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Chapter 34

The results were quite satisfactory .

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He stared at the sky . It was already late, he hurriedly took a bath and went to sleep .

Tomorrow he will train his men again .

Lin Fan decided to increase the portion of the training tomorrow .

At night, the entire Jiangdu City was so quiet .

A horse entered the city and then stopped outside Dragon Gang’s base, a man hurriedly running towards the building .

Nu Hetian had fallen asleep after he had some fun with his wife and concubines . He was woken up by the man who came earlier . Then he came to the library .

“Master, Yang Zhi and Yu Bin were killed . ”

Nu Hetian’s expression changed after he heard the news .

He never expected anything from Yang Zhi, but not Yu Bin .

Yu Bin was a wise man . He would not be reckless in doing anything . How could he lose to a mere Hunter?

“Is Wei Xiong dead?” Nu Hetian asked .

“Yes, Master . ”

Nu Hetian frowned and thought, “Well, don’t worry about it, tell someone to bury them . ”

“Yes, Master . ”

Nu Hetian was still in the library, he didn’t expect Wang Zhou to be involved in that matter .

The situation was clear .

He originally only needed Wei Xiong and Lin Fan to die to save the trouble for Dragon Gang .

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If he wanted to deal with Lin Fan, he must deal with Wang Zhou first .

Even though he was angry, he could still think clearly to act carefully around Wang Zhou .

The next day .

Lin Fan stood at the gate as usual, waiting for his men to come and told them to do physical training .

His men gradually became accustomed to the training .

But they could not get used to the people who were staring at their head .

Fifteen Hunters were training in Jiangdu City, and some children mocked them, talked about their heads .

Even though the Hunters have already accepted the reality but that child’s words hurt them .

After running around Jiangdu City, they returned to the training ground for the hellish training .

Those guys were just doing the first step .

Lin Fan himself has already crushed an iron plate with his head .

“No pain, no gain . ”

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Lin Fan self suggested his mind by saying that . The truth was he could kill someone or something to get a new technique, but he thought that would be boring .

It was so painful to get stronger .

After a few days .

Lin Fan was still waiting for his men at the gate .

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Their training started to show its result, their stamina was significantly increased . Everyone has started to learn Iron Head . Although they were still so weak, that was a good start .

“Report!” Lin Fan shouted as usual .

“1,2, … 14 . ”

Only fourteen Hunters that shouted .

“Who didn’t come today?” Lin Fan asked .

“Leader, Zhenbin didn’t come . ” Wang Bao said, he was now Lin Fan’s right hand .

Gao Zhenbin .

Lin Fan was very impressed with him . Not because of his ability, but he never slacked off in every training . He was a hard-working person . He could adapt to the training fastly .

So Lin Fan thought there must be something that prevented him from attending the training .

“Something must have happened . ”

He remembered the main character in the movies, and tv-series often encountered the current situation he was in .

But the main character never realized until the very end .

But the main character always said, “Why didn’t you tell me anything?”

Stupid .

“Who knows where his house is?” Lin Fan asked .

Wang Bao shouted, “Sir, I know . ”

“Lead the way . ” Lin Fan intended to find Gao Zhenbin .

Gao Zhenbin’s house was located at an outer ring of the city near the coast . The area of super poor families . Gao Zhenbin became a Hunter to support his family .

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Lin Fan stood outside the house .

“Is this Gao Zhenbin’s house?”

“Yes, this is Zhenbin’s house . ” Wang Bao said, knocking at the door, “Zhenbin, are you home?”

After a while, people inside the house heard Wang Bao’s voice .

“Who is there?”

An old lady walked out of the room, and when she saw Lin Fan and Wang Bao’s baldhead she realized those two were Gao Zhenbin’s friends .

“Ma’am, I’m Wang Baoliu, and this is our leader . Today Zhenbin didn’t come to the Hunter Guild . Our leader wants to check Zhenbin’s condition . ” Wang Baoliu said .

The old lady suddenly panicked when she heard that, and hurriedly opened the door .

“Sir, my son didn’t deliberately do that, please have mercy . ” She knelt down and asked Lin Fan to forgive her son .

Lin Fan quickly held the old woman not to bow in front of him . “That’s not it, I’m here just to see what happened to Zhenbin . Is there something wrong?”

“He’s in the house now . ” The old lady said .

Lin Fan saw Zhenbin on the bed with his bandaged leg . Lin Fan asked what happened to his leg while sitting on the bed .

Gao Zhenbin said, “Leader when I repaired my house yesterday . I fell off and broke my leg . ”

“Zhenbin, I will prepare tea for our guest . ” Said the old lady .

“Don’t bother, ma’am . We’re just here to check his condition . ” Lin Fan hurriedly stopped the old lady .

Lin Fan opened the bandage covering Gao Zhenbin’s leg, several bamboos covered his right leg, and it was swollen also there was a scar .

Lin Fan’s expression gradually became serious, “Zhenbin, you know I don’t like to be deceived . Your wound is not from falling . ”

“Leader, it’s okay, I just need to rest for a few days . ” Gao Zhenbin said, he did not want to tell the truth .

“Are you still trying to cover it up?” Lin Fan squinted and said angrily, “Are you joking with me?”

Gao Zhenbin panicked and said, “Leader, that’s not it, it’s just a trivial matter, there is no need for you to bother about this . ”

Lin Fan already knew he was hiding something .

There were a lot of movies that displayed a scene like that .

Gao Zhenbin acted like he saw a ghost, it meant the enemy was so dangerous, and the first thing that came to Lin Fan’s mind was Dragon Gang .

“Is Dragon Gang the one who did this to you?” Lin Fan asked .

Gao Zhenbin was surprised, he didn’t expect Lin Fan could guess that .

“If you don’t want to tell me, I can make a move on my own . ” Lin Fan said .

“Leader, the truth is …”

Lin Fan listened to the story and endured the anger in his heart . After listening, he couldn’t bear it and stood up .

“Damn, I will make him pay with interest . ” Lin Fan was about to go outside .

“Leader, please don’t go, they were not an easy opponent, don’t get in trouble because of me . I just broke my leg, and I will be fine after a few days resting . ” Gao Zhenbin said .

“You don’t need to worry . We are brothers . I’m just gonna do what I’m supposed to do . ”

“Go, follow me, and gather our men . ”

“Let’s see what will happen . ”

“He dares to break my men’s leg . ”

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