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Chapter 1019: 1019

Sima You Yue did not originally plan to bother with the people behind her . However, his eccentric words annoyed her somewhat .

Furthermore, she felt that as an alchemist, she had an obligation to right a mistake that should be common sense .

“You said that if those two ingredients are able to blend together, you’ll eat the test paper?” She turned around and looked at the male who just spoke .

“That’s right . ” Gu Xi Ping raised his chin, looking arrogantly at Sima You Yue .

He found Sima You Yue to be an eyesore . He was originally someone that everyone had their eyes on, but now, nobody cared to look at him at all . They only bothered about this ugly bumpkin who came out from who knows what mountain!

Sima You Yue didn’t know why his eyes were filled with aggression towards her, but she would never give face to someone who would provoke her like this .

“I believe that you won’t go back on your word since we are in the presence of so many . ” She smiled at him before turning around to say to Ji Qing Yuan, “Scarlet Star Grass and Flaming Cliff Grass are both potent . If they are paired together, it will result in an even more intense medicinal result . For the stronger pills, it’s even more compatible . ”

“However, these two herbs cannot be paired together . Not even if you added in a few herbs to fuse them together . ” Ji Qing Yuan said .

“That’s because we haven’t yet found the right one . ” Sima You Yue said, “As long as we can find the right agent, these two herbs should be able to mix . ”

“Then you should prove it to us? Otherwise, you should walk further away . Don’t stand here like an idiot!” Gu Xi Ping said .

“Remember what you just said . ” Sima You Yue glanced at him before taking out a stalk of Scarlet grass and a stalk of Flaming Cliff Grass . She also had a ball of some vegetation, and it seemed similar to Earth Tiger Grass .

“What is this? It’s pitch black . Is it even a herb?” Gu Xi Ping sneered, never having seen it before .

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“This isn’t a herb, but this is a lot more useful than the other herbs . ” Sima You Yue said, “I’m thinking, though, that for someone who has lived with a golden key all their life, you must never have seen this kind of common good . ”

“This is your fusing agent? Hahaha, this black round ball that isn’t even a herb?!”

Sima You Yue didn’t bother with him as she took out a furnace and began to refine her pill .

She quickly extracted the two herbs into liquid before she added in the Earth Tiger Grass that had been burned to ashes . She tossed the ashes into the pot . Then, she tossed the scarlet grass and flaming cliff grass inside, closed the lid and increased the intensity of the fire .

‘Ding- Ding-”

As the temperature rose, clanging sounds were heard from inside the furnace . It sounded very similar to the prelude of an exploding furnace .

“Haha, it’s about to explode!” Gu Xi Ping burst into laughter, “I already told you that this was common sense, but you just insisted on it . How about it, isn’t it like a slap to your face?”

“Noisy . ” Sima You Yue said this lightly as she turned her attention back to the furnace .

“Ding- Ding-”

It became increasingly chaotic inside the furnace . Aside from Sima You Yue, the others all expected it to explode in a few seconds . Even Ji Qing Yuan prepared to seal the place up the moment it exploded .

“Ding- Ding-”

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Just as everyone thought that it was going to explode, the sounds from inside the furnace gradually calmed down until it was completely silent .


Gu Xi Ping and the others didn’t believe that it had truly fused . However, there were no longer any sounds of movement coming from inside . Their curiosity finally got the better of them .

Sima You Yue extinguished the fire before finally opened the lid of the furnace . A medicinal smell wafted over .

“Such a potent medicinal smell!”

Everyone around them could smell it .

Sima You Yue slapped the furnace as two pills flew out . With a wave of her hand, it landed in her palm .

“It really fused!” Everyone looked at the pills with disbelief .

Not only did it fuse, she was even able to use those two herbs to refine this pill . The results were obvious, the potent medicinal smell already said a lot .

Sima You Yue placed the pill in front of Ji Qing Yuan, saying, “Is this proof enough?”

Ji Qing Yuan took the pills and examined them closely, “It has indeed fused . In the past, we only tried to find a fusing agent amongst herbs . We failed again and again . Who would have thought that the crux did not lie in herbs at all . We have set this question in error . In the future, we will use your answer as the correct answer . Your answer was right, so your final score is a perfect score!”

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The one in charge of the scores cancelled her old score and gave her full marks .

Sima You Yue looked pointedly at Gu Xi Ping . She didn’t bring up the fact that he was supposed to eat the test paper, turning around to head back to rest instead .

Although she didn’t say it, her look still caused Gu Xi Ping to flush a furious scarlet as he wished he could find a tent to hide in .

“Alright, continue . Next…”

Sima Yo Yue returned to the resting area where Han Miao Shuang and the others were already waiting for her .

“Yue Yue, why didn’t you make that guy eat his test paper!” Little Seven saw that she had let that guy off too easily, so she said with a pout .

“You should let someone off whenever you can… I wasn’t the one who instigated it, and I didn’t want to cause trouble blindly either . ” Sima You Yue said, “I saw this person before when I went to survey my surroundings . Although I don’t know who he is, he’s in the area designated for the inner regions . This means that he’s someone from there .

It was better for her not to evoke the ire of someone from the inner regions at this time .

“In any case, the outcome was already like a harsh slap to his face . So what if he eats the test paper or not?”

Little Seven nodded her head with understanding, “That’s right . No matter what, everyone there saw the fusion of the two herbs . It was indeed very embarrassing for him . It doesn’t matter that he didn’t eat the test paper, everyone already saw that . If you forced it, you would look too overbearing . ”

“That’s right . That’s exactly the case . ” Sima You Yue said, “I came here to compete, not to make enemies . Let’s continue observing how the other contestants fare . ”

It went without saying that those who could come here to compete were very all excellent . Most of them were able to obtain points of ninety and above .

“They’re all the best of the best!” Sima You Yue sighed .

“All these things don’t count for much . ” Han Miao Shuang said, “Those who are able to join the competition are the cream of the crop . They know the foundations of all herbs like the back of their hand . However, the pill competitions always look for some radical information to set them apart from the rest . ”

“The real competition is during the practical . ” Su Xiao Xiao said, “Some people may have a pretty decent grasp of the technical knowledge but aren’t that great at actual refinement . After all, the refinement competitions are a lot more difficult than the theoretical discourse . ”

“Do you recognise that person?” Sima You Yue asked as she pointed at one of the guys .

Han Miao Shuang looked over and said, “No, why? Do you know him?”

“Me neither, but he seems to know me . He was still looking at me when he was answering the question . ” Sima You Yue said, “I’m confident that I don’t know who he is, but I have a familiar feeling . ”

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