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Chapter 159

Dragon Gang Headquarters .

This was the real headquarters of the Dragon Gang . Dragon Gang headquarters at the North of the Huaihe River was only divided into some separate halls, but the Dragon Gang headquarters here occupied a huge area . At the same time, the masters were very powerful, and the talented people near the rivers and lakes were being recruited by the Dragon Gang to increase their power .

If it weren’t for the immortal’s power, then it wouldn’t be a problem to overthrow the empire with the power of the Dragon Gang .

“Stop . ”

As Lin Fan approached, a row of people standing at the door directly pulled their knife, staring fiercely at Lin Fan, as if he dared to move closer, they would kill him .

Lin Fan ignored it .

He stepped forward .

“Looking for death . ” Dragon Gang looked angry .

They raised their knife directly .



In the blink of an eye, These fierce and evil people covered their necks, and the blood flowed unstoppably . They didn’t understand what’s going on until they died, and in the blink of an eye, those people were all dead .

Lin Fan walked in .

The people inside saw Lin Fan as a stranger, and they became cautious, then they saw the corpses at the door . They were furious and pulled their swords towards Lin Fan .

Lin Fan’s mind moved, and the mana overwhelmed him .



The people who approached him could only feel a terrible overwhelming pressure, and their bodies felt heavy like they were carrying a vast mountain, and they’re all out of breath . They were lying on the ground and couldn’t move .

Lin Fan walked towards it slowly, and no one could stand wherever he went, and many of them were the original masters .


One of the original masters who was lying on the ground looked at Lin Fan coldly . They knew that he’s an immortal, but they couldn’t figure out why the immortal appeared and why he fought against the Dragon Gang .

“Where is it?”

Lin Fan was looking for the person in charge of the Dragon Gang headquarters, “Come out quickly . Don’t waste my time . ”

In a room .

An old monk with white whiskers was chanting mantras . Suddenly, he opened his eyes, and his eyes flashed with light .

If there were people of rivers and lakes here, the old monk would definitely shout out when he saw it .

He was Master Shenzen who used to famous 70 years ago and finally hid away from the world .

His strength was unpredictable .

He once ruled the world with one stroke and defeated the world’s first master .

Master Shenzen disappeared inside the house, leaving only an old futon there .

Lin Fan felt a little bit lost here, and it’s quite troublesome to find someone . It seemed that he had to grab someone to ask for directions .

Suddenly .

An old man appeared in front of him .

“Amazing, reaching to the point where you can cultivate to your realm, only a few people in the world have such ability . ” Lin Fan said, just startled by this old immortal, he thought he was an immortal .

Lin Fan took a closer look .

It turned out that he wasn’t an immortal, but a warrior who had cultivated to a very high level .

“Thank you for the praise, benefactor . This poor monk is Shenzen . ” Master Shenzen folded his hands together, thinking, try to remember who the person in front of him .

He looked like a knowledgeable warrior, but Master Shenzen never heard his name .

He even lowered himself by called himself a poor monk .

It’s just a pity .

Lin Fan didn’t buy it .

“You old monk should chanting mantras in the temple, what are you doing here?” Lin Fan asked .

Master Shenzen said, “Amitabha, this poor monk has an inner demon . He came here to fight it, and I don’t know why benefactor come here?”

“Oh, that’s right . ” Lin Fan said, “Looking at you, you are just a monk who doesn’t know anything . Move aside . I have something to do with Chen Long . ”

“Benefactor is wrong, this poor monk sees that benefactor has a murderous aura and wants to seek revenge, but you should make peace with the enemy, it is better to talk with this poor monk and forget it . ” Master Shenzen said .

“But you also know that this benefactor has to avenge, so let me teach this poor monk a lesson . This poor monk stood still and allowed benefactor to vent . ”

“If benefactor thinks that it has been vented, it is better to leave . ”

The voice just fell .

Master Shenzen stood still .

He practiced the Indestructible Golden Body of the Supreme Buddhist, which had been cultivated to the highest level . Even if he stood standing and allowed the people in the world to beat him for a lifetime, he would never be defeated .

Lin Fan didn’t want to talk nonsense with the old monk .

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“That’s good . ”

“If you ask for it, don’t blame me . ”

The voice just fell .

Lin Fan struck him .

Master Shenzen folded his hands together again, “Ami…”


Master Shenzen, who was still standing in front of Lin Fan, disappeared instantly, teleporting to a different place .

“What I hate the most is someone who is acting tough in front of me . ”

Lin Fan didn’t know what’s on the old monk’s mind .

He didn’t cultivate in the temple but instead came here to do evil . The Dragon Gang was not a good place, and he’s in bad luck .

From a distance .

Master Shenzen laid on the ground, his body cracked open, and blood flowed gurglingly, but he was still breathing .

He practiced Indestructible Golden Body to such an extent that he had no flaws for a long time, but he didn’t expect to be broken by one stroke .


“He is an immortal!”

How could an immortal appear in the mortal realm? Was this where they play?

Lin Fan grabbed the people who wanted to escape .

He begged for mercy .

“Let me live, let me live . ”

Lin Fan asked, “Tell me, is it only you, or are there any other people?”

“The gang leader and the others are in the Imperial Court . Today is the emperor’s birthday . The gang seniors are there . ”

He feared that Lin Fan would kill him here to show that no one could stop him .

“In the Imperial Court?” Lin Fan then asked, “Tell me, where are those arrested people from Jiangdu City?”

“In the Imperial Court Dungeon . I already said everything . Let me go . I am just a nobody, and I’m not involved in anything at all . ”

Lin Fan was relieved; it seemed that they were not dead . This was his most satisfying thing .

“Take me there . ”

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He didn’t care whether that man was willing to take him or not, because now it’s his turn to decide .

“What? Immortal, please let me go, I am just a nobody . ”

It’s just when Lin Fan put a knife on his neck, the man instantly counseled and immediately agreed to take Lin Fan to the imperial court dungeon .

Imperial Court Dungeon .

All his fifteen brothers were all here except for Gao Zhenbin, Zhao Desheng was also here .

“Hey, Master Wang, it seems that we will only work together again in our next life . ” Zhao Desheng said .

He had never thought of leaving alive .

After coming here, everything seemed helpless .

The dragon gang was huge, and they couldn’t afford to fight them . It was easy to reverse black and white . If you said black, you’d be black . If you said white, you’d be white .

Now that they were all here, there’s no reason not to die .

He was just talking about them .

Suddenly a scream came from outside .

They didn’t know what happened .

Could it be that the Dragon Gang was impatient? Were they gonna kill them directly? But for what reason .

If it were the Dragon Gang, they should’ve just walked in and killed them in front of everyone .

“Master Wang, Wang Bao, where are you?”

A familiar voice came .

Wang Bao’s thrilled, “Leader, I am here…”

Wang Bao was so excited that he almost cried, even Wang Zhou was so surprised that Lin Fan could appear here, didn’t he go to Immortal Sect?

Quickly .

When Lin Fan appeared in front of them, Wang Zhou knew it was not an illusion, but a real one .

“The damn thing actually hurt my people like this . ” Lin Fan used his palm slightly to kill the Dragon Gang men who led the way, and then grabbed the prison door and threw it aside .

“Why are you here?” Wang Zhou asked .

Lin Fan said, “I went back to Jiangdu City and learned that the Dragon Gang arrested you, so I came over to save you and look, who is so powerful now . ”

He found that the injuries on Wang Zhou and others were severe, especially Wang Zhou . He was in bad shape . He could see the joints of his ten fingers, and at the same time, his clavicles restricted his movements .

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If he didn’t have high cultivation, He might be dead .

“My injuries are nothing compare to Wang Bao . Just save him first, he was about to die . ”

The anger in his heart was burning again .

No one should mess with him .

“Leader, I didn’t expect that you really came to save us . ” Wang Bao was thrilled that Lin Fan was there, but because he moved too much, he hurt his teeth and shuddered .

“Kid, I didn’t come to save you . Who said I would save you? After this, you will not be able to eat those delicious meat buns . ” Lin Fan said .

Wang Bao smiled stupidly, then seemed to think of something, “Leader, let’s go, this is very dangerous . ”

“Anyway, this time I came here, I never thought it’s gonna be this simple . Come, take these elixirs . ” Lin Fan gave them the healed elixir and then came to Wang Zhou and said, “Master Wang, I have become a disciple if Immortal Sect because of your credit . You can rest assured that there is no problem with me . “

“Don’t be careless . There are immortals in the empire . You just entered Immortal Sect, and you don’t have a solid position yet, so it’s better to hurry up and go before you find more troubles . ” Wang Zhou said .

Although he just entered Immortal Sect, he heard that people who had just entered Immortal Sect didn’t have a high status and just a bit powerful, if he fought other immortal, he’s afraid that things would get more complicated .

“Master, you don’t need to worry . ” Lin Fan smiled .

“I was well known back in the Sect . Most people are afraid when they meet me . ”

He didn’t say it too plainly .

It was slightly humble .

But, was it a little humble?

Could he say that he’s already the son of an elder? He could fight whoever he wanted to and could do whatever he wanted .

This was obviously impossible .

He was afraid to tell them, Wang Zhou and the others couldn’t understand how high this status was in the Sect .

“Go, follow me to the Imperial Court . ”

“If the emperor and the gang leader hold the birthday party, but they didn’t explain why they arrested all of you, I will make sure they face their deaths . ”

Lin Fan’s murderous heart had risen, and it’s hard to calm that feeling .

Wang Zhou and others opened their mouths and looked at Lin Fan’s back .

“How arrogant . ”

That was all they could say .

That arrogant immortal would protect them .

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