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Chapter 1004: 1004

“Will the clan members find out if we use the Shadow Team? Now is not the right timing for the clan to find out that she’s back . ” Sima Liu Feng asked while feeling slightly uneasy .

“Had always thought that she was in Yi Lin Continent, never expected that she’s already here . We must find out her situation as soon as possible so that we can help Liu Xuan protect her properly . ” Sima Liu Yun said,”As for the Shadow Team, as long as it’s controlled properly, it shouldn’t be a problem . ”

“That seems right too . ” Sima Liu Feng nodded, “Since that’s the case, then let them go investigate . ”

For the next few days, they kept receiving various information regarding Sima You Yue . Each and every deed made them deeply astonished, which kept refreshing their recognition towards her .

On the other hand, Sima You Yue had returned to the guesthouse inn and Little Seven was just by her side, not even daring to gasp out loudly .

She returned to the room and set up a spirit barrier then entering the Spirit Pagoda .

“Grandfather . ” She came to Sima Lie’s room as she called out softly .

Sima Lie had already came out of cultivation before she arrived and after his promotion to Divine Rank, he became much younger .

He opened his door and saw Sima You Yue with a ghastly expression as he asked with great concern, “You Yue, what’s the matter?”

“Grandfather, I wish to have a chat with you . ”

Sima Li immediately moved sideways and let her walk into the room .

“What happened?”

Sima You Yue sat on the chair and looked at him as she asked, “Grandfather, when my father handed me to you, did he say anything?”

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“What did he say…”

Sima Lie recalled that afternoon when he had just returned from the palace and right when he was walking through the main entrance of the mansion, he met the man who previously saved him .

Several decades had passed and he still looked the same . What was different then was that there was a child in his arms and his expression had a deep sorrow added to it .

“Benefactor!” He hurriedly walked over and bowed in respect to Sima Liu Xuan .

“That year you said you’d repay me for the favour in saving your life . Let me ask you today, does your word still count?”

“A gentleman’s promise is worth one thousand in gold . ”

“Then let me raise this child, ensuring she grows up . ” Sima Liu Xuan passed Sima You Yue over to Sima Lie’s arms .

“She’s… . . ”

“My daughter . ” Sima Liu Xuan looked at Sima You Yue’s tiny face reluctantly, “You Yue, she’s called Sima You Yue . ”

You Yue? Wasn’t she the same generation as You Ming and the others?

“Rest assured, I will raise her up . ”

“Let her wear this properly, remember not to let anyone know that she’s a girl . ” Sima Liu Xuan placed a ring into the swaddle cloth as he urged repeatedly .

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“When are you coming back to look for her?” Sima Lie asked .

“I don’t know at this point of time, if I’m able to return, I will naturally return… . . ”

That evening, the setting sun was blood red… . .

Sima You Yue listened to Sima Lie recalling that fateful day as she heard him describing the reluctance towards Sima Liu Xuan once and again .

Perhaps it was because her body and soul had merged for a long time and the two had already become one entity hence she was able to sense the longing from Sima Liu Xuan towards his own child .

“What exactly happened?” Sima Lie asked .

“I’ve met Sima clan’s people, they say they’re my uncles . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Then did they do anything to you?” Sima Lie became agitated .

“No . ” Sima You Yue shook her head .

“Then how do they know you’re you?” Sima Lie queried .

Sima You Yue narrated the entire affair which had happened right from the time when she met the people from the Sima clan, which made Sima Lie had a fright from listening to it .

“If Sima clan was safe then, your father wouldn’t have brought you over to Yi Lin Continent for me to raise you up . ” Sima Lie said, “Now their situation is unclear, so probably something had happened . ”

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“I’m thinking at least those two have no intentions to hurt me . ” Sima You Yue said, “If they wanted to eliminate the roots, they wouldn’t have let me return here today . ”

“But it’s still dangerous . ” Sima Lie’s eyes were filled with worry .

He didn’t know what kind of family was that Sima clan but there was one thing that he was very clear of . No matter who they were, they weren’t someone whom they could afford to offend right now .

“I want to be clear of what kind of attitude they have right now and also why they sent me to Yi Lin Continent then . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Then are you going to meet them?” Sima Lie asked .

“I still haven’t cleared up my thoughts yet . ” Sima You Yue sucked in a breath of air, “Tomorrow will be the alchemy contest and the matters from the Alchemist Guild are not settled yet so no one knows how the alchemy contest will turn out . Clan matters can only wait until after the contest . ”

She actually wanted to know the news concerning this body’s father too . She had promised the original owner so that person would be her father and mother too .

“Mn . ” Sima Lie nodded, “First settle the matters in front of you, these few days you can also check on their attitudes . But I’m thinking, no matter what attitude the Sima clan has, your father, he loves you . ”

Sima You Yue looked at Sima Lie and after a long while later, she nodded her head and took out the interspatial ring which Sima Liu Xuan left behind, staring at it in a daze .

Sima Lie saw her state and sighed while shaking his head .

Her own matters had yet to be settled and now she met with Sima clan’s matters, he really felt heartache for her .

After a moment later, Sima You Yue left Sima Lie’s room and headed towards another courtyard .

Mo San was reading books in the courtyard and when he saw Sima You Yue walking in, he waved his hand which was holding a book, ” I realised that the books you have here are plentiful . ”

“If you like it go ahead and read, as long as you don’t tell anyone about it . ” Sima You Yue walked over and sat next to him .

“That’s easy . ” Mo San put down the book and said, “Why do you look out of sorts? What are you thinking of?”

Sima You Yue didn’t expect his feelings to be so acute as she thought about it for a moment and said, “I’m thinking, who exactly am I . ”

Mo San’s brows rose, this fellow was actually thinking of this question? “Why are you thinking of this?”

“My soul still remembers the happiness and hatred from my past life and there are many times when I feel that I’m Ximen You Yue . But when I’m with Grandfather and the rest, when I’m with my friends, I feel that I’m Sima You Yue, that girl who grew up in Yi Lin Continent . ” Sima You Yue said .

“And then?”

“But now I’m getting confused over who I am now . ” Sima You Yue said, “Sometimes when I feel that I’m Ximen You Yue, I will feel sorry towards Sima You Yue and when I feel that I’m Sima You Yue, I feel that I’m not Ximan You Yue already?”

“You’re both Sima You Yue, and also Ximen You Yue . There is no conflict . ” Mo San said .

“But when I’m facing my relatives, I still feel slightly awkward . ” Sima You Yue said, “I feel that I haven’t completely turned into Sima You Yue . For example, meeting her uncles this time round, I don’t have any feelings towards my relatives . For example my father, I feel that if they found out that their own daughter’s soul had been changed, they will definitely feel sad . ”

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