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Published at 25th of April 2020 07:08:59 PM
Chapter 51

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 51

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Qiu Er’s legs were shaking .

Not because of fear .

He almost fainted because Lin Fan’s men kept using him as a training dummy, but since Qui Er has been rescued . He really wanted to cry, because Dragon Gang did not give up on him even though he didn’t have a high status in Dragon Gang .

They loathed Lin Fan, and also cursed Wang Zhou .

“Sir Lin let you go, be careful . ” Ji Zhen said in a deep voice . He was a bit upset because he must spend his silver money for those maggots .

“Yes . ”

“Yes . ”

Qiu Er and others bowed their head .

Ji Zhen clenched his fist, “Sir Lin, then I will take my leave, and I wish I will have the opportunity to thank you soon . ”

“You’re welcome . ” Lin Fan smiled .

He enjoyed his power as a Hunter .

Ji Zhen then left with Qiu Er’s group .

“Hahaha . ”

Lin Fan looked at their back while sneering .

“Leader, are you sure to let them go?” Wang Bao felt that his leader wouldn’t let them go easily .

There must be a secret plan .

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Lin Fan brought out all the silver money, “We will divide this money among ourselves, by the way, I’ll send Zhenbin’s share to him myself . ”

“What!” Wang Bao and others were completely stunned and nervous at the same time . “Leader, this is too much, I don’t dare to take it . ”

Everyone else thought so .

“Just take it . What are you afraid of? We can’t live without money, right?” Lin Fan said .

Lin Fan had a small goal .

When the time has come for him to leave the city, he wanted his men to have a wealthy life .

“Leader, if I bring this silver money back home, my father will be shocked . ” Wang Bao said happily .

He never saw that such a huge sum of money .

“Yeah, I’m happy to hear that, hurry up, take the money . ” Lin Fan said .

Lin Fan thought Ji Zhen was stupid .

He spent such a huge sum of money just to take away those small fries .

Ji Zhen intended to let the people knew that Dragon Gang was immune to the law .

Outside Of The Dungeon .

“Get back to the street where you get arrested . You understand what I mean . ” Ji Zhen looked at those small fries furiously .

“Yes, we got it . ”

“We understand . ”

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Ji Zhen nodded, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up!”

Qiu Er and others ran away .

They understood what to do .

Main Street .

From time to time, the hawkers talked about Qiu Er’s case .

That was a piece of big news for them .

Nobody believed what they saw, and they thought that maybe their darkest day would end .

Suddenly .

As the hawkers continued their conversation, they saw the infamous person they have been talking about suddenly appeared .

“Ha ha ha ha, I’m back, do you guys miss me? I’m from Dragon gang, do you think a mere Hunter will able to hold me down?”

“Stop dreaming!”

Qiu Er and his men walked on the street, and no one could stop them .

At that time .

The hawkers were really disappointed with the government because Qiu Er was already back to the street .

“You dumb Hunters!” The hawkers cursed Lin Fan’s group in their hearts .

“Hurry up! Show me your silver . I will pick up what we left off earlier . ”

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“Listen to me . I just got jailed in a few hours . What does it mean? I think you all already understand it . ”

Qiu Er was like a king there .

Some hawkers sighed, took out their silver money, and placed it on their stall .

Their hopes were shattered when they saw Qiu Er back to the street .

Qiu Er came to the stall, which sold porridge and took the money .

“Huh? I remember you!” The hawker’s face, who was selling porridge, turned pale .


Qiu Er punched that hawker’s face .

“I remember your face . You were the happiest man when I got arrested . Can you laugh right now?”

The hawker did not dare to resist and bowed his head while praying for some help .

Suddenly .

Qiu Er trembled when he heard a man’s voice .

“Arrest them! Whoever dares to resist, I will show no mercy . ” Lin Fan and his men have been waiting for that moment .

Wang Bao hated Dragon Gang so much, and he approached them while carrying a sword .

Wang Bao kicked Qiu Er until he fell to the ground, and Wang Bao drew his sword then poked Qiu Er’s neck with it .

Qiu Er didn’t understand what was going on .

Didn’t Lin Fan release them?

What was currently happening?

Lin Fan approached Qiu Er and said, “I admit you have some guts . I want to give you a chance to reflect on your sins, but I didn’t expect you will commit a crime right away . I will not tolerate you this time . ”

“Bring them back to the dungeon!”

At that moment, Ji Zhen, who was hiding in the dark, saw that scene and looked terrified . He immediately rushed out and said, “Sir, please wait . ”

Lin Fan smiled when he saw Ji Zhen coming to him .

“Sir Lin, this is just a misunderstanding . ” Ji Zhen hurriedly said that . He did not expect Lin Fan would come .

Lin Fan said, “Misunderstanding? I saw them commit a crime with my own eyes, and my brethren also saw them . They are extremely dangerous for citizens . Brother, I have told you before, if I see them commit crimes again, I won’t hesitate to arrest them again . ”

Ji Zhen didn’t expect Lin Fan to be that shameless even though he already received Ji Zhen’s money .

Lin Fan said, “Look at those people, they are so thin, they even can’t eat properly . But he keeps taking those people’s money . ”

“What do you think?”

That was a passionate speech .

The hawkers were crying with excitement .

“Yes, Sir Lin is right . ”


“Our small business is just enough for our daily necessities . ”

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