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Chapter 69: Patterned Demonic Panther

“Still not scramming?!” Xiao Chen said as he looked at Tang Feng, who was deep in contemplation.

Tang Feng’s left hand, which was holding the ice crystal bow, trembled. A trace of flames actually spread onto the surface of the snow white bow.

“Let’s go!” Tang Feng glared at Xiao Chen fiercely. His emotions calmed and the flames on the bow vanished.

“Xiao Chen, I will pay back the humiliation I have suffered today during the Promise of Ten Years. At that time, not only will the Xiao Clan lose the Seven Horn Mountain, but the Xiao Clan will be thoroughly wiped out. This is a certainty; no one will be able to stop it.”

“Still reluctant to admit defeat?” Xiao Chen leaped forward and gave Tang Feng a flying kick, then he stepped on him and pointed the Lunar Shadow Saber at his throat, “Do you believe that I will kill you now?”

“If you dare to, then do it,” Tang Feng said stubbornly from the ground.

“I think I changed my mind,” Xiao Chen said indifferently, “You obviously still have some hidden cards to play. Regardless of the reason, now is the best time to kill you. Why should I wait for the Promise of Ten Years and give you an opportunity for revenge?”

“What are you thinking of doing? Release the Second Young Master. Are you not afraid of causing a war between the Xiao Clan and Tang Clan?” the four people behind Tang Feng said anxiously.

“What if I kill all of you?”

At this moment, Tang Feng truly felt fear. His voice weakened as he said, “Young Master Xiao, I was just joking earlier. You thought it was true?”

Xiao Chen put aside his saber and said indifferently, “Get out of here!”

Honestly speaking, Xiao Chen truly wanted to kill off all five of them; especially Tang Feng. He gave Xiao Chen a sense of extreme danger. However, when he thought about it, these five people were likely to have some kind of rescue signal on them.

If he were delayed by them and allowed the Tang Clan elders to rush over when they were done with their tasks, they would be in deep trouble.

Tang Feng felt extremely dissatisfied as he left; the earlier three arrows had exhausted a great deal of his Essence. Furthermore, he had just obtained this Ice Fire Bow and had not completely mastered it yet.

Otherwise, with his character, he would not have left just like that.

“Elder Brother Xiao Chen, you are awesome!” when the Tang Clan’s group was far away, Xiao Ling`er immediately ran over and flattered him.

Xiao Chen looked at Xiao Ling`er somewhat helplessly and said, “I will settle this score with you later. Let’s collect the Demonic Core first.”

Xiao Ling`er swallowed her saliva in a weird fashion before running to the very front, “I will retrieve this Demonic Core, don’t fight with me for it.”


Xiao Ling`er’s sword smashed on it and the Fire Lizard, that was sealed in ice, shattered into tiny ice fragments. Finding the brain of the Fire Lizard, she split it open with her sword and a black Demonic Core immediately appeared.

Xiao Ling`er picked it up joyfully, then looked around furtively before running to Xiao Chen and said with glee, “How awesome am I? I managed to extract the Demonic Core so quickly.”

Xiao Chen took the Demonic Core and said, “This Demonic Core counts towards them, you do not get a share.”

Xiao Ling`er pouted, dissatisfied as she muttered, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, that is too unfair.”

“You nearly caused the death of your team captain and you still dare talk back?” Xiao Chen said, “Let’s go, we are continuing. You guys don’t want to lose to Xiao Jian’s group right?”

Under Xiao Chen’s lead, the group continued to kill Demonic Beasts. Xiao Chen expanded his Spiritual Sense to the maximum; when he saw a group of Demonic Beasts, he would quickly avoid them.

Xiao Chen only focused on bringing the Demonic Beasts over, but he did not make any moves to kill them. The strength of a Rank 2 Demonic Beast was about equivalent to an Inferior Grade Martial Master, but that was not something that made him want to fight.

Although Xiao Chen did not say it, everyone understood the reason why Xiao Chen was not fighting. It was done on purpose to temper them; there was nothing to hold a grudge about.

Xiao Chen stopped the hunt when it approached dusk. During the day, the group managed to obtain 18 Demonic Cores. Furthermore, there were no major injuries. They all felt relaxed.

When they rushed back to the camp, they discovered that Xiao Yulan and the rest had already returned. There was white smoke coming from the kitchen, and a certain fragrance wafted over.

“13 Demonic Cores and no major injuries,” Xiao Yu Lan handed the Demonic Cores to Xiao Chen and reported on the situation of their team during the hunt.

“We met the Zhang Clan’s people during the hunt. Zhang Zeyang was leading the group. However, when he saw us, he was startled and then quickly retreated.”

Xiao Chen smiled, “We met the Tang Clan people as well. When they saw us, they were surprised.”

Xiao Yulan trembled with fear, “Seems like the two corpses that appeared in our camp did not happen by chance. What exactly did you see yesterday when you went out?”

Coincidentally, dinner was ready and Xiao Chen used the timing to change the topic; he did not wish to answer this question. Xiao Yulan had no choice but to give up.

They once more lit a bonfire in the camp after everyone had dinner. They gathered around and discussed the events of the day excitedly. Xiao Chen was surprised by the fact  that Xiao Jian was training alone and chose not mix with the others.

When it was completely dark, Gloomy Forest turned incredibly cold. Gloomy Forest was much more dangerous at night than it was by day. Xiao Chen did not wish for anyone to take any unnecessary risks; after he arranged for the night guard shift, he instructed them to go rest.

However, Xiao Chen sneakily got up and prepared to go out once everyone was fast asleep.

The Demonic Beasts they fought in the day were only Rank 2; to him, these were not much of a challenge. Thus, he did not make a move. His true Trial started now.

Before he got far. With his Spiritual Sense he managed to detect someone following him Looking carefully, he discovered that it was Xiao Jian. Xiao Chen looked at the direction he was going and realized that it was to the south of the camp, so he did not worry about him.

With Xiao Jian’s strength, it should not be a problem for him to train alone in Gloomy Forest. Furthermore, Xiao Chen could not think of any way to stop him.

Xiao Chen collected himself and headed east of the camp. Before he traveled far, a Patterned Demonic Panther appeared within the range of his Spiritual Sense. This Patterned Demonic Panther was a Rank 3 Demonic Beast; its strength was equivalent to a peak Martial Master. It was a perfect target for Xiao Chen to use for his Trial.

Pushing his feet off the ground, Xiao Chen leaped up gently and landed on a tree branch. He calmly observed the Patterned Demonic Panther on the ground.

This Patterned Demonic Panther was more than two meters tall and its body was completely black. It looked very similar to the Panthers on Earth, but its eyes were blood-red. This was a special characteristic of Demonic Beasts.

Xiao Chen could feel a surging, baleful aura coming from the Patterned Demonic Panther, even when he was tens of meters away. It caused him to shiver even though it was not cold.


Xiao Chen accidentally broke a small tree branch. The Patterned Demonic Panther’s ear twitched and it heard the tiny sound. It’s blood-red eyes looked in Xiao Chen’s direction.

Its vision was unobscured by the darkness, so Xiao Chen was discovered immediately. It roared, and a terrifying sound wave attacked in Xiao Chen’s direction.


A huge energy accompanied the sound wave and headed towards Xiao Chen. In the area where it passed the huge, broad trees of Gloomy Forest trembled, and countless leaves fell to the ground.

Xiao Chen was startled. This sound wave attack had a wide range and was mighty; it had almost no weak points.

However, there were still a couple.

Xiao Chen executed the Lightning Evasion and his body appeared behind the Patterned Demonic Panther, avoiding the sound wave attack. With the Lightning Evasion, the sound wave attack was not much of a threat to Xiao Chen.

The Patterned Demonic Panther immediately sensed Xiao Chen’s location, so it turned and pounced at him. A black Qi gathered in its right claw as it ruthlessly slashed at Xiao Chen.

“Flight On Wings, One Line Chop.”

Xiao Chen did not dare to be careless and used a Martial Technique to clash with it. This was because he felt that the force behind the black Qi was very terrifying; if he was careless, he would suffer greatly.

“Pu Chi!”

The force from the Patterned Demonic Panther’s right claw caused him to be pushed back a few steps. However, when it was hit by the One Line Chop, it did not seem to feel any discomfort.

As Xiao Chen was pushed back, the Patterned Demonic Panther pressed in closely, not giving up its advantage. A towering figure of at least two meters tall, and with blood-red eyes, glared at Xiao Chen from above. A strong oppression pressured Xiao Chen.

Purple Thunder True Fire, shoot!

Xiao Chen fired out a purple flame, the flames leaving behind a trail as they attacked the body of the Patterned Demonic Panther. A pool of purple blood flowed out from the beast.

The Patterned Demonic Panther cried out in pain but the black Qi quickly put out the purple flames. It opened its jaws wide and roared loudly; a terrifying sound wave swept through the area again.

Heavenly Lightning Shield!

Sensing imminent danger, Xiao Chen executed the Heavenly Lightning Shield. However, it was not very effective against this strange sound wave attack, so it still managed to penetrate through Xiao Chen’s Heavenly Lightning Shield.

Some blood leaked out the corner of Xiao Chen’s mouth, and his ears had gone temporarily deaf. Xiao Chen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and dissipated the Heavenly Lightning Shield. His eyes were filled with a strong killing intent.

This beast was too infuriating; even Tang Feng did not manage to injure him to this extent.

“Flight On Wings, Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years!”

Xiao Chen had attempted to execute this move many times before, but he was only successful about 50 percent of the time. This was because he still did not have a deep understanding of the Battle Sage Origins’ Changing Character Formula.

However, now he could not be bothered so much about that. He sank his consciousness into his Dantian and tried to recall the scene of the battle with Zhang He. Each and every move of Zhang He appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind, like a video replaying itself.

Comprehending them in his heart, the Changing Character Formula circulated quietly within.

Xiao Chen suddenly executed the move, his figure appearing in the air and countless saber lights fired out. Xiao Chen’s posture kept changing in midair as he successfully executed the move.

The sword light carried the strength of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit; relentlessly striking the body of the Patterned Demonic Panther. Purple blood kept spurting from it. The Patterned Demonic Panther roared in pain, trying to grab at Xiao Chen in midair, but was unable to catch him.


After the technique was used, a surge of energy came from the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit; his originally falling body rose higher. An electrical light was released from the Lunar Shadow Saber, displaying its malevolent side. The Rank 6 Demonic Core hacked at the Patterned Demonic Panther with a boundless might.

The Patterned Demonic Panther was immediately hacked into two halves. When Xiao Chen descended, he sighed in relief. He felt disappointed; aside from its terrifying sound wave attack, the rest of its attributes were not very strong.

Xiao Chen left after he extracted the Rank 3 Demonic Core from its brain. When he looked for his next target, a dark shadow flew by above his head.

Raising his head to take a look, Xiao Chen was surprised. This dark shadow was the person Xiao Chen saw controlling the Demonic Beast the previous night.


Another white shadow flew by above his head. This was true flight, and not just jumping from tree branch to tree branch.

“A Martial King expert!” Xiao Chen looked at the white shadow, and exclaimed in shock.


As Xiao Chen was stunned, that dark shadow stepped on the huge bird and flew towards Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen, still on the ground, was obviously his target.

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