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Published at 20th of May 2020 10:04:55 PM
Chapter 75
Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 75
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Lin Fan was quite helpless, although the old man didn’t say anything, he already knew something in his mind .

The so-called Jiutian Sect was probably dangerous .

Qin Heng also felt the architecture of Jiutian’s Sect was a bit different from the immortal gate, he thought .

He thought maybe the master was a humble person, so the architecture was so shabby .

Not long after .

You You, the senior disciples, and Lin Fan went to some building . It was not too shabby . It was a gorgeous one .

“This is where you will live in the future . You can’t skip the class on weekdays . It’s dangerous outside, Not only demons, but there are also many bad people who specialize in cultivating evil technique . ”

Then You You patted Lin Fan’s shoulder and said, “Brothers, don’t think too much about it . ”

“Thank you . ” What else could Lin Fan say?

You You said something very clearly . It was not impossible to escape, but it was too dangerous outside .

“Master instructed to escort you to the residence to attend the ceremony, follow me . ” You You said .

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For some reason, You You looked to Qin Heng .

You You remembered how he felt the first time he arrived there . He felt Qin Heng was like him at that time .

But later You You regretted coming to the Jiutian Sect .

Qin Heng urged the senior disciples to move faster . He didn’t want to let the master down .

On the way, Lin Fan learned from You You that there were only more than 100 disciples in the Jiutian Sect .

It was far less compared with other sects .

Lin Fan was afraid he wouldn’t be able to grow stronger .

Led by You You, they arrived at a decent building .

“Come in . ” Fang Jiuzhen smiled immediately when he saw Lin Fan and the other two .

“Master . ” Qin Heng just to keep praising Fang Jiuzhen, his eyes stared at the building that he didn’t know what was inside .

He imagined the possibilities .

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Although there was no special grand ceremony in there, it was so mysterious .

At that time, Qin Heng quietly patted Lin Fan on the shoulder and said, “Did you feel very nervous? I was nervous, anyway . ”

Lin Fan didn’t want to talk to Qin Heng because Lin Fan had a hunch of the current situation .

Inside the building .

The lighting was not very bright .

Fang Jiuzhen was already kneeling there, and several portraits were hanging on the wall in front of him .

The portraits were so real as if they were the real person .

“Ancestor, your disciple Fang Jiuzhen is here to introduce two disciples, and please bless and protect them . ”

Fang Jiuzhen knelt down a few times, then got up and lit three incense sticks of unknown material in the incense burner .

Then it turned back .

“You two, come here to worship our old ancestors at Jiutian Sect . ”

Qin Heng respected the ancestors . He didn’t even lift his head, and he knelt down on the futon .

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Qin Heng was almost crying .

The ceremony was to worship the portrait of the ancestors, and there were more meanings in it .

That was to teach the new disciples to be optimistic about the sect and gave their best effort to cultivate .

But when Jiu Zhen saw Lin Fan, he asked why Lin Fan didn’t come to the altar .

Lin Fan looked so hesitant to do that .

Because Lin Fan realized every disciple there didn’t have the Spirit Root .

And Lin Fan thought it was impossible if they wanted to be Immortals without the Spirit Root .

Lin Fan wanted to escape, but he thought he might encounter danger from demons and other disciples’ sect .

But even if he had the Spirit Root in the future, he had to wait for the assessment .

On the other hand, the situation of Jiutian Sect showed that the disciples were all warriors even without the Spirit root, and lived their life safely there .

No danger occurred .

Not to mention the old man in front of him was a good man .

After thinking about that, Lin Fan sighed slightly .

“That’s it!”

Lin Fan has already decided that he will stay there .

Lin Fan came to the futon, like Qin Heng, he worshiped the ancestors to have their blessing and protection .

Fang Jiuzhen smiled, looking at the scene .

“The first portrait was the founder of our sect, known as the Nine Heavens Emperor . His power is unparalleled in the world . ”

“The second portrait is the second in command . He is known as Gai Huaxian and has unique talents . ”

“The third …”

Qin Heng was amazed by those ancestors .

In the future, he will also be called… Qin Heng Emperor .

And Lin Fan looked quite helpless .

He just wanted to listen .

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