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Chapter 1070: 1070

After knowing it was time for labor, Wu La Mai and the rest weren’t that worried anymore, afterall they already had experience on this, it wasn’t that dangerous . But because it happened in a rush, they were shocked . But when the burden in their heart was finally lifted, Sima You Yue’s words made them worried again .

“Godmother’s condition is worse than what I estimated, she was affected by the spatial pressure, there’s signs of difficult birth . ”

“What? Then what now?” Wu La Mai cried out .

Shui Qing Man let out a painful groan, Sima You Yue looked around anxiously, they were in the desert, there wasn’t any water around .

Wu La Mai knew it was the best for Shui Qing Man if she gave birth in waters, he tried to sense for waters but he realised there wasn’t any .

“No, it can’t wait anymore . ” Sima You Yue looked at everyone around, took out a little door, opened up her Little Realm and brought Shui Qing Man and the rest in .

Everyone went in with her, everyone in the desert was gone in a flash .

Not long after they left, a group of people flew here boarding the flying beast .

“Huh? I definitely felt the presence of people here just now . Where have they disappeared to?” Looking at the empty desert, they were full of doubts .

“Since there’s no one here, then we’ll just head to another place . Other than getting the opportunity, remember our motive . ”

“Don’t worry, this time we’ll definitely stir this continent upside down! Pity those brothers . ”

In order to let more people in, they diluted the auspicious beast’s blood, so the blood stain of the auspicious beast on them didn’t hit the requirement . When those people flew into the volcanic crater, they didn’t enter the ripples, instead, when they fell straight into the lava and met their doom .

Only those higher strengths with fast reaction, the moment they dropped into the lava, they put up a protective barrier in order to stay alive .

“Let’s go to the next destination . ” The in charge ordered, the flying beast flew them to the next destination .

They placed a smooth and flat jade in front, on top of it, there were a little golden dot and many red dots . Those dots moved slowly .

In Little Realm, those who came in for the first time were shocked, seeing hundreds of thousand people living inside, one by one they were stunned, especially after knowing all these people were fugitives from Blood Fiend city, the facial expression on them changed .

No wonder Sima You Yue dared to be tough towards so many forces, if this got out, with all these back ups, who would dare to provoke her?

But what they didn’t know were, those people didn’t belong to Sima You Yue, they had a pact, unless it matters of life and death, they wouldn’t take action . And Sima You Yue provided them a stable and peaceful life in return .

Sima You Yue brought those people in together because if she suddenly disappeared, those people would let their imaginations run wild, rather than being found out and having to explain them later, might as well bring them in together .

She didn’t bother about those people after she came in, but she quickly brought Shui Qing Man to the lake that she prepared for her .

Shui Qing Man felt better after getting in touch with water, but she was still in pain, it was much more difficult compared to all the others .

Wu La Mai and his nine sons stood beside the lake, looking at Shui Qing Man . When they saw her groaning in pain, their worries deepened .

But they couldn’t do anything at all hence all they could do was to put their hopes on Sima You Yue .

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Sima You Yue took out a few pills for Shui Qing Man, those were initially refined for Shui Qing Man,but she didn’t expect that they would be put in use that fast .

After taking the pills, she passed some spiritual energy into Shui Qing Man’s abdomen and enveloped the fetus with a layer of spiritual energy once she found it .

That dragon egg was a little impatient, it jerked continuously in Shui Qing Man’s stomach, after being wrapped in Sima You Yue’s spiritual energy, it quietened down a lot . In addition to the pills starting to take effect, she felt the strength in her body slowly coming back .

“Godmother, are you feeling better?” Sima You Yue came out from the water and asked while looking at Shui Qing Man .

Shui Qing Man nodded, she was actually feeling much better .

“I discovered some blockages in your body, that’s why it will be difficult labor . Later, I’ll use spiritual energy to help you unblock and you’ll have to coordinate with my spiritual energy and use some energy . When I ask you to push, you have to push hard, alright?”

“Alright . Ughhh——”

Sima You Yue went in the waters again, luckily she took the waterproof bead that Wu La Mai gave her, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to breathe in the water, if not for that, nobody knew what would happen .

Two hours later, Sima You Yue finally threaded up from the water with a tired face, but the smile on her face lifted everyones’ worry .

“Godmother has given birth, both of them are safe . ”

With that sentence, those people who were ashore completely let down their worries .

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After that, a purple egg lined with golden veins floated up, it was different from the purple dragon egg from the past .

Wu Lai Mai couldn’t wait, jumped into the water and kept Shui Qing Man accompanied, he didn’t notice the eggs in the water at all .

The few Elder Brother ashore couldn’t keep calm and collected anymore, they looked at that purple golden egg, frowned and said, “Why does this dragon egg look like that?”

“We weren’t like this in the past . ”

“That’s right, we were all purple, how did it become like that?” Wu La Xiu asked doubtfully .

“What kind of dragon has gold colour?” Wu La Lu asked .

Wu La Man who was shocked while he was keeping Shui Qing Man company, he turned back and saw the egg that was floating and when he saw the gold vein on it, he was speechless, but his face showed excitement .

Wu La Lu saw Wu La Man’s reaction and asked, “King Father, do you know what happened to Eleven?”

Everyone’s gaze turned towards Wu La Mai, waiting for his response .

“Azure Dragon of the East, White Tiger of the West, Vermilion Bird of the South and the Black Tortoise of the North . ” Wu Lai Man murmured .

With that, everyone’s looks changed .

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“King Father, you’re saying Little Eleven is… . an Azure Dragon?” Wu La Xiu gulped, finally saying that sentence .

Sima You Yue looked at Little Eleven, this guy was an Azure Dragon? Azure Dragon should be azure in colour, wasn’t Little Eleven golden?

“Azure Dragon is not azure . ” Wu La Mai said .

Sima You Yue then realised that she spoke the last sentence .

“Azure Dragon isn’t azure? Then why is it called Azure Dragon?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Mythical Dragon Master is located in the east, azure is the attribute of east . Actually, Mythical Dragon Master is golden in colour, that’s why it’s called Golden Dragon and Blue dragon . ” Wu La Mai explained .

“Then is Little Eleven really a Mythical Dragon?” Wu La Er asked .

“The egg shell still has purple, I guess it’s because of the variation in the blood vessels that activated the blood line in Mythical Dragon in us . He can’t be counted as a Mythical Dragon yet, but his blood vessels will be higher than us by a lot, unless the blood vessels really activate, then we will once again have a Mythical Dragon Master!” Wu La Mai said excitedly, his gaze in Little Eleven was filled with hopes .

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