chased us down to try and kill us earlier . If it were not because we ran quickly, we would already have lost our lives . When we escaped, we saw people rushing over here . That’s why we rushed over as well . Elder Wu, you arrived earlier than we did . Do you know what’s going on?”

What she said was true, and her expressions were genuine as well . Hence, Elder Wu naturally believed it .

“Oh that, actually, it’s nothing much . There’s a little treasure up ahead that’s behind blocked by the waters . ” Elder Wu glossed over it .

“There’s treasure?” Kong Xiang Yi’s eyes shone with glee, “Since it’s being separated by water, why don’t you just fly over it!”

As she said it, she even acted restless .

“If only it were that simple, then everyone wouldn’t need to wait here . ” Another Elder of the Yin Yang palace said in a weird manner .

“What, you can’t fly over?” Kong Xiang Yi asked .

“We can’t . We can’t manipulate the air here to fly . Even our flying beasts can’t fly over . The only way is to cross the waters . ” Elder Wu said .

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“Then just cross them! You just need a boat, right?”

“You can’t use a boat either . ” Elder Wu glanced at the few little boats on the shore and said, “The waters are rather light, so it can’t support the average boat . Boats like these will just sink . ”

“Huh? Then that means we can’t head over there?!” Kong Xiang Yi cried out, looking at the waters with regret .

“That’s right . Everyone is thinking of a way to see if they can head over . It’s just that my Yin Yang Palace has yet to come up with any suitable ideas . Xiang Yi, your Kong Valley has quite a few armament masters . Could you refine a special boat?”

This was the real reason that Elder Wu had entertained them!

Kong Xiang Yi sighed, saying, “Our armament masters have already been killed . We only have two left, but they aren’t ranked that high . If you want them to craft an ordinary boat, they wouldn’t be able to do it without ten days to half a month’s worth of time . ”

“Such a long time!” Elder Wu furrowed his eyebrows . He had really told them this information for nothing!

If they had to wait that long, they might as well wait for the three days it would take the waters to change .

Kong Xiang Yi naturally knew that he had those intentions, but she didn’t reveal it in her expression . She merely said regretfully, “That’s right . However, it’s a good thing that we still have two armament masters . We just don’t know how long it will take for them to create a specialised boat . Elder Wu, you told us such an important bit of information If we are able to cross, we will definitely take you with us . ”

“Hmph!” The elder from before snorted icily as he flung his sleeves and went off in a different direction .

Elder Wu smiled, “In that case, we’ll have to trouble you!”

“Hey, you guys, look! There’s a boat!” Someone suddenly cried out and everyone turned over to see a huge boat appear on the sea .

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“Whose boat is that? It can actually float on the waters?!”

“It’s such a huge boat . There are many who can fit on it!”

“I’m rather curious whose it belongs to . Could we hitch a ride?”

“Look at the people on the boat . Aren’t they from Heartbreak Valley?”

“That’s right, the one in the mask seems to be Heartbreak Valley’s Valley Master!”

After Ximen Feng got on the boat, the rest of the disciples from Heartbreak Valley followed him up . The group sat on the deck . They watched the people below, looking awesome .

“It really is Heartbreak Valley!’

“How did those from Heartbreak Valley get this kind of warship? Wouldn’t you need to spend a fortune to build it?”

“Don’t just see Heartbreak Valley as a newly established power . This power is simply far beyond our reach . ”

“You tell me, if we were to ask them to give us a ride, would they agree?”

“You just have to look at them to know that they wouldn’t . ”

Each and every one from Blood Fiend City looked menacing and evil . Their malicious aura leaked from every inch of them, causing those who were more cautious to take a step back .

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On this side, those from the Yin Yang Palace and Kong Valley had seen it as well . Kong Xiang Yi saw Sima You Yue, who was slowly climbing up the boat and cried out, “Hey, isn’t that You Yue?!”

“Little Sis, do you know him?” Kong Xiang Qi asked .

“I do! He and I are rather familiar . ” Kong Xiang Yi said, “We did some things together, so we could be considered as friends . ”

“Then ask him to take us with him . Will he agree?” Kong Xian Qi asked joyfully .

“He definitely will . ” Kong Xiang Yi said excitedly, “You Yue is really nice and warm . Based on our relationship, it wouldn’t be a problem for us to bring all our Kong Valley with us! Big Bro, let me call out to stop them . Otherwise, their ship will depart! You Yue, You Yue!”

After speaking, she ran off ahead towards Sima You Yue’s boat .

Kong Xiang Qi wanted to run after her, but Elder Wu grabbed onto his arm .

“Xiang Qi, you initially said that you would take us with you if you were able to craft a boat . Now that things are this way, look, could you speak with those from the Heartbreak Valley as well to see if they’ll take us along?”

“Take you along?” Kong Xiang Qi appeared to be at a loss, “I don’t know Sima You yeu myself . Look, it’s my younger sister who knows him . Now that my young sister has gone over, I don’t know whether or not you will be able to come along . Why don’t we do this? You can come with us, and we’ll ask if that would be possible?”

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