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Chapter 22

Lin Fan didn’t have any intention to let him go from the start .

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Dr . Sun’s head was spinning and flew up, and then … rolled off to the ground .

“Leader . ”

The Hunters gathered around the scene . When they saw Dr . Sun, they were speechless . How could the prisoner be there?

“It’s okay . The prisoner Dr . Sun caught me off guard and attempted to escape . So I didn’t have a choice but to fight him . ” Lin Fan shook off the blood on his sword and slowly put it in its sheath .

‘Drop: Primary Medicine’

‘Primary Medicine: Cure diarrhea, fever, and so on . ’

Lin Fan was not very satisfied with the item drop, and he was not a doctor . That medicine was useless for him .

Dr . Sun was scum to drop that kind of thing .

“Clean up!” Lin Fan had to join Wang Zhou . It was not clear what Dr . Sun said was true or not, but Lin Fan believed half of it .

Dr . Sun’s residence .

Wang Zhou led his men to surround the place . At that time, a group of Hunters surrounded the dry well, with some wound on their body .

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They were injured by the trap .

“Sir, there is indeed a small passage below this dry well . It is so narrow, and we need to bend forward . At the same time, there are hidden traps everywhere . If the traps are triggered, there is not enough room to dodge . ”

“It is dangerous there unless there is someone strong enough to disable all the traps with spiritual power . ”

The senior Hunter explained to Master Wang about the condition .

“Well, that can wait, I hope Lin Fan can get some information . ” Wang Zhou said .

People around looked at Wang Zhou . They never heard of Lin Fan . They thought he was a master from another city .

When they thought carefully, they remembered that it was the newbie who has just been promoted to be a team leader .

“Sir, even we met a dead end . What can a newbie do?” Said a senior Hunter .

“I will prove Master Wang’s decision is right . ” When Lin Fan came, he heard someone doubting his ability . He had to prove his worth .

“Master Wang, fortunately, I have some information . ”

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After saying that, he glanced at the senior Hunter who badmouthed him, showing a bright smile as if to say, “Hello, my name is Lin Fan, let me teach you a thing or two . ”

“I didn’t misjudge you, I know you had it in you . ” Wang Zhou smiled . It was so convenient to have a capable person in his disposal, not only he didn’t need to worry about trouble but sometimes he could relax a bit .

“Please wait a moment, everyone . ”

Lin Fan walked towards the house, and as soon as he entered the house, he saw a small wooden duck floating in the bathtub .

“This is the guy . Let’s see if what he said is true or not . ”

Lin Fan took the wooden duck and broke it, he found a key from the duck .

“It’s really here . ” Lin Fan took the key and walked outside, he knew he was heading on something dangerous .

When he remembered the plot in the film and television, he realized his current situation right now might be dangerous for him .

Outside the house .

Lin Fan approached the dry well . He touched the bricks in the second layer one after another . Suddenly, he noticed there was something different with the current brick he touched . He pulled it out and…

A keyhole appeared before his eyes .

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Lin Fan put the key in, turned it, and there was a click sound as if some kind of mechanism was activated .

“Master Wang, it should have been opened, but it is better to find some animal to get in first before us . ” Lin Fan said .

“Okay . ” Wang Zhou immediately ordered the others .

Not long after .

One of the Hunter brought a dog .

“Sir, he is part of my family, I will be sad if something terrible happens to him . ” A citizen expressed his feelings about the dog .

“Sir, only his family has a dog around here, and I have already told him that he will be compensated, but …”

“I will give you one or two silvers . ” Lin Fan said .

The citizen was stunned, he seemed to hear it wrong, “Sir, how much did you just say?”

“One or two silvers . ” Lin Fan said again .

That citizen’s attitude suddenly changed . “Sir, I will be proud if my family member could help the government, that is an honor, and I will be very happy if you can use him for your case . ”

That citizen thought if he knew that beforehand, he will give that Hunter all of his dogs .

Lin Fan felt all the traps were disabled, but he prioritized his safety, and he will know whether there was a danger or not if he used that dog .

Not long after .

The dog in the well was moving all over the place without encountering accidents . When they pulled it up, the dog was safe and sound .

“I’ll go . ” Wang Zhou said .

“Forgive my rudeness, sir . Although this dog is safe, we aren’t absolutely sure there is no danger . You are the backbone of Jiangdu City . If something happens down there, Jiangdu City will lose its commander and will fall into chaos . I will go in your stead . ” Said the senior Hunter .

Lin Fan glanced at him, and it seemed that the senior Hunter wanted to show off in front of Wang Zhou .

“I understand, Wei Xiong, then you must be careful . ” Wang Zhou said .

What Wei Xiong said was quite reasonable, if something really happened, Wang Zhou will die down there .

“Sir, rest assured, I will be careful . ”

Wei Xiong jumped down the well and disappeared in front of everyone .

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