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Chapter 31

Of course, it was Yang Zhi and Yu Bin, who stopped Lin Fan .

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“Who are you?”

Lin Fan dismounted the horse, and then readied his hand on the sword’s sheath and stared at those people .

Yang Zhi: Fourth-Stage .

Possible Item Drop: 30 Years Worth of Cultivation’, Golden Whirlwind Hammer (Third-Stage), Ox Crushing The Mountain (Fourth-Stage), Silver Money, Steel Hammer (One Pair), Xiao Huan Dan (One Bottle), Catkin Body (Second-Stage) .

Yu Bin: Third-Stage .

Possible Item Drop: 31 Years Worth of Cultivation’, Water Roots (Fragments), Dark Weapon (Fourth-Stage), Skull Armor, Shadowless (Third-Stage), Silver Money, Steel Needles, Paper Fan, Blood Claw (Third-Stage) .

Lin Fan did not expect those guys to have so many good abilities and items .

What Lin Fan wanted most were their abilities .

Especially Ox Crushing The Mountain . He felt that it was a good ability .

“Boy, do you really want to know who we are before you die? Don’t you think it’s too late?” Yang Zhi hit the ground with his twin hammers .

“If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for killing those who should not be killed . ”

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“Are you talking about Dr . Sun and Lu Nian?” Lin Fan laughed .

“Why can’t I kill those two? Do you really think you can kill me here?”

“This kid is crazy, it will be interesting . ” Yang Zhi smashed the ground with his hammer .

Yu Bin swayed the paper fan gently, calmly said, “Your life is in my hands right now . Remember to be a wiser person in your next life . ” Yu Bin said .

When Yang Zhi was about to behead Lin Fan …

“Wait!” Lin Fan shouted and stopped him .

“Look behind you . Are you too weak that you can’t feel his presence, or are you too afraid of him?”

“Huh, boy, don’t try to trick me . ” Yang Zhi said .

Yu Bin wouldn’t stop even though he heard Lin Fan .

But Yang Zhi thought they should not be too reckless .

“The Dragon Gang . ” Lin Fan frowned .

He knew the existence of the Dragon Gang .

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The Jiangdu City Port Gang had great power and controlled nearly 80% of the port’s taxes .

The remaining 20% ​​were controlled by wealthy merchants in the city .

It seemed that things were a bit complicated .

“Boy, just die . ” Yang Zhinu sighed and was ready to take a stance .

Lin Fan said, “Look behind you . ”

“Huh, are you still saying that so you can escape?” Yang Zhi said, he was gradually becoming smarter while he was with Yu Bin .

Yu Bin didn’t believe what Lin Fan said .

“You guys really need to look back . Lying is not my style . ” Lin Fan scratched his head .

“Hahaha, Am I that stupid in your eyes?” Yang Zhi laughed and then looked back .

Suddenly .

His expression changed, his pupils dilated .

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That was indeed someone who stood silently watching them .

“Brother Yu …” Yang Zhi muttered quietly, “Somebody … Someone …”

“What?” Yu Bin frowned, looking at Yang Zhi in confusion .

“There is someone behind us . ” Yang Zhi shouted and took a stance, “Wang Zhou, why are you here?!”

When Yu Bin heard the name of Wang Zhou, his hands were trembling .

“Impossible . ”

Wang Zhou said, “Am I not welcomed here?”

At the same time, Wang Zhou was shocked that Lin Fan could handle such situation, as he expected .

“Impossible, absolutely impossible . ” Yu Bin didn’t believe it, he planned everything thoroughly .

How could that happen?

To determine whether Wang Zhou will come or not, they all observed for a long time to make sure Wang Zhou didn’t come .

“Frankly speaking, you are smart and indeed smart enough, but you are also stupid enough . When you asked the children to deliver the letter to me, I have already seen through your plan clearly . ”

“You killed Wei Xiong and use him to frame me . That is so cruel . ” Lin Fan already figured out their plan before he went there .

Tons of tv-series and movies saved Lin Fan .

All Lin Fan needed to do was just explained everything to Wang Zhou, then he could solve the problem easily .

“You …” Yu Bin stared at Lin Fan, and he said, “How could you know what I think, you …” Yu Bin received a heavy blow .

To think he already planned it so carefully but Lin Fan could read it clearly .

Yang Zhi panicked because Wang Zhou put a lot of pressure on them .

It was impossible to escape from Wang Zhou .

“Wang Zhou, you know who we are, you should know the consequences if you kill us . ” Yu Bin said in a deep voice . He hoped Wang Zhou will fear the organization backing them .

But …

Wang Zhou drew his sword when he heard Yu Bin’s words, “Even if I put your corpses at the front of Dragon Gang’s door, no one will dare to claim that you guys are their men . ”

“Sir, leave this one to me . ” Lin Fan could not wait any longer, he just wanted to kill Yang Zhi and obtain the ability .

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