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Chapter 42

“Leader, are you really leaving without us?” Wang Bao and others surrounded Lin Fan .

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They wanted to go with Lin Fan in his new mission .

Lin Fan said, “Just continue your practice here . It’s not safe for you guys . You might encounter a very powerful demon . With your current strength, not only you won’t be able to help, but you will also slow us down . ”

Wang Bao bowed his head; he was disappointed because he was so weak .

“Okay, but you have to come back in one piece . ” Wang Bao said, he secretly made a promise in his heart to become stronger so he could be useful for Lin Fan .

The cultivation of immortals required talent, but martial arts also required talent .

Based on their age and the skills they had, the chances of becoming a master were pretty low .

Unless they ate divine medicine, which will increase their spiritual power greatly .

Otherwise, there was no chance for them .

“During my absence, you guys must practice well, don’t worry about me, we will talk about it when I come back . ” Lin Fan said .

Wang Zhou and Captain Zhao were waiting outside the gate .

Lin Fan didn’t say much, just waved his hands, he told them to practice by themselves and left hurriedly .

Outside the city .

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The powerful Hunters of Hunter Guild has already gathered, Wang Zhou, Lin Fan, and Captain Zhao, a total of seven of them was equal to one elite army .

Even if they encountered the black fox demon, they would win for sure .

“Sir, do you think Dragon Gang is the one behind all of this?” Lin Fan said .

Frankly speaking .

Lin Fan didn’t know why . Dragon Gang was the first name that came to his mind .

Wang Zhou sighed, he frowned and said, “Dragon Gang, Dragon Gang …”

Helpless .

“If we think about it… There is no benefit for them in doing this . Why would they do this?”

Wang Zhou said .

Wang Zhou had a suspicion of Dragon Gang based on the caravan incident, and Dr . Sun dry well, but he didn’t have any evidence .

As long as there was evidence, could crush Dragon Gang whenever you wanted .

Cooperation with the demon was a taboo .

But Lin Fan responded that he didn’t agree with Wang Zhou’s statement because they just didn’t know what the benefit for the Dragon Gang was .

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And he also wanted to know about the reason behind Gao Yixiong’s invitation .

Lin Fan then switched to Captain Zhao; he rarely met Captain Zhao after Captain Zhao recovered .

“Let’s speed up the pace and strive to get there before dark . ” Li Zhiyong said .

Quickly .

Seven horses rushed away .

Valley Village .

Lin Fan and others finally reached their destination .

The whole village was very quiet, and the blood on the village gate had already dried up .

They stood at the entrance of the village but did not enter for the time being .

Even though there was a demon, the people in that village didn’t go to the city because they didn’t like being there .

Finally, they entered the village to start the investigation .

Being a demon didn’t mean they were a dumb creature; some demon’s intelligence was even higher than humans .

Lin Fan frowned because he didn’t find any corpses . If it were not for the bloodstains, no one would know there was a massacre there .

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The survivor was scared by the demons and lost his sanity .

Wang Zhou looked at the ground to find clues . He was looking for footprints; he could tell what kind of demon it was from seeing the footprints .

“Strange, it’s really weird . Why are there no footprints? Is it a demon without a foot?”

Meanwhile .

The team scattered to find clues .

Wang Zhou warned Lin Fan not to go too far from him because the demon might attack him by surprise .

Of course, Lin Fan knew that .

It was often shown in tv-series and dramas .

Usually, someone will hear or find something that will lead that person to the demon, and that person will disappear without a trace .

Not long after .

Wang Zhou found the clue, and he found paw marks on the corner of a broken wooden door .

“I found something!”

“It’s not the black demon fox . The black demon fox has five toes . This footprint has three toes . ”

Wang Zhou told everyone what he found .

“Phew, at least it’s not a black fox demon . ” Li Zhiyong said, he didn’t want to fight the black fox demon for the time being .

Suddenly, Lin Fan said something shocking .

“Not only the demons, but humans also take part in the slaughter party . ”

When Wang Zhou and others heard what Lin Fan said, their expressions changed and approached Lin Fan .

“How did you know?” Wang Zhou asked .

Lin Fan pointed at the ground, “Look, here . ”

The crowd looked at the floor and found a blood-stained floor .

Lin Fan squatted down and explained; there were a hole and a bloodstain on the floor .

Wang Zhou and others frowned and then looked at Lin Fan with a different impression .

Lin Fan’s analysis made sense .

His ability to observe and analyze something was really exceptional .

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