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Chapter 9

Lin Fan heard Wang Zhou’s conversation about the veterans being attacked . He wanted to avoid that problem and said, “Master, I will take my leave . ”

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He was a newbie with only eleven years of martial art cultivation, so he didn’t want to fight a serial killer .

“Wait . ” Wang Zhou stopped Lin Fan .

The word wait Lin Fan heard meant bad news for him .

“You are still a newbie Hunter, you still lack experience . Take your men and go to the crime scene to investigate the situation . And Captain Zhao will accompany you . ”

“Any questions?”

Wang Zhou hoped Lin Fan could grow faster, Lin Fan could gain cultivation either by fighting the demons or distinguish the deaths caused by the demons or not .

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Lin Fan pretended to be thankful toward Wang Zhou and prepared to investigate the crime scene with his subordinates .

But deep in his heart, he was dissatisfied .

Lin Fan didn’t want someone expected him to achieve something great, he didn’t want that kind of burden .

Lin Fan left Wang Zhou to prepare his men and waited for Captain Zhao in front of the city gate .

After waiting for a while in front of the city gate, Lin Fan finally saw Captain Zhao arrived .

“Leader, will we meet demons?” Wang Bao said .

“Shut your mouth, if you really want to meet the demons, he is the one who will take you there . ” Lin Fan scolded him, then Wang Bao returned to the line .

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“Captain Zhao, why don’t you bring your people for this operation?” Lin Fan asked .

Zhao was also one of Hunter Guild’s leader . But that day, he couldn’t bring his men for some reason .

So Lin Fan was afraid if he encountered a dangerous enemy, no one would protect him .

Captain Zhao told Lin Fan his achievement while working as Hunter .

Captain Zhao has been a Hunter for 13 years .

When he was still a newbie like Lin Fan, he already led 23 Hunters to guard Jiangdu City, solved 138 cases, and killed 246 demons .

“You are their leader . They are your brothers . You have a responsibility to keep them safe . Remember, sometimes, demons are not the worst . The most terrible creature is humans . ” Captain Zhao said .

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“Such as?” Lin Fan asked .

Lin Fan wanted to know for the sake of his safety .

“Don’t ask too much, you will become a real Hunter soon . It shows that you have the talent for this job, and Master Wang also values ​​you very much . He trained you, do not let Master Wang down . ”

Their group finally left the city and entered the forest .

Captain Zhao’s mind was occupied about how much he wanted to have a child along the way .

He was longing to have a wife and children from long ago, that was an old single man’s complex .

They arrived at Ten Miles . Well, that was the name of that place, not literally ten miles from the city .

The three carriages were still there with the goods in it . As for the horses, it was gone .

“Be careful . ” Captain Zhao was cautious of the surroundings . There was a chance he could encounter demons outside of the city .

Although there were not that many demons around Jiangdu City, they still had to be careful .

Lin Fan arranged his men to guard the surrounding area .

“Leader, do you want to look around for clues? Maybe there will be clues left unnoticed . ”

“Do you want to die? If you walk around, demons will kill you . ” Lin Fan scolded him .

Lin Fan felt so helpless, his men didn’t have a common sense, demons will absolutely kill them one by one if they were separated from the group .

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